A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #31787  by Matilde Costa
"What a privilege to be a witness of your marital woes," Matilde confessed sarcastically. She would make sure to tell Emerson that her best friend's wife sounded like a rather severe spouse who'd contemplate divorce over one small mistake.

"But if you don't mind, I will go tend to another patient." Intending to evade the situation without having to face the conversation Evelyn had requested, she made a bottle of potion appear for the blonde and turned to exit the curtained area.
 #31809  by Evelyn Winters
Staring at Matilde, she itched to call her back, or follow her out so she could ask what she suspected, but Jane still sat in front of her, and she knew that the girl would feel much better if the left as soon as possible. They could stop by her place, gather her things, and then head home. Evelyn could whip something up for dinner in time for Vera and Louis' arrival.

Perhaps she should send word to Vera about their guest so she didn't have to find out when she arrived home?

Mind now completely set on her family, she didn't even watch as Matilde left, instead she moved to collect her handbag.

"Are you ready?" She asked her sister-in-law.