A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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Summer Thread Prompts
Complete as many prompts as possible during the season. The more completed threads, the more prizes!

Founders Era
  • Your character is blindfolded and being led through the woods, or is the one leading someone else through the woods. Why are they blindfolded? What is happening?
  • Someone has been casting dark magic at Hogwarts. Is it your character, or another one? An instructor or a student? What should happen to the person that is doing it?
  • Your character has discovered a dragon’s egg in a passing merchant’s cart. Do they steal the egg for their own profit? Or do they want to rescue the endangered baby?
  • Your character comes across an abandoned hut. Inside are hundreds of runic texts and ancient stones, and in the corner is a pile of skeletal remains. Just then, your character hears a branch snap outside.
  • A huge fight breaks out in the middle of the night at the inn your character is staying at. Spells and objects are being thrown across the room. Does your character declare war on the patrons or become a peacemaker?

Victorian Era
  • Your character is minding their own business and browsing the wares of shops. Suddenly, a shop owner accuses your character of stealing and demands to be compensated or they will get the law involved. How will your character get out of this one?
  • Your character is at a seance with a group of others. You’re aiming to reach out to a loved one, only the voice that comes through is gruff and angry, and claims that someone sat at the table murdered them! How will your character deduct who it was? Or was your character the one who did it?
  • Someone has been spreading awful, fake rumors about the people living in the area. Is it your character? If not, does your character try to find out who it is?
  • A recent expedition by the WES has resulted in brand new spices being brought over. However, half the crew that shipped them say have magical healing effects, where the other half say they’re poisonous to humans. Which side does your character believe? Or were they part of the crew?
  • A ghost is haunting a local manor house. Is it your character’s house? Is your character the ghost? A group of lackeys have been hired to exterminate it regardless.

Expedition Era
  • Someone has just used magic in a muggle area. Was it your character? Or did your character see it? What’s going to happen?
  • Your character has been talent scouted off the street! What talent have they been scouted for, and do they accept?
  • Your character has won tickets to a magical fashion show. When they get there, it’s full of press and celebrities, and your character knows they will likely stick out like a sore thumb. How do they react?
  • Your character has been accused of being involved with sending dangerous magical substances through the postal services. Did they? What do they say to the investigators and journalists?
  • Your character is on a train. Suddenly, there’s a crash, and various magical animals have escaped the cargo cart and are on their way to the passenger areas. Do they help to control them, or are they more interested in finding out how they escaped?

Marauder Era
  • The Minister of Magic is making a speech in your character’s area. Your character has heard talks of protestors throwing White Pixie Dust all over the Minister during the conference. Does your character warn anyone, or are they perhaps a part of the protestors?
  • It’s Summer, and your character is attending a magical festival. However, many of the attendees are getting rowdy and a fight is about to break out at any time. How does your character react?
  • Recent events have caused redundancies in your character’s place of work. Is your character nervous? How will they react knowing one of their close work colleagues is going in for a talk this month?
  • The news has recently been reporting a lot of suspicious deaths in your character’s country. Has your character seen anything strange recently that could be linked to them? If so, are they going to tell anyone?
  • Your character has received a letter from someone they don’t know. The letter states that they are in danger and should leave immediately. Does your character believe it? Or do they start putting up protective spells?

Golden Era
  • Voldemort has been spotted in Italy, which is where your character is right now! How do they react to this news?
  • A student from a rival Quidditch team has secretly been hexing your character’s house’s brooms. Your character thinks they know who did it, but isn’t entirely sure. How do they find out? Or do they just seek revenge instead?
  • Reports have been made that the Government have been spying on the spells people use on a daily basis. Has your character got anything worry about? If not, are they worried about someone else?
  • Your character is walking down a corridor at Hogwarts, when suddenly, a fight breaks out! Is your character involved? What happens next?
  • Somebody has tried to frame your character for some graffiti on a wall at school. Does your character try to clean it before it’s discovered? Or do they try to swiftly clear their name?

Reformation Era
  • A young centaur has lost its way from its tribe and ended up in your character’s loca area. How does your character react?
  • Your character was sure they just saw illegal dragon scales being sold on the street. Your character hasn’t been seen, but what do they do? Tell someone, or get involved?
  • A Wizarding Expedition Society Summit is taking place in South America this Summer. It’s a great place to learn new skills and learn new things. Does your character go? What do they do there?
  • Camp Wandsworth is looking for volunteers! Your character’s acquaintance really wants to go on the condition that your character goes too. Will they?
  • During a vacation in Spain, your character comes across a vague map. It promises magical intrigue and treasure. Does your character follow it? What do they find?

Legacy Era
  • Your character’s Non-Magical/Muggleborn acquaintance has convinced your character to buy a piece of muggle technology! What is it and how does your character react?
  • Wizarding Wireless are hosting a National Magical Talent Show (NMTS) in your character’s country. The prize is 20,000 Galleons! Does your character enter? What’s their talent?
  • A county fair is taking place in Yorkshire, England. There will be a wide range of cheeses, cakes, beers, and animals - apparently, this year is the first year that magical folk can set up a stand. Does your character go? Do they decide to set up a stand?
  • Your character is lost in the middle of a big city they have never been to before. The directions they’ve received are vague and they’re unsure if the community is aware of magic. What do they do?
  • Your character has just randomly run into one of their favorite celebrities! Who is it and how does your character react?