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Gotta Get Back To Hogwarts...
...back to witches and wizards and magical beasts
to goblins and ghosts, it's a magical feast!

Welcome back, Vaulters! We first wanted to thank you for your patience during downtime, and give a thank you to Vaultkeepers that work hard to help keep the magic alive. Although Summer is now over, the good news is that we're here for a fresh new school term of roleplaying! And boy, do we have some exciting things coming up! So exciting, in fact, that this is just day one of our Seven Days of Start of Term we'll be celebrating throughout the next week, so keep an eye out for more announcements, prizes, and other mysterious magical delights!

★ New Features
  • Business Search System: A brand new search system has been implemented into the business directory. You can now search for businesses via era, continent, and business type! Not only that, but we have also highlighted all player-owned businesses! Check it out here or by visiting the Business Directory in the Resource Library.

  • Nationality Flags: We have re-introduced the national flags for characters! This can be done via the account system, and you can check out this guide for more information. Please remember that nationality flags are not intended to be used with OOC accounts.

  • OOC Status Updates: Need to tell everyone how you're doing, that you're going on vacation, or that you're looking for posts? Visit the User Control Panel for your OOC Account to add a status update or save set updates for later. Vault 713's Rules & Guidelines do still apply to status updates, so please keep this in mind when creating your status!

  • News Ticker: Real-time updates are now available in the bottom left corner of your screen! Keep an eye out for updates when friends log online, new posts are made, and more. As this is a brand new feature, we will likely take feedback on it after a few weeks to see how it can be improved and to prevent excessive distractions for players writing posts.

  • Post Reactions: New unicode emojis have been installed including the ability to react to posts from OOC accounts to let other players know if the story they are writing made you laugh, cry, fall in love, and more! Try it out now by reacting to this announcement by clicking the star in the lower right hand corner of the post.

  • Post Tagging: Now you can add more searchable detail to threads than ever before! Add tags to your threads or profiles to let other players know what threads take place in various locations, what eras your characters are active in, and more!

  • Topic Preview: A fan favorite older feature is back—you can now click on the magnifying glass on any thread to read the first post to get a feel for what is going on in it without having to open the thread!
★ General Updates
  • Business Directory Makeover - not only have we revamped the search system, but now all business pages have had a full code makeover. Each one has been designed with the type of business it is in mind.

  • Character Creation is OPEN! - character creation and character reactivation is now open! You are more than welcome to post WIPs for feedback, canon & non-canon character sheets, and post reactivation requests (in the workshop).

  • Student Years - All students that appeared on the directory have had their school year increased by one (1) for the new term. The following will require submitting an Account Update Request Form to alter.
    • Seventh years are now listed as Young Adults
    • Children who are now at schooling age can have tags changed
    • If your character's tags have been missed
  • ReCaptcha: reCaptcha has now been enabled to help prevent the registration of spambots
★ Donation Update
Club 713 is back! Players who donate at least $5 USD per season will remain in Club 713 and receive access to special features such as a larger PM inbox, ability to add/change a custom tagline on your OOC account, and more!

You can donate at any time by visiting the link in the sidebar, or heading to this link.

September's donation rewards will be posted in a separate announcement this week in addition to all donors being given Club 713 permissions. Exciting!

★ Known Bugs & Issues
  • Emojis are occasionally not displaying correctly in posts
  • The blue corner at the bottom right of posts - indicating emoji reacts - will be recolored to be more fitting with our forum theme
  • Some flags may not yet be available due to the flag software but will be added within the month
  • Victorian and Expedition eras are not yet available for the business directory search system, but will be added within the month
  • You may experience some permissions issues. If this happens, please let us know in the Help Desk, and we will try to resolve it ASAP
★ General Reminders
  • Fall Events: it's a new term which means there's more time for some swanky events and parties. Take a look at our Events Hosting Guide for more info on how to host your own!

  • Free Season Character: with a new season comes a new opportunity for free characters - claim yours by listing 'Free Season Character' under the quills section of your character sheet

  • Help Desk: our staff team is always happy to help, so be sure to ask any questions in our Helpdesk. Also, be sure to check out our FAQ section.

  • Character Management: be sure to brush up on our current activity requirements using the Account Types and Character Creation & Management pages.
    Happy Roleplaying!
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