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 #37476  by Shiro Takayama
It was odd walking into the very bland marble like building with no one wanting to arrest him on sight for things they had no real proof he did - he was sure that given his title and rank, and with the yakuza being publicly known he was still a well wanted target. He didn't seem to care though, his white hair flowing behind him with Zhao following like the good 'butler' he was as the two made their way to Sadao's office.

At least tried to, an arm getting his in his way and Zhao having to be told to stand down. Calmly and with chilling emotionless fashion he looked over at the woman stopping him from his path.
"You know, I might be bold but I'm not suicidal." He mused. "I was called here." He added showing the official ministry paper.

'One can easily make something look official, where's your proof?' He sighed, about to speak when someone else did...instantly he could feel his hair curl on his body that voice making him sick to his stomage...he had a feeling that retching feeling would never go away, his arm keeping Zhao from reacting to his reaction of hearing it.
"For once...we are not his target." He reasoned.
 #37477  by Zhao Cong
The Chinese man had never seen an official ministry building from the inside, sure he'd come across one or two during his travels the buildings looking creepy with smoke around them in the night air. Inside was perfect marble creating walls of perfection, it almost reminded him of the old castle in China - though the stone wasn't the same and they were missing the rules written on the public wall it had the same feeling of official government. Why they were here however was a wonder to him - criminals usually not mixing with official in a respectable manner. It wasn't too long until he was reminded of that the two stopped in their tracks and him going for his flute to start his illusions in his classy way. He didn't need the flute...but it added an art to the vampire ability. Shiro's hand stopped him though.

We watched the woman, his eyes focusing on Shiro only when he saw his hair stand up.
'This must be...' He thought going for his flute only to be stopped again.
 #37478  by Sadao Takayama
The man had waited in his office of silver and white for awhile, knowing that Shiro's habit of being late - at least according to the rumours was rare...so as he watched the clock tick by and ten minutes passed he was almost angry, he'd given Shiro a chance to meet him in a respectable way, a non volitional way...and this was his reward? The man was in no way aware of the fact he was the one lucky, seeing his 'son' as the problem.

Walking down the hallway, he ignored the bows of respect and the sound of his name connected to questions his long coat flowing behind him. His plan was to pay them a meeting, since they wanted to be rude...it was only when he saw and heard the group in the main hallway leading out he realized what had happened and his irritation switched targets.
"Hasn't the Minister informed you, Mrs. Nichiyobi? These men have invitations to meet with me." He smiled his polite smile, putting a pale hand on her shoulder.
"I do apologize, please come this way?" He said once he got a nod and apology from the woman.

When he was sure he was being followed he mused,
"You do sure have a reputation, if I might be so bold...if the Yakuza had any real power it might even surpass mine." He said, the door opening.
 #37480  by Shiro Takayama
He could feel the air change, as the pale hand landed on the woman's shoulders. It was one of Sadao's famous silent warnings, the woman seeming unaware. Though antsy she gave off the air it was more due to his 'fathers' status rather than his personality. He was almost relieved when she nodded and let them past - for her sake. Nodding he followed the vampire now in his unusual silent fashion. His coat billowed away from his slim yet muscle form.

He bit back the cuss words he really wanted to let loose, knowing that would trigger this man's 'control' settings. Instead he settled for,
"I've earned my reputation, father. You just seem to not be willing to accept that I've not fallen far from the tree with my temperament and ability to be cruel. The only difference is I don't target my kin." He responded. "Now, you might want to tell me what-" He stopped in his tracks when saw the pure office look. "You have called me here for." He finished once he got over the fact this office did not suit his father.
 #37481  by Zhao Cong
Something told him to keep his mouth shut - the aged man looking like a sagged bag of flesh who hadn't gotten sleep in a month even causing his boss to hold back his empowerment. He would have figured the yakuza insult would have sent the young lord off - and heads would role instead the only words he heard made his skin grow colder as he found his seat letting them continue.
 #37482  by Sadao Takayama
He smirked, shutting the doors.
"I never went after my kin, Mr Oyabun...I simply showed my dislike for children in general." He said, making it known that Shiro had never been considered his child. Reaching into his files he took out a couple reports, Shiro had been the first person to come to mind when he had read the reports about vampires. The facts given on that same bridge about them not being the case had been true and thus while he couldn't detain them...he could use the fact he had Shiro's king under his control to use.

Setting them down on the dark near the other side he took off his coat and sit down, his suit matching the colors of his office his son's suit looking like the angel of death in the room.
"Are these something you might recognize?" He asked.
 #37483  by Shiro Takayama
He wasn't about to take a seat not planning on this visit to last longer than needed, his hands taking the files as his mind tried to ignore the words that were meant to set off his 'child' mind - a mind that had long since died. If Sadao wanted to get the better of him he'd have to try a lot harder. Opening the file he raised an eyebrow, the victims no...but he did see a trend in the attacks.
"The victims no." He said having a feeling that Sadao was wanting him to confess to knowing and keeping information from him. A haptical offense.

