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Focusing on music! :)

Maki, Active Player

So I have on heavily pregnant Gemma Batsu who would just love to see some of her old friends in the business in the business and once she'd birthed her beautiful child wants to try to get back into her old career.

[R] I am looking for other people in occult records and or fans who might still know who she is even years after she left it.

[G] Still an atcive singer in this era, a friend would be nice. Who knows, maybe she could help a young witch or wizard get there foot in the door to the industry even.

A little backstory:
She was an up and coming artist from 1991 to 1996, known in Japan and starting to be reconized in England. No one but those closest to her knows why she dropped off the map.
In golden shes still an active singer.

She's a very bubbly person, always full of smiles and cheer.