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It had been very nice without a tyrant breathing down their necks constantly, but there was always a small part of Vivianne that was completely satisfied by the power her sister wield over everyone in the office. Her included. She wondered where Evelyn had learnt to be so...malevolent and not for the first time, she found herself thinking about a young Evelyn Winters and how she could have been as a girl. Was she always so cruel? She hoped not, but that also meant something horrible had to have happened for her to be like this. It made her slightly queasy at the thought.

"She doesn't want to know Arnaud. If she did, she wouldn't have left." Was her reply, the same reply she had been telling him since the day she'd first told him. Evelyn Winter's didn't want to know who she was, didn't want to know her sister. That much was obvious.
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"Who would want her as a sister, anyway?" He commented with his usual grin.

He leaned back into his chair and studied his roommate. While he would support her in her decision and keep her secret there was a part of him who struggled to understand. As someone who had lost his sister, Arnaud did not quite accept his friend's verdict.
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Vivianne forced out a chuckle and managed a strain smile. "Exactly," She replied but there wasn't an announce of truth in it.

"She has a very cute son though, and I think her wife is very nice. Which I don't really understand how that dynamic works," Evelyn and her wife seemed like polar opposites, but somehow they made it work. Evelyn's son was incredibly adorable and not at all like Evelyn. He definitely took after his other mother on that part.
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"The kid is quite funny," he admitted as he remembered the child waddling from desk to desk pretending to read every article and then offering some extremely polite feedback. Nothing like the murderous critic his mother was known to dispense.

"Opposites attract or whatever," he offered in an attempt to explain the couple's dynamic. "I mean they are both hot, maybe that makes up for their differences."
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She crinkled her nose in disgust, "She might not know it, but she's still my sister." Vivianne told him, not at all willing to hear Arnaud talk about Evelyn in that...way. Her sister was definitely pretty, and if Vivianne tried she could see a few resemblances between them. They had the same nervous tick of rubbing their fingers across their collarbones when caught in uncomfortable situations. They also had the same colored amber eyes, the same hair color, but there were about seven other people in the prophet building who also shared those traits so that wasn't anything outstanding or unusual. Evelyn did however have their father's nose, something that while Vivianne hadn't inherited herself, she had noticed immediately upon meeting Evelyn for the very first time. It had almost left her speechless how much Evelyn reminded her of her, no their, father and she hadn't stuttered so much that she was convinced she had bombed her interview. She hadn't though, and she'd been working at the prophet for just over a year now.

"Do you think her wife knows she has a sister?" She asked her roommate.
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"I don't know. It's hard to imagine that she would confide in someone." Despite having seen the woman's wrist being snapped like a twig by a vampire, he still struggled to see her as someone with vulnerabilities.

"Maybe that would be your best way in," he theorized. "Speaking to the wife, I mean," he clarified thinking about the gentle blonde.
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Vivianne swallowed and put down her fork, no longer hungry even though she had only eaten half her meal. She let out a breath and looked out the window to her left, the muggle car park was deserted except for one white mini van. Beyond that a small park was light by five lamps and a group of teenagers were crowding around a park bench.

"She left us. She left me, and my Papa never told me the reason, or at least the real reason, but something must have happened for her to leave and never come back. I'm sister and she just...left." Lifting her hand, she rubbed her fingers across her collarbone.
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Realizing the heavy topic had dampened the mood, Arnaud filled his roommate's glass. "She is missing out on a great sister. And a wonderful aunt for her son," he added without an ounce of irony.

"But hum..." He leaned forward ready to change the topic. "Since my evening is unexpectedly free, I thought we could watch that muggle movie you keep talking about."
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The Ireland born French intern turned to gaze at Arnaud, thankful that he had chosen to change the subject. Arnaud might not be the smoothest talker out, but he was kind and always knew how to make her feel better.

"Oh Big? Yes! You're gonna love it." Standing she collected her plate and made her way to the kitchen where she disposed of her leftovers and then waved her wand to begin the dish washing process. "The actor, Tom Hanks, plays a boy who wakes up one morning thirty years older because of this muggle fortune telling machine. Have you heard of those?" She asked, snatching up her wine glass and moving to take a set on the couch. "Whatever, it doesn't matter. You're so gonna love it. The love interest is played by my favourite actress ever Elizabeth Perkins and she soooo gorgeous. " Snatching up the remote to their new television they had splurged on, then she turned to gaze at Arnaud.

"Well?" She asked, "Are you coming?"