A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #23479  by Harriet Doran
Location: Merlin's Nightclub • Date: March 1926

Above a thick cloud of smoke produced by lazily rolled cigarets and carefully carved pipes stood a majestic top hat. As blue as the country skies under which she had been raised, but coated in the best velvet money could buy, Harriet's hat had become a staple at Merlin's.

Short a few waiters due to an epidemic of Black Cat Flu, Harriet was sending platters through the crowded establishment. Their first act of the night would start soon, she was looking forward to the loud voices being buried by jazz.
 #23480  by Tussio Accorsi
He rested his hand on the rough paintwork that coated the door and pushed. Rough wooden splinters prickled his palm as shards of red paint fell towards the floor. As dapper and as classy as the patrons were, Tussio was not blind to the less than dainty details of the nightclub's decor.

Taller and broader than most, the crowd naturally dispersed as he made his way towards the bar. Confident that the Bar Manager would quickly spot him, he sat on one of the stools and ordered a glass of the establishment's finest liquor.
 #23692  by Harriet Doran
Quick to sense the shift in atmosphere when Tussio Accorsi entered the establishment she watched him as he made his way through the crowd. Rare were those who could identify him, yet his mere presence commanded respect. He was tall and his stature was imposing, but it was his piercing gaze that truly carried the weight of his authority.

She sent her tray towards the nearest waiter and made her way to him. "Tussio, always a pleasure." She sat on the stool next to him. She knew his visit was tied to business rather than pleasure, but she was nothing if not a pleasant host.
 #23893  by Tussio Accorsi
"I expected to come to a closed establishment," he introduced without turning towards her. Their smuggling routes had been ambushed and desecrated by a rival group, the nightclub had been without their supply for weeks. At first Harriet had flooed and owled, but eventually correspondence had stopped. That is when he had known that a visit had to be made.

He turned towards her slowly, studying her carefully as she responded to his loaded statement.
 #23894  by Harriet Doran
Without as much as a breath between his statement and her response Harriet looked straight into his eyes. "We had contingency provisions," she spoke voice steady and posture determined.

The had been raiding various ordinary establishment, but she knew telling that to Tussio would be lethal.
 #23895  by Tussio Accorsi
His eyes smarted with the stinging burn of skepticism. Provisions to last a week, sure, but provisions that lasted this long? He was not convinced.

"Ask for someone to fetch the girl." He ordered his eyes still connected to Harriet's. "Your second in command," he clarified though Harriet seemed to know exactly who he had been referring to.
 #23896  by Harriet Doran
Her fist clenched tightly, nails digging into her palm, she took a second to consider his request. Daphne was her most trusted employe, her protégée, the idea of Tussio interrogating her made Harriet feel extremely protective, almost possessive.

Knowing that there was no way out she snapped her fingers and quickly a waiter was at her side. "Go get Daphne," she ordered. "Ask her to come to my office."

Once the waiter was gone, she pushed herself off her stool. "We shall continue this in my office." If they were going to suffer the wrath of Tussio Accorsi they would at least do so in private.
 #24416  by Daphne Koenig
Daph had been busy backstage when. The waiter had come running fir her, only a tad frantically. Harriet needed her, apparently. And Tussio was here. Or, at least, that was what she had gathered from the half intelligible description she'd picked up from the waiters ramblings. There weren't many scary men in suits meeting with Harriet these days who would Daph herself present for what was going down.

This could only be about the alcohol, then. Straightening her spine Daphne left her work backstage to the hands and started for the offices. She rapped on the wood twice once there before poking her head inside the small room.

"You asked for me?" She spotted Harriet at her desk and scanned the rest of the space. Yep - it was Mr. Accorsi himself. She was regretting the way she'd spoken to him at their last meeting now. This wasn't going to be pleasant, she was pretty sure.
 #24523  by Tussio Accorsi
Studying the shelves of Harriet's office Tussio picked an unopened bottle of Italian wine. "However this conversation may end, I will admit that your personal collection is rather impressive, Harry." With a gentle stroke of his wand, the cork of the wine bottle popped. Another quick movement and the quills on Harriet's desk turned into 3 crystal glasses. He filled the 3 glasses with the crimson red liquid and pushed one towards Harriet.

