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[Art Challenge] Costume Contest

Art Challenge: Costume Contest
Challenge Overview

What does your character dress up as for Halloween? Even if they don't dress up, what do you think is a great costume for them? In this challenge it's your turn to show us—create a work of art showing your character in costume and share it for a reward, and at the end of the event vote for your favorites to earn even more prizes!

How to Participate
🎃 Create a work of art depicting your character in costume for Halloween. Your artwork must be your own, and you must depict one of your own characters.

A "Work of Art" can be:

• A photoshopped image of your playby in a costume you added
• A 3D rendering of your character, such as one made in a video game like The Sims
• A drawing, painting, collage, or other physical artwork
• An online "dollmaker" image customized to fit your character's description

Images must be appropriate for all ages.

🎃 Reply to this thread filling out the form below. Your image must be your own creation and must be unique to be rewarded. Upon posting you will receive 1 Halloween Curio for your Curio Cabinet and 3 Quills once the event concludes.

🎃 You can complete this challenge once per player, but be sure to check out the other Vaultoween 2019 events and rewards if you've already done this one!

Participation Form
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[b]OOC Name:[/b]
[b]Image or Image Link:[/b]
[b]Why did you choose this costume?[/b]
OOC Name: Tee
Image or Image Link: Artemis Browning as a mermaid queen!
Why did you choose this costume? I feel like Artemis is definitely the type to go all out and dress like a mythical creature, and also a mermaid means she can bring her broom and zip around as if she's 'swimming'!
OOC Name: Vy
Image or Image Link: here
Why did you choose this costume? Lily is very sweet and innocent, so I chose a spring/autumn fairy. I couldn't pick between the two as she's a little of both seasons, but it fits!
Placeholder Pic!!! Working on a more drawing it better lol.

OOC Name: Boots
Image or Image Link: Image
Why did you choose this costume? Because bowtruckles are protective of their trees!

Played By: Boots