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Welcome Back! It's time for our 20th Start of Term!

 #31637  by Timothy Maxwell
Tim shrugged.
"Not that I know of... but with the level of secrets kept in my family it wouldn't really surprise me," he said bitterly. He still couldn't forgive that his parents never told him about the magical world before he got his letter from Hogwarts. He kind of understood it but still wasn't happy about it.
With that he made few steps and stuck his hand in the rain, watching the drops hitting it. There was something incredibly calming about rain.
"It's almost serene... isn't it?" he asked suddenly.
 #31904  by Jasmine Buckthorn
"Yeah...it really is..." She spoke softly, but then looked to him.

"What do you mean secrets? I feel like my parents are keeping something from me...all of us. They're acting weird. What did yours lie to you about?" She asked earnestly, genuinely curious.
 #31906  by Timothy Maxwell
"Uh... well my mum is a witch and my dad is a muggle. And apparently they decided to keep magic a secret from me until they learn if I am a wizard or not. So... all of this was overwhelming for me last year and... let's just say it's not much better," he tried to explain the most important points.
Unfortunately, he still felt a bit unsure in the magical word since he was raised not knowing about it.
 #31916  by Jasmine Buckthorn
"Oh." She started, unsure of what to say to that. "My parents couldn't do that if they tried. All my brothers and sisters loved to throw around spells whilst I was growing up, no matter how many times my mum told them not to."

She shrugged.

"Maybe they didn't lie on purpose? Maybe they just didn't want to overwhelm you...though I guess you're overwhelmed now..."
 #31920  by Timothy Maxwell
"Yeah, we didn't want to overwhelm you with the existence of the magical world but here - you are invited to study magic at a magical castle with ghosts, centaurs, moving staircases and oh... spells that could fix all the world problems... enjoy!" he pointed out the flaw in that theory.
"Well, this year will be a bit better I hope... and not only because a certain teacher won't be here anymore," there was a relief in his voice.
 #31928  by Jasmine Buckthorn
"Well...hmm....yes, I suppose." Jasmine conceded. Perhaps her logic was a little flawed. But surely his parents hadn't done it maliciously, right? He definitely had a point, though. She was glad to have known about magic from being a little girl, and she couldn't imagine just being thrown into that world without preparation.

How had his parents even kept it a secret for so long?

"Yeah...I kind of hated my first year. I was so excited to start school and she just...kind of ruined it. I read all the books and guides before, and it looked like it was going to be great. But then it just...wasn't. I really hope nothing weird goes on this year..."
 #32168  by Timothy Maxwell
"She certainly didn't help my first year. After all, there are scary teachers, like Snape... not to mention one of our teachers is literally a ghost, but she was differently scary," he really didn't want to think about it. He was telling this at home during the holiday and there were moments when he thought his mum will pick up her wand and vanish to... settle the score.
"There is to a better year then," he cheered.
 #32174  by Jasmine Buckthorn
Jasmine smiled a little at him, still rather shy about meeting someone new. But she supposed this wasn't too bad, after all, they were in the same year and house. Why wouldn't they be friendly with each other?

"Professor Snape scares me...but so do a lot of the teachers. I kind of like Professor McGonagall but she can be tough too. Then again, anyone is better than Umbridge." She shrugged.

"I guess you're right. Here's to a better year. Also...better weather."
 #32177  by Timothy Maxwell
"Yeah, McGonagall is strict... and tough but she is fair. And I like that. " quite unlike Snape. Yeah, he mostly ignored Tim, fortunately, but there were other students he seemed to enjoy scaring.
"I really don't mind this weather... but I could use better weather for some outside classes," he admitted.
 #32183  by Jasmine Buckthorn
Jasmine nodded.

"Yeah...there's a few classes outside that need better weather. Like herbology...or care of magical creatures. I wish I was better at Care of Magical Creatures. Animals can be scary...Hagrid has said it's okay to be a little scared but I still feel bad that I'm not better at it."
 #32188  by Timothy Maxwell
"Exactly, weather like this would be really really bad for outdoors classes like that. But at least we didn't have to cross the lake during this weather. That had to be really unpleasant," wasn't there a spell for controlling the weather?
"Well, Hagrid probably finds animals without sharp, serrated and poisonous teeth boring. Or is that venomous? I never know..." probably venomous? Poisonous were things you ate? Like mushrooms?
 #32196  by Jasmine Buckthorn
"I think it's poisonous if you eat it, and venomous if it eats you...I think..." She spoke, pursing her lips after.

"I would hate to have to cross the lake in weather like this. Even walking to the greenhouse might be a little far for me..." She looked up at the grey sky. "I hope it doesn't start storming; I have astronomy today and I'm afraid to be in the tower when it's like that. Too scary."
 #32263  by Timothy Maxwell
Tim heard her explanation and suddenly burst into laughter.
"Poisonous if you eat it, and venomous if it eats you, I like that. I'll remember now," it was strangely funny. But it only made him feel like Hagrid probably likes animals that are both venomous and poisonous.
"I am reasonably sure that you would have to throw a meteorite at the school to damage it in any way, a little storm can't probably even scratch the stone." the place was so full of magic Tim had no idea how it didn't explode by itself by now.
 #32338  by Jasmine Buckthorn
Jasmine turned to him, blinking.

"What...what's a meteorite?" She asked, having never heard of such a thing due to her very magic-indulged upbringing.
 #32347  by Timothy Maxwell
"Meteorite? Well, uh... it's a space rock. It travels across the vast emptiness of space and every now and then it can get caught in the gravitational pull of a planet. Most stones like these just burn in the atmosphere without any harm done, but if it is large enough it can push through and hit the surface with an incredible amount of energy." he explained the best he could.
"If big enough it can wipe all the life on Earth..." he added.