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Hello friends!!

Myself and Ever are looking for lovely people to complete our beautiful family! The family in question is the Villiers, two of which are in play right now, Eliza and Tamsin. I am currently writing up the eldest brother, Oliver. However, there are still two siblings we need, Margot Villiers and Arthur Villiers.

Margot Charlotte Alice Villiers | 17 Aug 1980
While three of the five Villiers siblings are quite extraverted and outgoing, Margot and Arthur are definitely the quieter of the siblings. Margot is still highly intelligent but is more interested in writing, art, etc than the rest of her siblings. For lack of a better phrase, she is the 'black sheep' of the family. She doesn't care for status like the rest of the siblings and is more than happy to stick to the shadows. Definitely a case of middle child syndrome.

Arthur Theodore Leo Villiers | 23 Jan 1985
Again, much quieter than Oliver, Tamsin and Eliza. Quite introverted. Have a feeling he'd kinda distance himself from the family after school and stuff which would definitely be a point of contention within the family itself. Free reign really with Arthur but could be very interesting when interacting with the rest of his siblings

If people really want to get involved we also have two very intriguing parents up for grabs too!

Alice Violet Eloise Villiers nee Calvert | 26 Mar 1950
A pureblooded witch from a very wealthy family. Always been obsessed with titles. Is an aristocrat and in her younger days would have socialised with all of the highborn people she could. In later years she was diagnosed with chronic migraines. This put huge pressure on her family and really caused tension. Basically, her husband ended up having multiple affairs. She kind of knew at first but would have said nothing to keep the peace. The last thing she would want is to be a source of gossip amongst her friends. Eventually found out though so that strain within the family would be really interesting to play out.

Oliver Theodore James Villiers | 11 Feb 1949
Still have a lot to iron out with him BUT is a very successful business man and had multiple affairs. Very close with his children (Tamsin is probably his favourite child) and there is LOTS to play there to do with uncovering his affair etc.
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