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What Happens In Vegas...

Kay, Active Player

What I have in mind is more of an improv exercise than a set plot, but I think we could have a lot of fun. The basic idea goes like this:

Without consulting each other we create two characters. We agree on gender and era, Otherwise everything is fair game. Their story starts in Vegas. The previous night they got married. Why? I don't know! Are they a good match? I don't know. We follow them as they discover what happened the night before and how they took the blunt decision of getting married.

It's pretty much the premise of a Katherine Heigl (remember her!?) romantic comedy.

If many people want to get involved the more the merrier! Maybe your character was their witness when they got married, maybe they were the person who performed the ceremony, maybe they were the coffee kart person who sold them their wedding doughnut...

Express interest by replying to this thread or by reaching out on Discord.
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Re: What Happens In Vegas...

Everevna, Active Player

Depending on how it goes, I think I would love to play one of either two roles: (1) the poor, unsuspecting bride; or (2) the very bemused vow master who may potentially be an equally inebriated friend of either groom or bride.

Now, I will be fair and state that I haven't thought too deeply about how the bride came to be in the situation she found herself. My initial thought premise is that she evidently has reasons to want to get terribly, terribly drunk in Vegas of all places, perhaps shortly after learning some devastating news? Or she's running and in hiding from something?

If the latter, I do think it'd be hilarious if the groom turns out to be someone relatively well-known and famous. Just because irony.

As I said, I don't have a good grasp yet on what I would do for the bride, so if anyone has better and more solid ideas, I'm happy to bow aside.

I do think it'd be hilarious if one of the groom's friends is a hedonist and a mischief-maker who performs the ceremony out of just pure drunken hilarity. This one may just want to watch the world burn for his bemusement.
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Re: What Happens In Vegas...

Alatariel, Active Player

I'm already writing up a sheet for the best friend of the bride who may or may not be in love with her...
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Re: What Happens In Vegas...

Kay, Active Player

We have the future husband, the future wife as well as her best friend.

If anyone is interested in joining the plot in some way shape or form don't hesitate to reach out by answering this thread or on Discord. Perhaps your character was their officiant, a witness or their flower girl?

Don't hesitate cuz this plot should get on the road in the next few days.