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Alexander Honeycutt Atelier
Become an employee by using the roles below or creating your own!

What Is Alexander Honeycutt Atelier?
With a workshop and showroom situated in the heart of New York City, Alexander Honeycutt is one of the foremost wizarding designers to incorporate modern muggle fashions into his designs, and prides himself in running a game-changing wizarding fashion house within the American ready-to-wear market. Honeycutt is lauded for its sleek designs for the modern witch and wizard in today’s America. Bid farewell to the silly, frilly robes of days past, say hello to slimming and graceful styles of the future. Alexander Honeycutt Atelier is carried in many magical sections of department stores with a few stand-alone boutiques in cities like New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

The designer's workshop houses a staff of young, creative design staff and seamstresses in New York City, though employees of the atelier are often found jetsetting around the globe looking for new fabrics and inspiration and attending fashion shows.

More information on AHA can be found here.

Possible Characters
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Head Make-Up Artist • Half-Veela • 51
Terrence is a well-mannered, sarcastic man who works extremely hard and loves what he does. He is Viktoria’s closet colleague and shares her hatred for Alexander Honeycutt himself. He also may, or may not be in the closet. There have been plenty of rumors about it, but nothing substantial.
Witty • Hardworkng • Loyal • Dramatic

Ass. to Viktoria Klein • Witch • 25
A meek, small girl who only speaks when spoken to and has mastered the impossible feat of getting coffee from Starbucks in under five minutes. Sophie has been Viktoria’s assistant for seven months, and she loves and hates it simultaneously. After two years under Viktoria’s employment however, Sophie is assured to get any job in the world, so she sticks it out just for that. Her hair is also not naturally blonde, a fact Viktoria loves to point out.
Curious • Genuine • Organised • Helpful

Beadwork Specialist • Witch • 27
The best beadwork specialist Alexander Honeycutt has, Harriet knows everything and anything when it comes to gossip within the atelier. No one really knows whether she can be trusted, but if you want to know something, Harriet is your person. Though be careful, because Harriet will just as quickly reveal secrets you never thought you had.
Neat • Talented • Resourceful • Observant

Contract Model for AHA • Wizard • 32
A contract male model hailing from the Philippines who has worked in front of the camera his whole adult life but now finds himself wanting a change in career. Preferably one behind the camera. He has been doing a lot of shadowing and may or may not be falling in love with Terrence Holmes. He has great aspirations but is easily led astray.
Attractive • Empathetic • Passionate • Romantic

How To Take A Character
See a character idea you like? PM me or reply here and let me know! You are welcome to change anything about the characters listed, including: job title, name, gender, species, age, personalities, play-bys These are simply basic ideas that are to be expanded upon.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to help and establish character connections.