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 #31134  by Arnaud Lacroix
Location: Arnaud & Vivianne's Flat • Date: Automn 2003

The slap surprised him more than anything. One second they had been chatting, while he had been cutting ingredients for the meal he had been preparing and before he had even realized he had insulted her she had slapped him right across the cheek. Dumbfounded and confused, Arnaud had not attempted to stop her. Hand on his cheek, he had watched as she had gathered her things and had left the flat.

Standing in the small kitchen, surrounded by various ingredients and cooking instruments, the Frenchman stood frozen. He did not understand why she had taken offense to what he had said. Even so, they had only been seeing each other for a few weeks, surely what he had said had not warranted such a hard slap.
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Vivianne had been at work since five o'clock this morning and she was absolutely exhausted. All she could think about after a thirteen hour day was a nice warm bath, a peanut butter and jam sandwich and her bed, but she had promised to give Arnaud the apartment for tonight. Something about proving to his latest conquest that he could cook a decent meal like a decent adult, though in all honesty, she had only been half listening as she brushed her teeth and got dressed for the day. All she knew was that she wasn't to be home until after ten and it was only nine.

Slouching in her chair, she crossed her arms and leaned her head back, closing her eyes. Quite unwillingly, she was asleep within minutes, only taking when a loud bang pierced through her unconsciousness. Bolting up right, she snapped her head around to watch the cleaning witch push through the door that opened up into the bullpen, a small cart following along after her. The witch barely looked at her as she entered the room, making a beeline for the first garbage can.

Checking the clock on her desk, she was pleased to find that it was ten past ten. Standing, she stretched and then closed her eyes, envisioning her apartment. Landing in the hallway in front of her door, she sucked in a breath to steady herself before pulling out her wand and waving it across the door handle. It clicked and she pushed it open, "Decent?" She called out as she entered.
 #31303  by Arnaud Lacroix
"Never," Arnaud quipped as his roommate poked her head inside.

Despite his date abandoning him, Arnaud had decided to prepare his meal. "Supper is ready," he announced as he brought the food on their small dinner table. There was too much for one, might as well share with his flatmate.
 #31315  by Vivianne Lane
Confused, Vivianne flicked her wand at her jacket and let it hang itself up as she moved deeper into the apartment.

“You haven’t eaten yet?” She asked her roommate as she stopped at the threshold of their dining room. She rested a hand against the door jamb, “I thought you had a date?”
 #31318  by Arnaud Lacroix
"I did," unconsciously his hand brushed against his red cheek. "But she decided otherwise?" He explained with an unassuming shrug.

He took a seat and gestured for her to do the same. "Just be grateful that I waited for you."
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"She came.". His cheeky grin gave away the joke he contemplated making.

He planted his fork in his plate of pasta and started amassing a swirl of food. "She left," he shrugged as if there was nothing more to the story. "She got upset about something I said," he finally admitted before a spoonful of pasta made it impossible for him to speak.
 #31339  by Vivianne Lane
Vivianne let out a laugh as she picked up her fork and spared a ravioli, "Did she? What did you say to her?" She asked, looking across the table at him. Arnaud wasn't well known for his smooth talking, but despite that, he seemed to have girls coming and going on a regular basis. They never lasted long, and Vivianne wondered whether that was because he always had a habit of putting his foot in his mouth.
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Arnaud grinned. "She told me I was the best bedmate she had dated." He served himself a generous glass of wine and did the same for Vivanne. "She asked how she ranked in that domain." He chuckled as he saw her imagining the answer he had given her. "I only had time to say I had seen better and she slapped me!" He told her rather outraged. "I wasn't done talking, I was about to tell her she was above average!" He defended.
 #31345  by Vivianne Lane
Rolling her eyes, Vivianne swallowed and then reached for her wine, she took a sip before saying, "You're an idiot. You know that? How you manage to attract all these girls, I don't know." Arnaud was handsome, she'd give him that, and he could be quite funny when he wasn't being so disgusting, but the amount of woman he bedded in a month was ridiculous.
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"How does that make me an idiot?" He threw his hands in the air. "I thought you all liked honesty." He spoke to his roommate as if she was the spokesperson to the entire female faction.

Leaning back into his chair, he crossed his arms and waited for her to explain.
 #31356  by Vivianne Lane
Vivianne chuckled, "We do like honesty, but that doesn't mean we want you to be so...rude about it." Considering the food on her plate, she tried to figure out a way Arnaud could have answered his dates question without offending her. "She asked you how she ranked right? You tell her, 'Hey you're not as good as Prudence Fiddlewood, but you still manage to rock my world'. That way your being so...honest but also managing to ask her question." This was probably a very...shady piece of advice, but Vivianne was a woman herself and she knew that nobody really wanted to hear the truth, not really.
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Arnaud laughed. "My long lost love Prudence Fiddlewood, no one will ever compare to her." He put a hand over his heart as if mending his broken heart. Laughing again at his roommate's made up lover he tried to process what she had said.

"You would respond well to that?" He asked skeptically. "What about," he took a sip of wine as he mused his next words. "You are in a league of your own." He smirked.
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"I mean, I think I'd respond a hell of a lot better to that than what you said," Vivianne replied before turning her attention back to her meal. She forked another ravioli and pointed it at Arnaud.

"Evelyn comes back from Fiji not tomorrow, but the next. How are you going to mourn her return?" She asked.
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"It's been nice without her hasn't it?" As much as he appreciated Evelyn's rigorous leadership everyone had been more relaxed while the editor had been away. "The more important question is how long will it take before she calls me to her office to tell me in her cool low tones that I am the most inadequate journalist she has ever hired?"

Arnaud smiled gently, it was always strange to discuss their boss as if she was nothing more than their superior. "You should tell her," he insisted for the hundredth time.