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Location: Ravenclaw Common Room • Date: May 17

Alun sat on one of the sofas, studying for his Charms exam. It was hard to believe the year was almost over and he would soon be heading back to his family farm for the summer. It had been quite the year, though, and he was sad to see it finished.

He glanced up as the door to the girls' dorm opened, though, distracted from studying for a moment.
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Meiriona slipped out from the dorms, into the common room, clutching her Charms book to her chest. The exam was coming up, and she was worried about some of the theory - she knew she had the practical part down, of course. When she closed the door behind her, though, and turned around, she caught his eye.

Ever since her breakup with Potter, Reese had been there for her, and she had even let him take her on a small date to Hogsmeade once. He was a sweet enough boy, if a little quirky, and she wasn't looking forward to being away from him for the summer.

That was a weird thought.

She smiled shyly, giving him a small wave.
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Alun nodded at Meiriona, raising his hand in a wave. In the process, though, he dropped the book he had been holding. He quickly scrambled to pick it up, straightening up just as she finally reached him.

"Hullo Davies," he said, trying to keep the illusion of coolness even with his awkwardness.
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Meiriona couldn't help but giggle as she watched Alun scramble to pick up his book. He could be so clumsy sometimes, but she found that endearing. It certainly was a change from her previous interests, but maybe this was what she needed.

"Hi," she said, perching on the arm of the chair opposite him, "Getting in some last minute studying?"
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Alun chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his neck. "Yeah," he admitted, gesturing to the book he had in other hand. "Charms. I'm a bit worried about the theory exam."

It was then that he noticed the book in her arms. "You too, hey?" he asked.
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She shrugged, holding the book so he could see the cover. "You caught me," Meiriona quipped, shrugging a shoulder and rising to her feet. She then climbed onto the sofa next to him, opening up her book. "What chapter are you on? Let's go through it together."
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Suddenly she was sitting beside him and he could feel her arm brushing against his, and Alun swallowed a lump in his throat. To try and hide it, he quickly opened his book and showed her what page he had been looking at. "I'm looking at non-verbal charms right now," he explained, pointing at a part in the book, "and trying to understand this part. It just doesn't really make sense," he said, glancing at her. Hopefully Meiriona knew what was going on.
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Meiriona scrunched up her nose, staring at the paragraph Alun was pointing at. Then she opened her own book to that page, reading and rereading the paragraph. "I think..." she murmured, thinking about it. She was sure a crease was forming between her brows. Then she held up a finger. "I think it's this," she said, continuing on to explain it. As soon as she was finished, she glanced up through her lashes at him. "Does that make sense?"
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Alun listened carefully to her, trying to ignore how cute she looked when she was thinking. When she had explained the concept, though, be beamed. "That makes a lot of sense, actually!" he exclaimed, sitting up straight with excitement. "You're really good at explaining things," he said, grinning at her.
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"I'm glad," Meiriona replied, turning to watch him in his excitement. "And I appreciate the compliment," she added with a wink, although she was secretly giddy over it.

A moment passed, and she bit her lip. "So, what's next, then?"
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There was a moment where the energy between them seemed to shift, and then it passed. Alun nodded, bending his head back over the book as he flipped the page. "Well..." he started, trailing off as he read the paragraph.
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She leaned against his arm, reading over his shoulder. "I remember finding this bit hard," Meiriona admitted, looking up and realizing that their faces were rather close together. With that, she sat back, leaning away from him.

"But... I actually have to go meet the reserve beaters and run a training session," she lied briskly, rising to her feet and setting her book on the table in front of them. "Maybe we could study together later?" It was almost hopeful.
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She was extremely close, and Alun bit his lip as he read. Then all of a sudden she was gone, and Alun felt deflated.

"Oh. Yeah, sure," he murmured, watching her get up. "Yeah, we can study later. Have a good practice," he added, closing his book and rising to his feet. Maybe a break to go through his sketchbook was needed.
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Meiriona smiled sadly, turning and walking out of the common room. She was still trying to figure out what her feelings were regarding Alun. A walk would help clear her head, she figured.