"Though I'm not playing your game, if you want my information I'm signing something that protects me or my men from being detained. Now." He ordered. Oh he had information...but he wasn't about to give it away for free.
 #37484  by Sadao Takayama
Reaching into his desk he smirked,
"I had a feeling...that would be asked. This is an agreement that for his situation and this situation alone the Yakuza will be pardoned, on the agreement they work with the Ministry to stop this problem." He explained. "I'm assuming that wont be a problem?" He asked, leaning back in his chair.

"Not that you can't disagree, you've already hinted at the idea you have information bother here and the bridge. Hearsay at the bridge would be a joke...but not when it's being said on ministry grounds. I would now have the ability to at least temporarily detain you."
 #37485  by Shiro Takayama
He scoffed,
"If it'll get you off my back..." His pale eyes reading the fine print, at least Sadao had been smart enough to make it iron clad. Yoru wouldn't like this...but Sadao was partly right on his threat, even if the detainment was temporary it would give the ministry time to dig up more dirty secrets on his organization. He couldn't allow that, Yoru would have to grit and bare. Signing it, he watched it instantly gain a seal via magic and fly off. Only relaxing because the paper was already signed by the Minister himself...he sat down with one leg folded over.

"Jiang, is the triads leader of the Beijing area, probably more area's...that's what were trying to figure out. His kill method is simple, He attacks the innocent victim and chooses by their strength if he wants to turn them, killing them in the sense of breathing only...or flat out just killing them and leaving them on the street for someone else to find." He explained. "I'm guessing these people were seen as weak," He paused,
"Want to confirm, Zhao?"
 #37486  by Zhao Cong
He nodded, having made himself small as soon as the conversation started. He was a defector sure, but that made a lot of people think he was a double agent. Only Shiro seemed to give him a little bit of trust, Yoru helping in that change. He had been pretty sure this man was in the group of suspicion.
"Before I defected..." He started for good measure. " My orders were clear, kill the weak and turn the strong. It's decided by the will of the victim when fighting back. They give a good enough effort they become part of his growing army...they cry and accept defeat easily they end up like those two? people." He said not sure who was all in those files.
 #37487  by Sadao Takayama
He smirked, the paper flying off the desk he then listened feeling like he had a little bit of victory...Shiro was under his control a bit now that he was in a contract with the Ministry. Other than the Minister he was the top dog of the institution. He listened to them both raising an eyebrow at the vampire's name, Chinese...didn't that mean? Once explained by Zhao he saw why it had been allowed and moved on, he would be asking if he had his papers towards the end of the meeting.
"My question is why they are now in Japan, and what you did to cause it." He said. "As per contract you won't be found guilty, I would love to know the details." He explained, tapping his finger on the white desk.
 #37488  by Shiro Takayama
He leaned forward,
"Simple question and a simple explanation." He said once Zhao had spoken his peace. "Yoru had made a contract with Genesis Batsu, who had gotten into a dangerous corner with the triad. That was in 96, around the time Yoru vanished...well we had presumed him dead. Turns out two things were happening, he wasn't dead and the members of the Batsu family who had made it out alive were now on a target list." He leaned back,
"I'll make it short and sweet, my attempts to save the family failed and the attempt made the Yakuza their new targets...not that we've always been on good terms before this...but it changed the rules of the game." He shrugged.

"This isn't their first killing, this is just the first one you've found out about." He smirked. "Still want to say we have no power?"
 #37489  by Sadao Takayama
He raised an eyebrow,
"So your basically saying your turf war...has now made it to the streets?" He asked, crossing on leg. "What's changed?" Because he honestly wanted to know. Sure the Yakuza had always been around, rarely though had it made its way to the public streets - and it wasn't even the Yakuza in the public streets.
 #37490  by Shiro Takayama
He sighed, putting down the quill he had still in his hands before leaning back in his chair.
"Believe it or not Sadao...we do that an honor code." He mused, "Unless we have a damned good reason the general public doesn't see or hear of anything we do...we stay out of other territories and respect the other oyabuns by keeping out of their business. Same with other criminal organizations. That's all I'm explaining for obvious reasons...but it allows me to explain what's changed if you understand that much." He leaned forward.

"Jiangs ignored all those honor codes we've all had in place. That's why." He finished leaning back again. "Congratulation you once again have not heeded my warning." He had really been the winner, now Sadao had to deal with the triad's bull crap along with him.
 #37533  by Sadao Takayama
Honor code his butt...he thought these men just the dirt of society one of those dirty groups being lead by a mere nobody...and that would probably never change. However...he wasn't about to make waves by arguing his point on the matter...at least not until the contract was complete. He might even use some of these facts to find new dirt to use on them - those being in the contract not legally ok to use.

His ears did perk up however as his 'sons' last sentence.
"And what does that mean?" He asked.