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Expedition Society Members Needed!

tundratown, Active Player

~~ You're Invited ~~

WHO: Anyone who is in the Wizarding Expedition Society in Reformation Era

WHAT: Uh, it's a secret. Sort of. Basically, I just need 2-4 character volunteers to participate in a thing. You don't necessarily have to actively post unless you choose to, but what your character is up to will be revealed in a news posting. I can promise they will not die and that you will have ample roleplaying opportunities as a result.

WHY: I have a fun plot I want to do with one of my characters and I think it would be cool to involve some other characters to make it more interesting. Also, I like surprising people with plots, so if you're up for a little bit of adventure I think you'll have a great time!

WHEN: Um, whenever? I don't know why I went with this birthday party invitation format but I feel like I have to keep it going

RSVP: Just reply to this thread, let me know who the character is and what their job is in the WES. Like I said, I'd like at least two characters, but up to four is good! Come one, come all!

ONE LAST THING: If you have a very tightly formed plot with your character that requires them to be in a specific place at a specific time, this might not be the plot for you. If you're flexible and up for an adventure, though, I can promise you we will have fun!!! TRUST ME IT WILL BE GREAT
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TyrellRose, Vaultkeeper

*shoves @Eden Kalima, the no good, tree-hugging, troublemaker of an environmental activist forward* She's a Herbologist for the WES :3 And SHE IS TOTALLY INTERESTED IN JOINING THIS PLOT! And she's not tied down to a particular location so it works perfectly and I CANNOT WAIT OMG
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Alatariel, Active Player

@Samuel Chaves, here! He’s a Herbologist for WES! And super duper handsome.
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Susan, Vaultkeeper

I offer you my French character Elise Pelletier - she's a Deep-Sea Magizoologist for the WES, and mostly works in the Barrier Reef Dive Centre but does travel round a lot and is flexible.
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Everevna, Active Player

I'm just throwing it out for you but Zi Shang is your local magiphilologist who makes sure nobody steps on anyone's toes by accidentally calling someone's mum a horse
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tundratown, Active Player

Alright @Alatariel , @TyrellRose , @Susan , and @Everevna -- HERE WE GO


So I have some comments about this plot, but please read the article first so that there are no spoilers.


Go read it.

Did you read it yet?

Is this enough space to get my point across?

Anyway, here are the things I have in mind:

  • These characters may not have actually meant to be smuggling anything. Or were they? Was it planted on them? Did one of your characters decide they wanted to break the law, or did they take something without realizing? The possibilities are endless!
  • I'm going to start a thread shortly at Mitchell Penitentiary, anyone is welcome to join me. I also made sure to include a little loophole there so that your characters can be somewhere else if they need to be (i.e. sent back to their home country? Did someone bail them out?)
  • This occurred in late August, with the assumption that all of these people had been on some trip in South America, then went through Mexico into the United States for the debriefing.
  • WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THAT?? IDK!!! Let's go!! I'll link my thread when I make it.
Also of course if anyone else has any ideas let's go with it, if you don't want your character to be involved anymore just let me know and I can fix the article, otherwise all I ask is that we don't really plan out what actually happened, but instead we play it out for more fun. We could also potentially do some threads at the border/customs if anyone wanted, too. I'm flexible.

My only comment is that I'm going to move forward with my own character so how your characters end up is entirely up to you. :) Maybe they don't have to deal with the hearing, maybe they get off easy, maybe they get locked up? Who knows!