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 #37273  by Shinji Ishikawa
He stammered,
"You and Mr Takayama have lost your minds. Trusting a vampire over-" He hadn't cared about rank when he spoke, as soon as they landed back in Japan he'd have Yoru backing up his words and laying both of them out. At least that's what he believed.
 #37274  by Hiro Kawazaki
Instantly he turned to face the blond, eyes cold.
"Shut up!" His order cutting off whatever the blond was about to say next. It wasn't that he trusted the vampire, quite the opposite actually. He just had no proof to show that his un-trusting nature was justified. He needed proof before he blew into his husband office creating more waves.

"I don't trust him Shinji but I have no proof to tell him or Yoru otherwise! He just saved the boss for merlins sake, and before that he made sure we knew our old boss was alive to rescue him! Right now with all he's done I cant just go into Mr Nakamura or Mr Takayama's office and start throwing around my suspicions!" He let down his arm.

"Were at a stalemate, and I suggest if you want to keep your rank you do as I am and wait for the proof to take Mr Cong down."
 #37275  by Shinji Ishikawa
He was tempted to slap sense into Kawazaki, the man's words creating a calmness in his bones...so it wasn't that Hiro trusted him. He had agreed to the vampires facts but there was no actual trust in his actions. While Shinji couldn't agree with understanding the vampires logic..he could agree with needing proof. He relaxed, stopping his attempt to corner the man in the room.
"I think trusting another vampire might be a shred of proof." He reasoned.

"What do you think Mr Takayama would have thought about that? And to talk about his English allies that way?" He pushed a little further in his points.
 #37276  by Hiro Kawazaki
Fixing his shirt he guided Shinji gently down the hall, sure that the vampire could still hear but at least they were giving him his space in some sense of the word.
"Well for starters, Shiro doesn't trust a soul. Even Mrs Iver, he would have agreed that the vampire had a point. He's not making an alliance with her due to trust, he's making an alliance with her for a deal. For power and connections." He explained, running his hand through his hair.
"As for the vampire, well...it was obvious the man meant no immidiant harm, and Zhao's logic makes sense. Why slaughter your own men when your boss is very keen on keeping a large army? Shiro wouldn't have liked it...but he would have accepted it, if not him Yoru would have. We must not forget that Yoru knows Jiangs habits better than anyone other than Zhao, he would have confirmed Zhao's claims...I think. I don't want to make a mistake of being wrong we all know Yoru's temper. Lets wait for real proof before we go sounding the alarms." He reasoned.

With on last sigh he directed Shinji to his room.
"We'll wait out today...and head out tomorrow. Have Toga keep an eye out for any suspicious activity from our little fangy toothed friend in there." He ordered as he headed back to his room.
 #37305  by Shinji Ishikawa
Following Hiro's guide, he listened to the explanations given from the Ko-bun...all points that he couldn't disagree to. Sighing he said nothing back knowing he no longer had a leg to stand on, he just hoped this wasn't the end of the Yakuza. The changes were too drastic and far too fast.
"Yes, Kawazaki I'll get right on that." He bowed, taking his leave to give the order before retiring to his room.