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 #35382  by Ejder
Hello all!

In the spirit of me planning a new character eventually, I felt like I had to post this here. My character will be the anonymous quill behind the advice columns of such publications as Teen Witch and Witch Weekly. I'm not 100% sure about the quality of his advice, but I would love for anyone to submit queries for advice!

Whether anonymously, from a made up person or from your character, I would love if you would send me (either PM Ejder or reply here) demands for advice!
 #35383  by Vyreia
Dear ________

My long term boyfriend recently broke up with me after he found out I had a night with another man whilst we were dating in the very early days of our relationship. It wasn't planned, and I didn't particularly go out looking for it; it just sort of happened. But my boyfriend and I weren't even an item back then...

Regardless, I told him the truth and he was obviously very hurt. I'm selfish for wanting him back, but I guess I actually just want some advice on how to help the situation, even if that means moving on. I want to be a better person, and I want him to be able to move on. The problem is that all his friends are my friends too, so I can't really give him all the space he needs without isolating myself completely...

Please help?
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To ______

My younger sister's pet Niffler in now a pet Miss-ler (it's missing!). I feel like it was my fault for leaving the cage open for just second whilst I answered the door. Maybe it umped out the window! I have no idea, but my sister is out on a trip with the Sorcery Scouts and she will be back in a week.


She will cry! I hate it when she cries, and I'm afraid to tell our parents because they said if I do one more thing wrong this term, they would take away my WizKid Membership. THAT. CANNOT. HAPPEN.

I don't know what to do! Should I just break into my savings and buy her an identical one? Maybe she won't be that sad?

Flustered Finnigan
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