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Ana had made visiting Andi a regular occasion. He seemed to enjoy her company, or perhaps it was the vast array of baked good she brought with her. Her lasted batch of biscuits must have been good since Levi had kept trying to take just one more before she left. She'd certainly enjoyed decorating them; Andi sometimes liked to suggest themes of anything that was being iced. Apparently he wanted a forest theme, so the biscuits were embellished with very neat flowers, cursive fonts, plants, a few small creatures. One was even in the shape of a stag's head.

When she'd finally revealed them to him, he seemed over the moon! That was good at least that she could still make him happy with her baking, and it was fun to see her creations being enjoyed so much.

On her way out, Ana nearly ran right into Florian, blinking in surprise as she looked up at him.

"O-oh! Florian. I thought you wasn't coming for another hour..." She spoke, glancing at a clock to the side. "Not that it's not nice to see you...just a surprise..."
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For some reason Florian’s eyes glanced at Anna’s ring finger before looking up into her face, then saying with a somewhat rye smile,

“Yes... same here. What a nice surprise.”

It wasn’t nice... or was it? Was there a small, masochistic part of him that had hoped to run into her? But there was certainly another that had planned to never see her again in this life! But the fates seemed to want it other wise...

“I uhm...”. What should he say?

“How’s he doing?” He said, nodding at the door. “From your perspective? Better,p?”

He should probably say congratulations , right? It would be the proper thing to do...
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Ana hadn't noticed him look at her finger first. She was too busy trying to get a hold of herself during this awkward moment. She glanced to the door too, and then looked back to Florian, offering a small and polite smile.

"Ah, well, yes. I believe so. He seems to have cheered up somewhat, which is good." She bit her lip for a moment, and then lowered her voice to absolutely ensure Andi couldn't hear through the wall.

"He uhm...he's been talking about coming to live in England a lot. I think he wants to leave Germany...I don't know if it's for good or not but..." She shrugged. "I thought I'd give you a bit of warning on that. He said he wanted to tell you about it."
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But rather than a slight stiffening around the eyes, Florian did not look surprised, saying,

“Yes, well I expected as much. I suppose it is for the best. He can get out on his own, make his own mistakes with out anyone else to blame but himself, and learn regection comes where ever you live.”

Florian sighed, then motioning to Ana’s ring he said, “So... I hear congratulations are in order. Your happiness in complete I suppose?”
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Ana as about to try and comfort Florian. She wanted to explain but...in the end, he needed to speak to Andi himself. As Florian asked about the wedding, she glanced at her ring and then nodded.

"Thank you...it was a lovely day. Uhm...our parents got carried away with planning, so our official wedding ceremony was done before the big party. I believe it was just us and the best man and the maid of honour. Very quiet, like we wanted." She gave a small smile. "We uhm...well, there's no need getting into the details but yes, we're happy."

She took a moment, and then looked back to him.

"How are things with you?"
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“Oh, erm, good enough I suppose,” said Florian, glancing away. Looking back at her he said, “Nothing too crazy, staying out of trouble... other than rescuing veela’s from criminal gangs, ridding the world of murdering scum, and turning forty... it’s been an uneventful year so far.”

Florian smiled at her, then said, “My most fulfilling accomplishment was finding a fire lily, and bringing it back potted and living all the way from Africa. It’s glowing brightly and becoming quite the attraction at my shop. I have never yet managed to keep one alive for so long.”
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Ana smiled a little.

"That's really great, Florian. I too get a lot of joy from plants...perhaps not as exotic as the ones that you gather, but it's nice caring and nurturing for something and seeing the results." She glanced back at the door. "I'm sure Andi would love to see it too...maybe...you should take him with you, some time? It might be good for him to get out of here for a little trip. Nothing too hectic but..."

She shrugged.

"He does miss you, though. I can tell. But I think...in time, he will be able to handle everything better."
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But knitting his brows, Florian said, "It's not like that with us at the moment. He doesn't want to go on little trips with me any more Ana. There is too much bitterness and resentment on his part. Too much awkwardness about ridiculous things. Seeing me once every few weeks is about as much as he wants right now. Trust me. I am looking for things to change some years from now perhaps. But not any time soon."

