A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #31144  by Florian Dahl
Danica did not touch her drink, but Florian noticed she heaved a little sigh. Interesting... perhaps she was actually wishing she had a more adventurous, or scandalous side to her. She had hardly drank at all in fact.

He then had to think about the question himself. Yes... he had to think about it. Florian tilted his head a bit to the side, looking thoughtful as he tapped his bottom lip slowly, but then shook his head.

True the "foursome" had involved two men and two women but... other than a kiss to indulge the two girls there had been no real sexual interaction between him and his friend. Thankfully. Drunk as they all were. So no. That did not count.

His eyes then shifted to Jens, curious as to weather he was going to be honest about that, or loop hole it in his mind. But Jens did state how serious he took the rules of the game...
 #31145  by Jens Eiffel
Jens stared at his glass, as though frozen in place. Why did she have to ask that?!? He just wouldn't drink. But... the RULES!

He just needed to fucking own it with some semblance of confidence or it was all over!

Jens leaned forward, picked up his drink, threw back the rest of the contents, then said, "And that's why you need to be careful at parties just what kinds of pills you are popping." Looking to Magda he said with a smirk, "I never said the threesome was with two ladies."

He quickly added, "Just one lady..."
 #31150  by Jens Eiffel
Jens flashed a glare at Freddie when he spoke up, but at Magda's words he said impatiently, "I was high out of my mind. Think of someone you hate? Well trust me... if you had taken what I had you would have jumped right into bed with them. That's how it was..."

But then catching onto what Jodie had said... and Freddie's answer in the back ground, Jens turned to Freddie and said, "Wait, what's this now?"

Jens certainly hadn't noticed Freddie's hesitation, but he was grateful Jodie had.

Grinning a bit he said, "Oh come on now... it's like Dahl said. This game is for us to get to know each other a bit more... take a few more shots. Spill the beans. Maybe it wasn't sex eh? Did you kiss a guy? Crush on a guy?"
 #31152  by Freddie Crookes
"I said fuck off!" Freddie suddenly yelled, coupled with a loud bang of his palms on the table and the screech of his chair. He stood up, looming over Jens, anger resonating on his face. He felt like punching something, but after glancing around the table, his eyes met with Nahla's. She offered him a serene expression, a sympathetic smile. Freddie's jaw jutted out as the silenced enveloped him, and he dropped his vision to the table.

The world seemed to slow around him, and the rest of the inn seemed to fade out into a foggy haze. Perhaps if he had not smoked so much in such a short burst, he would have remained far angrier...or perhaps it was just from the presence of Nahla. He didn't know, but he soon found himself taking a breath.

"Prison." He muttered, just loud enough for the others to hear.

It was all he could muster before picking up his glass and downing the contents.

"I'm gonna get us some shots." He announced before turning on his heel and heading to the bar.
 #31158  by Florian Dahl
Florian had remained silent, watching the exchange, the table became oddly silent then as Freddie stalked off.

Letting out a slow breath then, Florian glanced over at Jens and said, "You might want to be careful who you push about things. It's all fun and games... until it's not."

He reached over then and picked up the spring from where it lay, took another drag, then looking to Jodie he said, "I don't believe you had a turn yet. Don't think you can escape one now just because you are so quiet."
 #31159  by Jens Eiffel
Jens let out a breath as well, a bit of a nervous look on his face. "Well... I uhm... well sheesh..." he said, rubbing at the back of his neck. "He shouldn't be razzing people if he doesn't want it back. but wow... do you think... he...?" he didn't finished the sentence as he wondered about Freddie's experiences in prison.
 #31162  by Nahlahla Odili
Nahla gently patted the table in front of Jens, her voice calm and silky.

"Shh, don't overthink. He will settle; Florian is right. We don't push or inject ourselves into these situations - if you are there for him, he may openly speak without the use of narcotics. And if he doesn't?" She shrugged. "Life is full of mysteries to solve together; sometimes company is all we need to solve our own without verbally announcing it."
 #31165  by Jodie Watts
Jodie regretted pointing out Freddie's hesitation. She had just meant to embarrass him a little, poke fun, have him eat his words. And he was a nasty piece of work anyway!

But she should have known he hesitated for a reason. It wasn't her place to intervene like that, especially when she did so much to hide parts of herself.

"Never have I ever wholeheartedly wished I was someone else." She spoke, immediately taking a drink. She saw Magda paused, but then drink also.

Nahla did not.
 #31167  by Florian Dahl
Florian paused in thought, started to pick up his glass but... did he "want" to be Levi? No.. he just wanted his wife. Big different.

Florian put down his glass and shook his head. Jens didn't drink as well.

"You are at times not happy with your life?" he said curiously to Jodie. It was then he caught sight of Ara drinking a large gulp of he drink.
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