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The worldwide economy is crumbling as a mysterious dark force is throwing the European magical world into chaos and gangs rule the major cities of North America.
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 #15951  by In The News
Volume E3 Issue #1 ★ January 3, 1925

Bureau Raid Turns Up Unexpected Results

After following an anonymous tip, officials from the Bureau of Magical Affairs conducted a raid of a home in Brooklyn. What they were hoping to find was the source of the mysterious parcels that have been found throughout the nation. These parcels have troubled the citizens of America for almost a year, and sources say the Bureau was convinced they had found the distributers.

The raid was conducted at 11:39pm on August 27, 1925. Bureau officials stormed the dwelling and found paraphernalia that pointed to crimes other than bootlegging. Notably, a no-maj gangster was found to be living in the home alongside two magical brothers. Unfortunately, no suspicious parcels were found. The brothers and the no-maj were promptly arrested.

The Bureau remains undeterred and say they will continue following leads until they find the source of the parcels. A reward is being offered for tips that lead to relevant arrests. Any information should be directed immediately to the Bureau for consideration.

The Bureau thanks the citizens of America for their support during this troubling time.

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