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The spells just keep on coming!
Welcome to the second day of our Seven Days of Start of Term! We hope everyone is enjoying the new roleplaying season and our new site features. If you don't know what new features we have, take a look at our September 1st announcement to get up to speed and learn some more of what we have in store this season! On with the new surprises!

★ Even More New Features?!
  • Didn't get a chance to finish a really good thread last season? You can now mark threads to be retrieved from the Unfinished Stories subforum! All players can have one (1) unfinished thread pulled out at a time. The thread must be finished before you can request another one to be pulled.

    For more information, head on over to the Roleplaying Seasons Overview to see the steps you need to take to retrieve your threads.
  • Our Discord server now has a DJ bot! Look for the #wizarding-jukebox channel under Music & More to check it out. You can request almost any song as Hydra can pull from YouTube, Spotify, and other music sites meaning your options are endless! Type in Song Name - Artist and let the good times roll!

★ Club 713 & Donor Rewards
We're bringing back Club 713 for donors! For just $5 USD, you can become a Club 713 member today and receive the following bonuses:
  • Ability to have a maximum 75 private messages per folder instead of 30
  • 1 additional Free Season Character per season, for a total of 2
  • 2 additional Unfinished Story Requests per season, for a total of 3
And a whole bunch of other cool stuff! Of course, donors receive these bonuses on top of our September 2019 donor rewards, which include...

  • Basic Reward: Create a character who is a student in their primary era for a cost of 0 Quills. Characters can attend any active school in any active era but must primarily be a student character.

  • Basic Reward: Threads completed in the Sandbox forums will be worth 3 Quills each for donors, through October 15th, 2019.

  • Goal Reward: Each player who donates during the month of September will be able to create a new school club or adult character faction at a cost of 0 Quills, pending staff approval.
Our monthly goal is $150 USD. You can find more information about donating and start the donating process by going to our donation page.

★ Known Bugs & Issues
  • Nationality Flags: Currently, players cannot assign flags to their characters due to an error. Please submit an Account Update Request so that the Vault Staff may assign the flag for you.
Happy Roleplaying!
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That is cool about the unfinished thread. I don’t have any from last season, but I remember so many times in the past where there would be that one thread I forgot to finish and close... or that one thread we got caught up in right at the end of season...