He took the other two glasses and waited for the younger woman to join them. "I did," Tussio confirmed when the girl asked her question. The question had been asked to Harriet, but she was not to speak, not until spoken to. Until further notice, he was the one in charge.

He presented Daphne with a glass of wine. "Tell me, was it your idea to scavenge the old muggle establishments?" He asked sounding rather impressed; lulling her towards a fake sense of trust.
 #24526  by Harriet Doran
Unflinching though his hands were tight around a bottle of Italian wine she had bought on her honeymoon with her late husband, Harriet remained silent. He had asked her his question and she had answered. Until further notice, until he decided as to whether her not she was to be trusted she was expected to remain mute.

Untouched glass of wine before her, Harriet looked at her young potegée with an unreadable expression.
 #24773  by Daphne Koenig
Daph eyed the glass of wine, taking it carefully but not sipping. She was on the clock, and she didn't like to indulge while at work. It was all to tempting, with the characters she corralled. Which is why she made it a point to be sober when dealing with them. Even if it was only a glass, she wouldn't drink it.

She was unsurprised, both that Mr. Accorsi had answered her question to Harriet and that he had heard of their relieving muggle joints of their liquor. Her eyes flicked to her mentor for guidance on how to answer the question, but found none. It would seem it was her prerogative on whether to fall into the veritable vipers pit or not here. Outright denying what they'd been doing might make him angry, but she also wouldn't throw Harriet under the bus. I was a tight spot she found herself in here, between a rock and a hard place.

"What a nasty thing you accuse us of, Mr. Accorsi, sir. Scavenging." She swirled the glass, bringing it slowly to her lips to stall slightly but she still didn't take a sip. "Like we were starving dogs looking for scraps." It was non committal enough, which in all honestly probably wasn't much better than outright lying and denying knowing what he'd been talking about. But Daphne would not be made to put the blame on Harriet, and without any direction from the boss-lady herself she wouldn't be any less vague than that. She was a good foot soldier, after all. Good at taking orders and loyal to the end.
 #24897  by Tussio Accorsi
"Starving dogs are less worrisome than thirsty men," he countered holding the young woman's gaze. Tussio was not a legilimen but he had learned a thing or two about liars.

He had to admire the young woman's loyalty, though foolish and misguided, at least she knew not to bite the hand that fed her. Perhaps she needed to be reminded that without him there would be no food at all.

"You ought to know your little stunt unsettled the very fine balance on which our market rests." A truce with an enemy syndicate had led to an agreement that the Accorsi's were to supply the magical establishments with liquor while the other gang was to supply the ordinary establishment. Harriet and her minion had thus stolen supplies from a rival group which had brought upon the Accorsi's a wrath they were not willing to suffer. He continued speaking, slowly like a prey getting ready to pounce. "You cannot be foolish enough to think that there would be no consequences," he now turned towards Harriet and back to Daphne. "You think they would not retaliate? You think them being ordinary and you magical would put you behind an impenetrable wall?" He approached Daphne, towered over her. "They knew it was one of us, they did not mind who, as long as they could hit us back. What if I told you others had paid for your sins, then would you be inclined to confess?"
 #24898  by Harriet Doran
He knew that he should go for her weakness, that she had not built her entourage with disposable souls as he so coldly did. Yet she remained seated, unflinching though he was making it extremely difficult to remain silent.

She suspected his words were honest, not empty scare tactics. Her stunt as he had put it, had possibly caused the consequences he was alluding to, but Harriet had acted knowing she would likely cause unrest. She had acted in the best interest of her business, for the rest she would let the chips fall where they may.

Except that he was standing far too close to Daphne. White knuckles over the armrests of her chair, she spoke as calmly as she could. "This is no conversation to have in front of the children, Tussio."
 #25295  by Tussio Accorsi
Amused by Harriet's condescending statement Tussio decided to comply. Palm opened he used wandless magic to push Daphne out of the room, shut the door in her face and lock it. Forcing them to endure this together would have reinforced their bond while separating them was more likely to cause dissension.

Once the door had been locked he looked down at his palms and then at Harriet. He would so enjoy them when they would be around her throat.