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Nahla lifted a brow.

"A little bit of therapy never hurts anyone." She spoke calmly, leaning forward to pick up her glass and sip.She glanced to Freddie who seemed more occupied in rolling a cigarette than joining in.

"I believe we all have a darkness within up, but it is our own choice whether we allow it to consume us, and even further if we allow it to consume those around us. Perhaps I have overcome certain darkness - I know of many other people's, and am aware of my own errors or judgement. But..."

She shrugged.

"What is life but an opportunity? And what about you? How are you handling your 'fucked up side' as you like to put it?"
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Florian raised his glass her to, smiled, then said, "One day at a time..." He took a long sip of his drink, then said,

"I like to think I have improved over time. But I have become very set in my ways. I am finding lately... that I am happier accepting myself as I am and not worrying so much about what others think. I make mistakes like anyone else but thinking over my actions lately..." He looked up thoughtfully, then said, "Some say my priorities are messed up. Maybe they are. But if I would do it all again doesn't that mean I need to find someone who would agree with my personal set of morals? I don't know..."

Florian took another sip, then said, "What do you think? How do you know when you should legitimately change for someone else? Or when you need to stick by who you are and let others come and go as they may?"
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"I don't." Nahla said simply. She glanced to Freddie, and then leaned toward him, whispering lowly to him so Florian couldn't here. The boy rolled his eyes and said 'whatever, you lot are borin' anywyas' before getting up to leave.

She turned back to Florian.

"I believe significant life changes deserve significant thought. Everything is about balance - is the effort worth the outcome? Sure, you change for someone and they stay with you because of that, but then you are trapped in acting a certain way to keep them. Eventually, it will be too much. But...you make a long journey to - I don't know - give up an addition to pepper-up potions. The effort is incredibly large, but the outcome has mental, physical, emotional, and even financial benefits."

She took another sip.

"That is not to say everything can be so logically explained. But perhaps the first step is to think whether you can see someone's point about change. Say if somebody wanted you to quit your job; would you truly see the benefit of that or tell them to leave their opinions at the door? But in comparison, someone telling you it would be better to stop flirting with other women so much."
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“Yes... right...” said Florian. He finished of his drink, then looked at his glass thoughtfully. He thought about Anna... about the mistakes he made, as well as the mistakes she made. He thought about Cecile... he even thought about Andi.

He just needed to stop brooding over the past and move on. That was what.

He sighed, then turning to the bar he said, “Dice! Do you have any rooms open? I think I will stay here for the night... finish off what’s left in these bottles everyone left.”

“Sure!” Dice called back. “Room 13 if you want it. Best room in the house you know? Use to be the permanent residence of the infamous Nathan Iver...”

Florian chuckled, then said, “Perfect... I’ll take it.”

He poured himself a shot from one of the bottle from the game, then leaning over he poured some into Nahal’s glass and said, “Truth or dare... Is this the real you that you have been presenting tonight? Or are you really a hot mess and just good at hiding it in front of strangers?”
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Nahla looked over Florian carefully, and then picked up her shot glass and downed it, licking her lips before looking back to him.

"I always try to be as honest as I can, even to strangers. But that doesn't mean I don't have moments of weakness, after all, who doesn't?" She mused. "I like to think I have found balance, but there are always things to improve and make better, even if not right now. One day."

She considered him a moment before speaking.

"Truth or dare...why are you so focused on people's honesty in their portrayal? Have you been lied to before? Or is it a case of experiencing people change or appear differently over time?"
 #32412  by Florian Dahl
But looking at her with genuine curiosity, Florian said, “Am I? I hadn’t noticed... have I been doing this to others this evening as well? Or just you? Because if it is only you well... I think you will have to rephrase that question...”
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"Because..." said Florian with a shrug. "You don't really fit in. And I don't mean that in a bad way. It's just curious to me. I can't imagine why you would associate with... well the sorts I do. I don't know the last time I met someone as coolly balanced, yet distant, as you. Everyone else at the table... he said, pointing around at the now empty seats, "I could tell you what half their issues and hang ups are easily from these two nights. But not you.."

Florian shrugged, then said, "Truth or dare... why did you tell your friend Freddie to get lost."