Florian shuffled on his feet, then glancing at the door he said, "I had better go in then. It was nice seeing you Ana." He hesitated a moment, then said, "If you ever need anything, you know where to find me. I would always be there for you... if you needed help."
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"Florian..." She spoke softly, placing her hand gently on his arm. "The only thing I need from you is to trust my words, now. Andi needs you. Not in a few years, not in a few months, and not next week. He needs you now. Bitterness and resentment are short-term emotions. Love is not, and he needs to know that."

She gave his arm a small squeeze, followed by a tight smile.

"You know where to find me should you need to." And with that, she moved to leave.
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Florian watched her go.

Alright... that meeting had not been as bad as he had imagined.

He sighed. Time to move on for good now. Time to forget that day in her flat, when she had those doubts about LEvi, before the engagment. It was over.

Florian turned and pushed open the door.

Seeing Andi inside he cracked a smile, then said, "I just ran into Anna... do you need a break from visitors for the time being? I could go grab some lunch perhaps, come back later."
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Andi flicked his eyes up from a Teen Witch magazine, and then swiftly scrunched it away into his bedside table. It wasn't exactly the most embarrassing thing he could be reading but...it also wasn't extremely flattering to be seen with. Wearily, he began sitting up a bit on his bed; the room around him had now been decorated with floating fairy lights, muggle record casings, and a second hand wizarding wireless.

"Huh? Oh, no....er...that's okay, I'm not really doing much else." He glanced around. Catching sight of the biscuit tin, he cracked it open and gestured to it. "Ana somehow got even better..."
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Florian pretended not to notice the Teen Witch. He probably wold have poked a little fun at Andi back in the day but... it never seemed the right time for that any more.

Glancing at the biscuits he said rather dryly,

"Yes... of course she has. Bloody genius in the kitchen now.."

But he leaned over and took one.. Oh! two stuck together well... he could eat two...

Taking a seat then he said, "Shouldn't you be getting up, moving around? They have some sort of enclosed gardens here for meditation or something."

Florian took a bite of a biscuit. Yes.. delicious as always. He then said, "What did you and Ana talk about? How beautiful the wedding was and how happy she is I suppose?"
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"She's always been a genius...I remember her baking me a birthday cake. I wish I could eat that all over again..." he trailed off, looking about. He hummed in response to walking around; it wasn't that he didn't want to...it was just that the other people there...he didn't want to just sit alone in a garden of people. It felt him feel more alone than sitting in his roo..

"She talked a bit about it. They went to the Dominican Republic. She and Levi have been talking about having a baby..." he pursed his lips. "But...I mean, apparently it will never be easy. She's considering adoption but...ugh, I shouldn't be telling you this. You don't wanna hear it."

He waved his hand dismissively, leaning against his headboard.

"You still miss her?"
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"What?" Florian made a scoffing sound, then said, "Nooo... well yes. I mean... I don't know. Yes. I miss her. Or I miss the ides of her. I don't know. I went to see her back in the Spring. We had a moment. She expressed some concern with her current relationship, said she still loved me, then back peddled a bit on what exactly she meant... Next thing I know she is engaged and then married so..."

Florian shrugged, then said, "I am not at my best but also not at my worst. I had also broken up with Cecil around that time so I was feeling rather lonely. She isn't easy to move on from because things just didn't end right. Does that answer your question well enough? It's the best I can do."
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Andi pressed his lips together.

"Well...I guess it does." Andi took a long breath, and then looked to his uncle. "I'm sorry I made you feel bad about Ana and Cecile. I was mad that you got to be with them but...I don't...I think I also liked the idea of them better. The thing is...I think for a long time I have sort of liked someone I'm not supposed to and it's hard to deal with. I shouldn't have taken it out on you but...it's frustrating. I just want to be happy with someone, you know? I just don't know who that someone is...or even who I am."