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 #32990  by Vyreia
Wanted Characters
Adventure, drama, ocean romance, and madness

Ike Redfern
First Mate ⋆ Mid-Late 30s ⋆ Non-Magical

Duties: Responsible for the safety and security of the ship, as well as the welfare of the crew on board.
Appearance: Tall, broad, likes to take care of his clothing and appearance.
Personality: Charismatic, flirtatious, personable, serious when needed
Basic History: Ike has been a friend of Captain Kaylock for a long time, and has been on many voyages with him. He has always loved travelling to new locations, it's just a shame there's so much ocean between the land. He had promised himself not to continue these trips, but the money is good, and the sights are better.
Relationship to the Captain: He's Captain Kaylock's most trusted companion, and Ike trusts him in return. He doesn't want to admit that there is an evident decline in his friend's sanity.

Veva Gardiner
Ordinary Seaman ⋆ Early 20s ⋆ Magical

Duties: Deck assistance, cleaning duties, and lookout
Appearance: Wears ill-fitting clothes, often dirty, shorter than average
Personality: Opinionated, hot-tempered, ambitious, logical
Basic History: Veva was a runaway. She was a known pickpocket in her hometown, and in a bid to escape the law, she stowed away on the Nereida. In exchange for concealment, she has agreed to serve as part of the crew on their long-term journey. She likes to secretly use magic for her chores.
Relationship to the Captain: Veva is thankful for his agreement to allow her safe passage, but she is highly suspicious of him and is growing more cautious of his decisions.

Jim Peaton
Deck Cadet ⋆ Late Teens ⋆ Non-Magical

Duties: To assist with general deck duties and learn nautical tactics
Appearance: Round face, wispy hair, and bright eyes. He is tall and lanky.
Personality: Naive, childish, desperate to learn, loyal, and trusting
Basic History: Jim has always wanted to be a sailor, and now that the opportunity has come up to learn on a ship, his dreams have come true! He doesn't even care if the Captain is a little weird sometimes. Isn't everyone? Just another quirk of the job.
Relationship to the Captain: Looks to him like a wise nautical hero, and is enthralled by his stories. Though, he is a little confused by other crew member's opinions of him

Victoria Oldridge
Chief Steward ⋆ Mid-Late 20s ⋆ Magical

Duties: Directs, instructs, and assigns personnel with multiple tasks, assignments, and duties
Appearance: Hair often in a bun, a brooch at the neck, and likes to wear tailed coats
Personality: Methodical, logical, practical, conceited
Basic History: With the dream of becoming a writer, Victoria took a job on the high seas to try and get some inspiration. She is incredibly left-brained, but is desperate to show the world that she can be creative and inventive with a novel of her own.
Relationship to the Captain: She is fairly separated from the Captain, and tries not to get too involved with him and his actions. Though she has started documenting anything she finds wary.

Celeste Renshaw
Passenger ⋆ Late 20s/Early 30s ⋆ Non-Magical

Duties: To relax, perhaps take on medial duties, and pay up at the end of the trip
Appearance: Long hair, flowing dresses, and a floaty shawl
Personality: Enigmatic, persuasive, passionate, flighty
Basic History: Celeste comes from a rich family, and despite being able to afford luxury accommodation, she has opted for a more authentic experience. She dabbles in tarot readings, and has soon found herself rather attracted to Mr Redfern.
Relationship to the Captain: She lifted a brow at him often, but will gladly practice her tarot readings and fortune telling with him as he seems very interested in those.

Nicholas Dow
Mechanic ⋆ Late 30s ⋆ Non-Magical

Duties: Maintain the ship's engine and ensure all machinery is working
Appearance: Clean-shaven, clothes dirtied from oil, wears glasses
Personality: Tireless, analytical, awkward, lawful
Basic History: Nicholas is a qualified mechanic that has been ridden sick with night terrors. He joined the Nereida in the hopes of finding a medical centre with the capability of fixing his dreamless nights. He can be found up until the small hours of the morning working on little inventions and contraptions.
Relationship to the Captain: The captain pays well, and seems to be confident with his actions - that makes him nervous. But he is a little too shy to express this to anyone.

Additional Information
All characters are adaptable and adjustable. They can be any ethnicity/nationality/religion/orientation/etc, and their headcanons can be altered. I'd like to keep the primary personality traits and main backstory, but additions can be made to these. You can find Captain Kaylock here.
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