A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #31117  by Florian Dahl
"Yes..." said Florian, but he could not help but take note of the way Jodie seemed to shrink into her self more...

"But of course" he added, "On the flip side... over indulgence can lead to unhealthy results, sexual dysfunction, inability to even find satisfaction with your partner, loss of libido... Healers have said this as well. You agree?"
 #31118  by Danica Iver
"Well I certainly agree," said Danica

She wanted to not drink. She saw Freddie eyeing her in an odd way that made her feel uncomfortable. But what had that Jens character said about being a coward? She was tired of being a coward...

Danica brought the glass to her lips and took a quick sip. Then a larger one. Why wasn't that smoke having any affect on her?

How many nights now had she been on her own with out her own husband to satisfy her...?

She cleared her throat, then said, "Never Have I Ever... had a three some." She looked about curiously, wanting to forget her current, depressing thought about her marriage.
 #31119  by Nahlahla Odili
"Everything in moderation." Nahla spoke.

She lifted a brow at Ara; Magda and Jodie traded glances but neither drank. Freddie seemed to huff and then sat back - clearly he hadn't had one, but definitely wanted one.

"Well then..." She trailed off, and then shrugged, bringing the glass to her lips and taking a long drink. "Exotic places, exotic people, I suppose."
 #31121  by Jens Eiffel
Jens suddenly realized with a start that... he had! Times had changed since he use to play this game with Florian and Wesley.

All thanks to a vampire and.... Andi...

Jens lifted the glass to his lips, dank, and then giving a slightly condescending smirk to Freddie he said, "It happens..."
 #31122  by Freddie Crookes
"Yer what!?" Freddie exclaimed, wide-eyed as he looked to Jens, clearly shocked. "You jammy little fucker! I can't fuckin' believe that. That's a load o' bollocks."

"Oi, pass us that." He demanded, taking the Sprig from Magda who was getting a little too acquainted with it. He immediately went for a drag, shaking his head. "What'd yer do? Use both left and right hands?"
 #31123  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda was also surprised, and her attention shifted right onto Jens. She leaned forward, almost across Freddie, her mind a little hazy.

"You did?" She asked, bewildered. She knew Florian and Nahla had but...but Jens was younger than her, she was sure! How did he get to do that? "What was it like? Did you enjoy it? What were the girls like?" She questioned, clearly very interested.
 #31125  by Jens Eiffel
"Hey now," said Jens. "A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell. But I will tell you that one was a vampire," he said, leaning towards Magda before sitting up and saying quickly,

"Ok, uhm... Florian, your turn!"

He did not want to go into detail...
 #31135  by Florian Dahl
“Now now,” said Florian to the chiding. “I think you are misunderstanding the point of the game young Freddie. It is for us to all get to know one another better and the drink helps that happen, and makes it easier for people to reveal interesting aspects from their past. If it were simply an excuse to get drunk well... we aren’t children that need to pretend. We could all just sit here and throw back shots until that happened.”

Florian thought his question was rather good and... why did it need to be sad? Engagements could be very happy...
 #31136  by Danica Iver
...unless one was trying to hid things about themselves...

Jens of course did not drink, but after a slight hesitation Danica brought her glass to her lips and took a quick sip. She saw the others look at her curiously, and Florian at least glance at her hand to see if she was actually married. Wanting to move on quickly from the matter she said the first thing that came to her head,

“Never have I ever, erm.. had a foursome?”

Ok that was lame... very lame...
 #31137  by Florian Dahl
Florian did indeed look curiously at Danica. Well that was interesting... And then she asked her question.

Florian smirked, then his face flushing ever so slightly, he raised his glass to his lips and drank.
 #31138  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda lifted her brows at danica, but she didn't know her so...But at the question she scowled. Again!?

She sat back, watching as Florian drank. He sure was adventurous! She gave a brief glance to Jens to see if he had too. And then she saw Nahla also drinking.

What!?!? How were these two so good at getting into group sessions!?

"Okay, okay. Never have I ever had sex with someone of the same gender." She asked, smirking.

Once again, Jodie sank lower and Nahla drank with a coy smile.
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