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 #21527  by Sammy
 20 Jan 2019, 17:03
Characters needed for plots with my active characters, that I don’t want to create for XYZ reasons

Possible Characters

6th Year at Hogwarts • Wizard/Seer • Age: 17 [in L]
[Soon to be] Active Character: Hugh Cairns
Playby: Robert Sheehan

The eldest son of a poor single mother who grew up with nothing, not even the knowledge of his father’s identity. The only member of his family with known magical ability, and a burning desire to know if it came from the man who sired him. Just starting to get his seeing abilities in his final year at school. He is the estranged son of my future character Hugh Cairns. I plan for them to discover each other in Legacy.

Except for play-by and age, open to altering everything else. His age needs to remain around 16/17 to fit with the timeline, and I don't want to change his play-by because of who his father's will be. But aside from that, everything is a toss-up from personality to name to nationality.

Drifter • Fleur du Sang Vampire • Age: 1163 [in R]
Active Character: Ermentrude Osbjörnsdotter
Playby: Alexander Dreymon

Former viking turned vampire. His name is pronounced “Arn-thor”. The husband and sire of Ermentrude who alternatively attempts to antagonize her, and win back her affections. For the last century, Erme has refused to take him back citing infidelity, and Arnþórr’s propensity for being a humongous knob.

So long as whatever you come up with doesn’t conflict with my current canon for his wife, I’m flexible with most of his information as far as his name/face/personality/backstory are concerned.
Magical Detective • Wizard • Age: ~37[in R]
Active Characters: Constanza Orsini-Zimov and Raoul Zimov
Playby: Vladimir Mashkov

The son of Russian immigrants born and raised in Chicago. Goes by Vaas. His wife, Costanza, was taken in as a foster child by his parents as he was leaving home. They reunited when their work lives collided, and Vaas pursued her romantically. Recently, they have adopted a teenage son: Raoul.

Open to changing almost everything but his name and rough age.

Legacy Era Plot • Witch • ~30-50
Active Character: Reiner Liebhart

The only one on this list I haven’t thought anything about. She could be already active, or a new character. Open to the possibility of children with Reiner. She can be whatever you want her to be, look however you want her to look. So long as she can put up with emotionally stunted Reiner!

Have Question? Want To Take A Character?

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