He didn't know what she said but... from Freddie's reaction he took a good guess.
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Nahla smiled a little, taking another sip of her drink before following it with a crisp, chewing thoughtfully at his question. But finally, she looked to him to speak.

"I have known him for a few years; I know what makes him tick. You? Not so much. You've captured my interest, and I believe the best way to truly get to know someone is to have one-on-one discussions with them. And what better way to do so than to drink, snack, and be relaxed. I also like to believe you will be more open about your thoughts without an additional party here."

She leaned back in her seat, looking over his face.

"Truth or dare...why didn't you make more of a move on one of those girls? We both know you could have charmed one of them, even the more subdued of the three. Is this perhaps linked to your first question regarding change?"
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Florian pursed his lips in thought, then said,

“Partly... perhaps... But more than this I could see my young companion had an eye on the blonde girl. I am not so desperate for companionship that I would step on his toes and put a wedge between us, just for a random pretty girl. Besides... he is more her age and temperament I think. If anyone has a chance of building more out of it it is the two of them and not I.” He paused, smiled, then said, “Also her employer threatened me with great harm if I should touch her. So there is that. As for the other, Jodie?” He gave Nahla a significant look, then said,

“She has emotional baggage. A lot of emotional baggage. And it isn’t as though I have not jumped at the opportunity to play the “Knight in shining armor” before, ready to rescue the damsel in distress but... That is not always the wisest choice. I am in a place at the moment where I plan to be a little more discerning in which women I pursue and what I am emotional able to take on. I just got out of a relationship in fact where I took on the knight roll to an emotionally distraught girl... it did not end so well.”

He took a sip of his drink, then sat back in his chair, closing his eyes a moment as he enjoyed the warm, dizzy, feeling coming over him. He didn’t care in that moment about Cecile, or Anna, or anyone else.”

Finally he said, “Truth or dare... Do you find yourself attracted to men you feel you can fix?”
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Nahla nodded to his words; it made sense at least.But she knew he could have had any of them if he really wanted it - he was experienced and charming, and was a match for Jens and Freddie put together. Perhaps he had decided that going home with random girls was not the way to get over his past loves.

At his question, she lifted a brow, and then began to smirk. "Very perceptive of you." She commented, leaning forward to pour a shot before downing it.

"I don't like to think of it as me being attracted to men I can fix as I know I can never do something like that for them. That must come from within. However, I am attracted men I feel I can care for, tend to, nurse...perhaps overbearingly so. Many a relationship has broken down because of this mothering trait."

She chuckled.

"I have a habit of being with younger men, men who have not found their way in life, who are still experimenting and riding the high wave. Perhaps I am internally convinced that riding that wave with them will bring a new youth to me. But it simply will not. Perhaps it is because my childhood was cut short and I had little chance to experience such adventure in lieu of taking care of my younger siblings. The answer isn't clear." She shrugged. "But yes, for certain, I am attracted to men I can help through difficult times."

She looked over him a moment, and then leaned forward, her dark eyes looking into his.

"Truth or dare...do you believe you are broken? That you are someone that needs fixing?"
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"Broken? No," said Florian easily. "A few cracks that need fixing?" he shrugged, then said, "Probably. But I don't want to be fixed by anyone. I just want someone compatible with me or no one." Smiling pleasantly he said,

"I think I am becoming more comfortable with the idea of being alone forever. Might be what I am made for after all."

Florian looked at the bottle, but decided he had had enough for one night. He was in a good place.

"I have no more questions for you, " he said, picking up a few last pieces of popcorn. "So that is that. I know all there is to know," he added jokingly. "So unless you have more you wish to ask we might just bring this night to a close."
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Nahla blinked at him, looking over him carefully.

"There is no such thing as 'knowing all there is to know'. There is always more." She said simply, and then looked away a moment before speak.

"I would like very much to spend the night with you. Is that something you'd be interested in?" She asked seriously.
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Florian looked back at her a moment in silence, studying her face, but finally he said , “I would like that very much as well.”

He raised his glass to his lips to take a last sip of the few drops and melted ice.

Here’s to living life his own way...
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