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 #26166  by Hiro Kawazaki
"Don't think that's a good idea. He's not a nice person to cross." He put his arm in the way, the girl and Shiro both loosing their cool. He couldn't blame the change in Shiro, because he was sure that was Yoru. Shiro had always been an angry man in a child's body, Now he was 17 and an angry adult in general. He closed his eyes as Shiro started cussing his anger and grief out.

"He's mia it seems. I've cleared every other room. He's gone." He looked towards the girl. "But how, got a floo network in this forsaken home?" He asked. If the boy had gotten out, he was blind and alone according to his files Genesis had given them. Blinded by chemicals in 1993 according to his medical records.
 #26167  by Shiro Takayama
Pleading did nothing, if she wasn't a client she'd have her neck snapped right then and there. But she was still a client, there was still a case and it was his job to finish the work now that Yoru wasn't able to. Because Yoru was....No, he was just taking over temporarily. Yoru was alive. He had to be. The boy was an in-law, not on his official account. Hiro holding him back was probably saving his lowly life.
"Your fathers dead, He's the one who got you into this mess. I'd just be glad your alive." It was also her father that got his father figure involved. He had no pity left for the now dead man.

"Second living room...and if it has been used we have some major tracking to do." He left her there sobbing, pulling up his sleeves he exited the room.
"Kawazaki, owl the men to pick up the bodies. get them out of here, Were not to know where they go. Two out of favor men are to do it, and killed on arrival." No one was to know. That way even under torture they wouldn't know.
 #26168  by Hiro Kawazaki
"Got it." He shoved the other in the room before blocking them both in, magically writing in the doorway after watching the long coat of the boss disappear out of the hall. Twenty minutes later the bodies were gone, even Yoru's and the two were sent off to other countries. He made his way out, leaning on the fireplace as shiro worked.
"Got any leads?"
 #26169  by Shiro Takayama
Another wave of his wand, another parchment reading in his hand. The magic he was using was hard core tracking magic, magic that took many attempts to correct. He'd heard the bickering in the room, Prue not wanting to be separated from Drake...the love they had for one another. He'd heard Hiro shut them up, inform them that they weren't feeling very sad about their situation given the fact they would have to bury their own boss and role model. He'd heard it all, and probably messed up the tracking spell twice because of it.

However just as Hiro rejoined him he got a hit. Marks code came up, England. Knockturn alley, wherever that was. The last time they were in England he'd chased a vampire down main street daigon alley, not Knockturn alley. He'd have to really look for this one.
"Only one that matters." He said, meaning Marks. There were a few. Most being the white monkeys, when all he wanted was the blind kids. "The others we'll file and track down later. Lets get out of here." The albino headed to the door.
 #26170  by Hiro Kawazaki
"Are we really not going to talk about this?" He asked following, neither bothering to turn out the lights. The house was still silent, though now they knew no one was hiding in the shadows ready to kill them. They'd already killed everyone inside before the two had gotten there, their boss included and he was sure even while Shiro was focused on work he was thinking about that. Thinking about Yoru, he was angry and when Shiro got angry he got violent and reckless. It as only when Shiro was angry Hiro was able to get a punch in.

"Because right now, your about to go into something not on your a-game and I don't need to loose anyone else tonight." Close or not after his family had deserted him, no after he left them the yakuza had been his family. The men were brothers. Shiro was his brother.
 #26171  by Shiro Takayama
"Talk about what?" He said the cool night air hitting him as he exited the still open door that once let to a happy family home. He'd return years later to an abandoned home for papers but he didn't know that. Not now, he didn't know the white monkeys would pop back up years after this to try to finish the job.
"The fact that our boss just got burned because some idiot chose to mess with the Chinese mafia?" He said going to open the car door. He had a job to do. Angry or not, he had a job to do and a boss to honor.

"It's done, he's gone. I'm in charge." He didn't want to be in charge but he was. "I don't want to be but I am, so let me do the job and keep the emotional conversation you have in your head to yourself." He got in his car and started it up, but when he went to close the door it was blocked.
 #26226  by Hiro Kawazaki
"When have I been able to get a hit on you?" He asked, after the albino was done rambling. "In all our duels when did I get a punch it?" He waited for the response, tapping his foot.
 #26227  by Shiro Takayama
He paused, sighing. Rubbing his forehead he looked back up at Hiro, Mark was surely getting away and he needed relocated. Yet here he was talking to Hiro about feelings, in the form of past fights.
"You keep blocking my door, stopping me from catching this kid you won't get any in tonight." He mused.

Another long pause, Hiro not moving.
"When I've been distracted." He finally replied. "Something I'm not at the moment, so can we go?"
 #26228  by Hiro Kawazaki
"After you promise me, you won't be reckless should we face out little friends. Sure." He wasn't worried about Shiro with Mark, he was worried about Shiro meeting vampires and trying to get early; reckless revenge. That was his concern.
 #26229  by Shiro Takayama
"If we met our little friends I promise to effectively chop off their blood sucking heads." He mused, Going to shut the door only to have it blocked again. Really...Kawazaki was getting on his last nerve. He was mad sure, anyone would be after losing their boss. Mentor. However his mentor also taught him how to do his job, that no matter what was going on the job came first. While deep down he yearned from revenge he was remembering those lessons.

"Yoru taught us to keep our eyes on the job, right?" He asked. "Why would his death degrade those lessons?"
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That sounded logical, he was happy with that. His foot finally relented. If Shiro was anything, he was a man of honor when it came to those lessons. Almost like a puppy following a bone, and as insulting as that sounded in his mind... a mind mourning his mentor as well; it was a good thing in this situation.
"Good." He let Shiro turn on the car and go, turning on his own bike to follow the lead.