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Welcome Back! It's time for our 20th Start of Term!

 #23050  by Dillian Smith
"Your...becoming slightly more interesting." was the only compliment he could give her on that matter...which was true. She wasn't as black and white as she liked to make herself, This little meeting had proved that. Her list had proved that one, she wasn't as good as a plotter as he assumed...The fact she was defending a ravenclaw made him wonder if she was...tender somewhere in her conniving being and her teasing made him think she assumed they were already friends ; they weren't.

"Even so, I'd like to let my friends do it as well. ensure that this actually works?" He raised an eyebrow. She had a point on the fact they were feeding fear into the student body, but was that really enough?
 #23051  by Prudence Binx
She smirked,
"Look, just leave him alone and I'll leave you alone about how cockiness dentures me from working with a person." This time it was more of a blunt comment. He hadn't directly threatened the Ravenclaw, but if he was this nosy with her in the past week...she could imagine him stopping Mark in the halls to try to dig further into their relationship.
"And if you want to get to know me better...I do like the latte's in the three broomsticks." The girl was checking her nails as she said this.

"If you insist...just don't let your little boy's twist it too far. We need a slow incline Smith." Her perfectionism rearing it's ugly head.
 #23053  by Dillian Smith
Scoffing he collected his list, seeing the deal as done when it came to details. She didn't need to keep his good idea's for her own keeping.
"Like I'd bother him, Batsu. I do have better things to do." Like....not failing potions was an after thought. His father was going to kill him if he got one more bad grade in that class.
"Right...Why don't you and twink just enjoy the girl drinks." He dismissed her. She was too young for him.

"My boy's? Miss Batsu the correct term is friends and I should be telling you that with Miss. I love to lick people...being your rumor spreader." Honestly...out of all the people they were going to ask to help...Michelle was more apt to twist it more than his friends.
 #23054  by Prudence Binx
"Good." She watched as he took his list, guess she wasn't keeping that...She'd hoped she could but asking seemed to be out of the question given he'd just rejected- wait...he just rejected her. This wasn't right, She was Prudence Batsu...the actual queen of Slytherin. At least in her mind.
"Your saying...your not interested?" She raised an eyebrow.

"You call them friends, but we both know your just another ring leader Smith." She stood up taking her plot book in hand, blinking as she wondered how he knew about her licking habit.
"Wait...how did you know she...licks people?"
 #23055  by Dillian Smith
He chuckled,
"Yes, That's what I'm saying." He headed towards his dorm room door, pausing and starting his defense of his friends. Her question calmed him down, 'it's not worth the detention...' he reminded himself, looking back at her for a second.
"The pink blob isn't the only one being talked about." He mused, exiting the common room via the door that lead to the male dorms.
 #23056  by Prudence Binx
This was going to drive her nuts, Someone hadn't taken an interest in her? This was not happening. An irritated squeal exited her lips once he was gone. Not only for the lack of attraction towards her but the idea of people talking about her friend behind their backs,
"The only thing saving him is the fact he actually had something good." She muttered to herself, sitting back down in a huff. "...It's almost too good." She needed to step up her mind games.

Deciding she needed to work on her mental work she went to do just that. In her own common room where it was safe.