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Partner for the new season

Amaru, Active Player

Ok, not sure how to start this thing so let's try it:
Last season I tried to make a character and just play but my heart wasn't in it. So this season I would like to try something a bit different. And for that I need YOU!
What do I mean? Well, I would like to play with someone - siblings, cousins, friends, something like that?
I usually tend to play kids or teenagers, but I can step from my comfort zone every now and then though I don't like to (It's called comfort zone for a reason ^^)
So... uh... if this doesn't sound completely crazy contact me! Here or on discord (Timothy)
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Re: Partner for the new season

Everevna, Active Player

Hello Amaru! As promised, I would love to offer you some options to be more connected with existing characters on board. Since you suggested here that you'll prefer playing younger characters, I have two suggestions for you that will allow you to play a sibling/cousin connection to THREE players at once!

The main connections are: I myself play Nola Fitzralph, who is the younger sister to @Alatariel's darling Noah Fitzralph.

Nola and Noah's parents have been divorced from when Nola was a baby. Their mother, Lisbeth, went on to marry and have two children with a wizard named Thorfinn Falstolfe. Avery Falstolfe was born in 1990 and would currently be 13 years old in Reformation Era, whereas his little sister, Lycoris Falstolfe, was born in 1992 and would currently be 11 years old in Reformation Era.

Although Nola is not as close with Avery and Lycoris, she's recently been putting in more effort now that they are going to school. On the other hand, Noah has always had a brilliant relationship with his half-siblings.

Further, Avery and Lycoris have a cousin in @Kay's character, Marley Dalton, who is their father's niece.

I know this may be a little overwhelming, but I wanted to make sure you know just how many connections you could gain from this! We would all be overjoyed if you decide that you're interested. Of course, we would like to also clarify that the choice is entirely yours! We do not wish to pressure you in any way, only to offer you some options.

Best wishes from us!!