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 #31312  by Matilde Costa
Location: St Mungo's • Date: Fall 2003

Surrounded by eager junior healers in their pristine uniforms, Matilde rubbed her bloodshot eyes. "It's not that hard," she snapped in one long sigh. "He showed up here with upper abdominal pain, fever, nausea..." She gestured towards the man who was contorting in pain in his small bed.

They had offered plenty of theories, none of them coming close to the simple diagnosis of their patient. "When you hear hoofbeats, think of horses!" She barked at the incompetent lot she had been allotted. Saddler had probably done this on purpose. "She gave me the most incompetent healers on earth, " the healer mumbled as she pinched the bridge of her nose.
 #31314  by Matilde Costa
"Finally!" She celebrated sarcastically though she quickly realized her bumbling band of idiots had not been the ones who had spoken.

"Who said that?" She looked around. Pushing a few curtains without bothering to apologize to those she disturbed, Matilde eventually found the small blonde woman. "What's wrong with you?" She asked unceremoniously. Apparently she had been dealt the healers with less medical knowledge than a patient.
 #31316  by Jane Hadley
Back avoiding the backrest of her uncomfortable hospital chair, Jane sat stiffly. Hearing a few shouts of protests as the healer disrupted the sick patients' peace, Jane remained quiet. She had spoken out of turn and did not intend on being told off for it.

When the healer unceremoniously pulled the curtain of her temporary hospital room, the blonde winced. "What is wrong with me?" She had been asked this question countless times, most of the times as an insult. Was this one of these times?
 #31317  by Matilde Costa
"Unless you are the kind of person who comes to the hospital for no reason," Matilde suggested sardonically.

With one movement of her eyebrow towards her junior healers, she dismissed the incompetent group. "Make sure he doesn't die," she ordered them before she turned towards the small blonde. Looking at the deep cut on the woman's forehead, the healer approached Jane.

"How did it happen?" She asked the younger woman.
 #31319  by Jane Hadley
"I was assisting a Curse Breaker and one of the spells they used backfired," Jane scowled as she remembered opposing the Curse Breaker's decision. She had more or less predicted that the Vault would explode.

"A few shards of cursed rock managed to get through th shield I cast."
 #31336  by Evelyn Winters
Evelyn had just come back from lunch with Patricia had stopped her on her way to her office. St. Mungos had just flooed and apparently she was needed at the hospital. Something to do with Jane and a work accident. She knew Vera was in a meeting from 12:30 to 3:00 and they had been unable to get a hold of her. Her wife would be very upset when she found out her assistant hadn't deemed her sister's accident big enough of a reason to interrupt her meeting, but in the mean time, Evelyn was the one who would be coming to the girl's rescue.

Informing Patricia to cancel the rest of her own meetings, she told the woman she probably wouldn't be back until the morning and then flooed through to St. Mungos, her hands only shaking slightly. Barking out demands at the receptionist, she was lead back to the emergency room, and she didn't even notice the way the girl almost ran from her after pointing out the cubicle Jane could be found it.

Reaching for the blue fabric, she pulled it back to find Jane sitting in the chair with a large gash across her forehead, "Jane, what happened?" She asked immediately, unable to keep the concern from her voice. Though she pull her shoulders back stiffly. Highly uncomfortable with this entire situation.
 #31340  by Jane Hadley
Jane barely reacted to her sister in law's appearance. Pulling on her collar as if attempting to prevent the dried blood on it from staining her skin the blue-eyed blonde stared at Evelyn. "Where is Vera?" She wondered as it was her sister who was her primary emergency contact number.
 #31341  by Matilde Costa
"It's deep," the healer observed. "We will have to make sure you don't have a concussion." She grabbed the chart that a nurse had left on a nearby table. Jane Hadley , she read knowing she had heard that name somewhere.

It is only when Evelyn Winters appeared that everything made sense. Except... She tilted her head and studied the two women. Something was not quite right.
 #31344  by Evelyn Winters
"Busy," Evelyn answered Jane before moving further into the curtained off area. Looking at the other woman in the room, she blinked, "Matilde, hello." Of course it had to be Emerson's baby sister who was charged with treating her own younger sister-in-law. Evelyn sucked in a breath, then repeated her question, only this time to the woman she knew to be a qualified healer, "What happened?" Was Matilde sober currently? Evelyn didn't know. She hadn't asked after Emerson's extended family in awhile and the last thing she remembered hearing was that Matilde had turned up to a family dinner extremely intoxicated. She frowned. Jane should ask for another healer.
 #31346  by Jane Hadley
"Busy," she repeated as her hand balled into a fist around her collar. Frowning she started processing what she had just been told. A concussion was an injury to the brain. Her sister, one of the only person who knew how to comfort her, was busy.

"We should do a brain diagnostic spell," she breathed feeling the blood draining from her face.
 #31347  by Matilde Costa
Matilde smirked. "Hello Evelyn," she threw the chart back onto the table. "Long time no see," she observed as her eyes quickly scanned the woman. Evelyn was as beautiful as ever, yet there was something different about her. She seemed unnerved.

Eyes moving towards her patient she nodded. "We will need a brain diagnostic spell," she confirmed surprised by Jane's medical knowledge. As far as she remembered, Evelyn's wife had been a ministry employee. Elaine had been the healer.

She answered the medical part of Evelyn's question. "By the depth of the cut, I suspect a concussion, the severity of it remains to be determined. As far as what happened, I will let her tell you while I go get something for her pain." And mine, she thought before she left.
 #31355  by Evelyn Winters
Not moving until Matilde had left them, Evelyn took three steps to get to Jane's side and then she slowly reached out a hand to rest to against Vera's shoulder. Though she stopped barely an inch away and curled her fingers back against her palm as she realized that touching Jane right now probably wasn't a good idea.

"Are you alright?" She murmured softly, dropping her arm and then looking around for somewhere she could sit. Spotting a stool, she pulled it closer and perched atop it stiffly.
 #31357  by Jane Hadley
Alert to the hand approaching her, Jane stiffened. No matter the intention behind the gesture, she did not want to be touched. Not when she had so many things on her mind.

"I don't know, the healer has yet to tell me," she explained impatiently. Had Evelyn not surmised that by her brief interaction with the healer? "You know my healer," Jane stated as her eyebrows rose. She needed to know why Evelyn knew her.