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 #27110  by Arsene
Hey everyone!

So, every year the La Fratta family holds a huuuge summer party at their Milan villa in July. Michelle has been the mistress of ceremonies for the party for the last two years and will be again in 2003. I have held this event as a board-wide event before, but it's been awhile since I have so I wanted to put it out there for other folks. If I get enough interest, I can make it an official event in the Event Hall!

Characters Likely To Attend
  • Aristocrats/Socialites/Upper Class
  • Journalists
  • Celebrities
  • Ministry members
  • Hogwarts students who might know Michelle (Ravensdale) La Fratta (Ravenclaw, 1992)
  • Beauxbatons students who might know Emilie La Fratta (Astronomy Professor until 1992)
  • Anyone involved in the Black Market/illegal trade
Of course, this is just a small list. The event is literally open to anyone — even people who want to crash the party!

I hope you'll all join me!
 #27111  by TyrellRose
Oh you know the Browning twins will be there (Artemis as a celebrity and Apollo as her plus one) as well as Perecles (especially if he can give a small concert :P)

I might even bring Phoebe across the pond too!
 #27112  by Vyreia
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas La Fratta Midsummer Party!!!!

Okay, zen. Calm.

I'm so here for this. I of course have a bunch of people that will know the La Frattas and are aristocrats/involved with illegal trade (Astrid Iver, the Yorks, plus some others involved with the Clearys)

I also have a reporter that will be looking for gossip, a couple of people who may have known Michelle at the time, and then some randoms that will either come as plus ones or help get the fun times going.

I. Live. For. This.
 #27113  by Arsene
@TyrellRose I am FULLY here for Michelle being able to book Perecles

@Vyreia YES let's make this so MESSY
 #27325  by Kay
I would like to send Flavia Arcuri. She is a Financial Analyst at Gringotts but also comes from old illicit money. She would likely mingle with guests trying to find new clients and tips all while giving subtle nods to those who are involved in her shadier business.
 #27392  by fizzing-whizbee
I'm in!! I have so many characters that would love to go to this, especially my italians. You know that Alessio, Benigno, and Giancarlo will be there with bells on! :)