A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

Welcome Back! It's time for our 20th Start of Term!

 #22247  by Dillian Smith
"Didn't need one, Batsu." He leaned back in the chair - making himself at home to make a point that he wasn't going anywhere. The Other girl was kinda cute...for a lower year, the thought crossing his mind before he snapped out of it and focused back on the two in a manner which wasn't day dreaming.
"Think about how all these things are being 'found out'. Rumors right? Two can always play at that game, and rumors can't be tracked back to you if it goes far enough...if people twist it enough." He leaned forward. "With her reputation is wouldn't be hard to start quite a few damning rumors, no?" He looked at them both with raised eyebrows.
 #22296  by Prudence Binx
"Seriously Takayama." She said as the girl practically invited the nosy Slytherin to their table. Prudence the ring leader of their little band of misfits, currently wondering if the Japanese girl realized this.

'Rumors are less fun...but I could role with this. Now I just need to find a way to seem like I'm being nice in listening to his idea.' The girl thought, not wanting to admit she hadn't thought of this.
"And just what rumors could you think of that hasn't been already created?" She asked, honestly Dillian was becoming...interesting. She wanted to see what his mind could come up with.
 #22297  by Yukiko Binx
"What? He would have sat down anyway." She leaned back in her chair, crossing a leg in a lady like manner. Pulling her black hair behind her ear she leaned forward, just as interested to hear what he had to say.
"We could always say she needs a certain beauty potion...I mean it wouldn't be far fetched she had a wart problem." She said, it sounding childish even to her as soon as it came out. "Or maybe Dillian would have a better idea." She interjected.
 #22298  by Dillian Smith
"Well," He was on his way to responding to one Prudence Batsu just as his head snapped to the younger student who in his mind was showing her age.

'Those would have worked a month ago...' he thoughts, those would have worked before all the darker rumors started...Though that was to simple in his mind when dealing with Umbridge. His hand cast a silencing charm, after all he didn't want to be the only one saying this before the girls confirmed they liked it.
"No." He kept it simple.

He'd seen how Prue worked, if she liked it...she did it.
"Think about it a littler deeper, rumors of a blood quill are going around like wild fire. Obviously that's abuse if its true. Play on that, maybe...Oh I don't know start the idea that she's using potions to force the truth out of people?"

Little did he know he his a nail right on the head.
 #22300  by Prudence Binx
She blinked, that was not much different from what was already going around. Her interest was now lost, one had to be much more imaginative to keep it. Though to be fair Yukiko's idea, which the young Slytherin was ignoring hadn't been much better.
"So...basically you want to start another generic rumor to build on the first one? That's not really, no. That's actually too original." raising an eyebrow she crossed her arms.
"Were going more for 'out of the box' idea's Smith." She added. "Right Yukiko?" This time both eyebrows were raised.
 #22301  by Yukiko Binx
She shook her head, hoping that Dillian would have been able to talk Prue down on her magical idea's all hope was lost when the older Slytherin told him off instead. Another mention of the rumors was making her un-easy, overpowering her need to please the young Batsu.
"I'm...sorry Prue, but Marks right." She said standing up and going to pack her own bag.

"This is not the year for out of the box, this is a year to keep quiet and not put a spot light on ourselves." She said, not disagreeing that pranking the old coon would be fun but...also not wanting to get caught in cross hairs.

"I'm sorry." She said lifting the bag over her shoulder and heading out of the library.
 #22302  by Dillian Smith
'You call it generic all you want.' His mind reeled with how simpleminded this woman seemed. The more the rumors mounted the more the Ministry might see how wrong they were for bringing the woman into a school with a bunch of innocent kids. At least that's where his train of thought was. He watched as Yukiko packed her bags, almost shying away from the girl who seemed rather bossy to him.
"Looking your grip on them?" He said once Yukiko was gone.

"Look, nosy or not it seems we want the same thing. I'll meet you halfway." His cockiness snowing. "I'll think of other rumors if you hold off on jinxing her, we meet in the common room next week? Any idea's you have other than charms or jinx's can be put on the table as well obviously." He offered.
 #22303  by Prudence Binx
"But-" She stood up as the figure of Yukiko vanished out of the room, a 'Takayama!' Being said loud enough for everyone to hear - at least if the charm wasn't still in place.
"There scared, as I'm sure you overheard me saying before." She snapped, still looking at the door the Japanese girl vanished out of.

She only snapped out of her gaze when he brought her back to planet earth.
"And if your idea's are royal dog crap?" She asked.
 #22304  by Dillian Smith
"Then...you don't have to work with me." He deadpanned, not seeing why she wouldn't want to work with a handsome and cunning person like him. Her hostility was honestly shocking, she should have been swooning in his presence. He stood up,
"Be there or don't. 9 pm, slytherin common room next week same day." His words short.

He took the charm off and started to head back to his table,
"And Prudence? I think we all are scared of what she's capable of." For once no cockiness was in his tone, it was actually more somber than anything. He took off a moment later to finish his charm work.
 #22305  by Prudence Binx
'well, someones big headed...' She mused as he barked orders out to her of all people, he didn't even know her! 9 pm, she'd planned on having a night snack with Mark, a snack Mark didn't know she was planning like usual but that could always be pushed off for another day. She looked up, over her shoulder as Dillian said his exiting words.
"Fear won't rule me..." She said packing up her couple of books.

What she needed was out of the stuffy library, and she did just that as she headed to her own common room for an early night...maybe also a planned word with one Yukiko Takayama.