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 #37164  by Zhao Cong
He smiled looking at the men,
"See?" The men looking at him with raised eyebrows. He looked the men up and down...both were skinny and and while muscled he doubted had the grace of a vampire of his age. With how the boss was looking... chances are he'd be the best mule in the pack.

"Now why don't you just hand him over...and I can get us down the hill in one piece?" He suggested, his smile long gone. He was far from in the mood for the current games they were playing despite his friendly demeanor.
 #37166  by Hiro Kawazaki
Hit a wall? With that force? He had severely underestimated the spell used to seal with men if that were the case. He had been first wide eyed as shinji started pointing fingers knowing Shiro's order was to not instigate an attack on their new butler of the house, though Shiro's defense of him changed the direction of the look...and soon his head was shifting to the bold vampire.

This was really turning into a world he wasn't used to, a chinese vampire being defended by a member of the yakuza much less the boss. Sighing he looked towards his husband, trying to think of another solution...Handing him over to Zhao wasn't in his wishes but if they were to move quickly? Well that might just be their only option.
"Ishikawa, shut your mouth." He said, nodding to the vampire as his mind ruled out every other option. "Here, carefully." He ordered lightly guiding Shiro onto the vampires back once the vampire had gotten the ok.

"We head east...same way we came." Shinji started to speak, "Or...do you have any other ideas?" He asked.
 #37168  by Shinji Ishikawa
Gritting his teeth his free hand was already going for his wand, Hiro's look ignored as the vampire got cheeky with him. What right did this guest in their world have to talk like he has a leg to stand on? He was merely a refugee in Shinji's mind...a very unwelcome one. Shiro's words took him out of his attack stance...the man having to simmer his own anger down, push it into a dark cave for the time the vampire acted up...he couldn't wait to prove this man a traitor.
"Understood." He bowed, Hiro taking the floor a moment later.

"You can't be serious-" But the look in Hiro's eye spoke volumes. He was serious, huffing he let go his sword back in his belt.
"Yeah." He said having an idea that going back the same way would get them caught in a trap. "For all we know, they saw us coming up, going down another way is much safer." He reasoned, "Your thoughts...Mr refugee?" He drawled in the direction of the vampire.
 #37169  by Zhao Cong
Shiro had already passed out by the time he was lifted onto his back, the soft groan hitting his ears before the body relaxed in his arms. 'At least that would make transport a little easier' he thought to himself, reajusting as he stood all the way up.
"The blond parasite is right, Jiang isn't stupid and probably had the rescue already in his plans. Going down the other wide would be safer." He agreed.

"Lets go." He nodded in the opposite direction. "There is a little village down there. We rest for the night, get him from proper care and head out tomorrow."
 #37171  by Hiro Kawazaki
Part of him wanted to slap both of them...the other wanting to slap Shinji for starting it...bickering like children on top of a mountain.
"Shinji, I suggest you stop trying to make trouble." His hand running through Shiro's hair as he thought about the directions Zhao had just suggested. As much as he wanted out of china, that was probably their best bet. "Lead the way." He put his finger up just as shinji started to disagree.
"Your on my last nerve." He warned, "Toga! Men lets head out!" A group of men coming from the other side of the hill having been on lookout.

It was halfway down the hill they saw what gave both men a shock for their lives.
 #37172  by Zhao Cong
Nodding he said nothing, only pausing when the rest did. The man dressed in white, pure white like a man who had just come from a funeral was surrounded by already dead vampire the look in his eyes calm and collected, if not a bit torn with what he was doing.
"Li Ling..." He gasp lightly. Had...his old friend just killed their own? For his sake?
 #37173  by Yi Ling Mao
"Zhao Cong." He said calmly, cleaning the blade with his transport fabric made for such. Sheathing it, he turned to face the group...taking in each person. He assumed this was the famous Yakuza lord on his friends back, rumors of the albino lord having spread through the underground Chinese realm. The two in front had to be the generals, given their battle stance.
"You can put the blades away, if I had wanted you dead you'd be dead." He said simply before focusing on Zhao.

"So its true, you've defected after all." He walked forward, closer to his friend. "The village is this way, please hurry. I do say my cleaning fabric needs cleaned before I have to use it again...all questions can be answered when we have shelter." He directed, leading the group off the hill.