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 #32062  by VaultBot
Art Challenge: Costume Contest
Challenge Overview

What does your character dress up as for Halloween? Even if they don't dress up, what do you think is a great costume for them? In this challenge it's your turn to show usβ€”create a work of art showing your character in costume and share it for a reward, and at the end of the event vote for your favorites to earn even more prizes!

How to Participate
πŸŽƒ Create a work of art depicting your character in costume for Halloween. Your artwork must be your own, and you must depict one of your own characters.

A "Work of Art" can be:

β€’ A photoshopped image of your playby in a costume you added
β€’ A 3D rendering of your character, such as one made in a video game like The Sims
β€’ A drawing, painting, collage, or other physical artwork
β€’ An online "dollmaker" image customized to fit your character's description

Images must be appropriate for all ages.

πŸŽƒ Reply to this thread filling out the form below. Your image must be your own creation and must be unique to be rewarded. Upon posting you will receive 1 Halloween Curio for your Curio Cabinet and 3 Quills once the event concludes.

πŸŽƒ You can complete this challenge once per player, but be sure to check out the other Vaultoween 2019 events and rewards if you've already done this one!

Participation Form
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[b]OOC Name:[/b]
[b]Image or Image Link:[/b]
[b]Why did you choose this costume?[/b]
 #32104  by Vyreia
OOC Name: Vy
Image or Image Link: here
Why did you choose this costume? Lily is very sweet and innocent, so I chose a spring/autumn fairy. I couldn't pick between the two as she's a little of both seasons, but it fits!
 #32628  by Boots
Placeholder Pic!!! Working on a more drawing it better lol.

OOC Name: Boots
Image or Image Link: Image
Why did you choose this costume? Because bowtruckles are protective of their trees!