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Welcome Back! It's time for our 20th Start of Term!

 #24869  by Ardric Sage
Ardric looked at the item she was talking about. What she said was almost like another language to him. He had taken Muggle studies a couple years but it didn't really interest him all that much. Though he figured he should learn more about Muggles if he was to be an Auror. Wizards sometimes hid in Muggle towns.

"What's Tobacco?" Ardric asked but took one of the offered cigarettes. He had his wand so he lit the end and took a puff. He ended up coughing having not known what he was doing. "Strong stuff," he spoke
 #24888  by Tamsin Villiers
The girl laughed as Ardric sputtered and coughed from the cigarette. In any other situation, she might have been somewhat irritated by the loss of one precious cigarette, but the Ravenclaw's reaction was amusing enough that the thought did not, in that moment, occur to her.

"Yeah," Tamsin agreed as she replaced the cigarette in her mouth. She, too, lit the cigarette with her wand, though she was significantly more graceful when she inhaled and exhaled a long stream of smoke to the side.

"Really helps with the stress. I might have went crazy last year during OWLs if not for this."
 #24926  by Ardric Sage
Ardric coughed a bit more before breathing out the puff of smoke he’d inhaled. “Don’t worry about me. It’s only smoke,” he chuckled lightly as he mocked her lack of concern. It had been more laughter than concern.

Ardric watched Tamsin as she inhaled and exhaled the stuff way better than him. His parents didn’t smoke so he’d never really had lessons or experience with cigarettes or pipes.

“Than maybe I should take up smoking. See if it helps me,” he mused. Than he decided to try the cigarette again and inhaled and exhaled much better than the first puff blowing into a circle of smoke.
 #24969  by Tamsin Villiers
"It might, but I'm not endorsing it," the Slytherin immediately disclaimed.

She leaned against the cold stone of the window sill, cigarette poised between two slim fingers.

"It's technically bad for your health." Even if health was rarely, if ever, an urgent concern for people of their age.
 #24998  by Ardric Sage
"It almost seemed like you were endorsing it. Bet you could be paid for promoting it. I can just see it. Muggle photo's with your face plastered all over them," he mused with a chuckle. He was teasing her of course.

"Than I better not smoke if it's bad for my health," he said but took another puff. "An Auror needs all the health they can get after all," he added.
 #25175  by Ardric Sage
"Wouldn't want to die of you know. Smoke inhalation if that's a thing," he said amused as he looked over at Tamsin. He took another puff before putting out his cigarette. He just felt it was wrong with the talk he was having with the girl and should be putting out the offered cigarette.

Ardric winked at her. "You really would. Maybe Witches Weekly should feature you," he grinned coming out of his shell a bit more.

"Anyways do you want to leave the Owlery with me? We could still hang out," Ardric suggested having been enjoying her company.
 #25224  by Tamsin Villiers
She really should be getting ready for class tomorrow, and then getting ready for bed. Instead, shrugging her shoulders gracefully, the Slytherin gestured with the half-burnt cigarette in her hand.

"After this," she qualified, clearly having her priorities well straightened out.

She drew in another puff, attempting to exhale the smoke into rings.

The night was still young. And besides, this was her last year to horse around before N.E.W.T.s and Tamsin would be damned if she didn't use it well.
 #25234  by Ardric Sage
Ardric had to chuckle. Of course she’d agree as long as she could finish her cigarette. It only seemed like the thing she would do. “Well don’t let me stop you,” he said playfully and pushed off from the wall. He fixed his coat making sure there were no wrinkles.

As she finished off her cigarette Ardric started to head down the stairs with Tamsin. It was still a nice night and he didn’t want to end it just yet.