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 #30542  by Simon Cleary
As the others look on a bit stunned, and trying to keep up with the hints and undertones, Simon pursed his lips, then said calmly,

"Yes, I would like it. If you are saying I can have it then will you please give it back to me? DO you have it on you now?"

"A bit cold, aren't you?" said Jens.

But looking at him Simon said, "Her sister gave it to me. Of her own free will. She meant me to have it. Magda is not only dishonoring her dead sister's wishes, but she took it from me by dishonorable means. She demanded it back, then forced it from me. She could have approached with some consideration that I was the legitimate owner but she did not. I am not one for rewarding those who arrogantly run over others wishes in consideration of their own, personal, feelings."

He then looked back at Magda expectantly.
 #30543  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda glared at him, and then immediately began rifling through her bag.

"What fucking use is it to you now?" She mumbled angrily. "It's not even gonna work, so what's the point? So you can just shove it in my face that you own the one gift I gave to her? I wasn't even gonna fucking keep it. I wanted to put it on her grave but nooo."

She brought out the now slate-grey blade, slamming it on the table in front of him.

"There. Happy?" She concluded before turning back and downing a hefty drink.
 #30544  by Jodie Watts
Jodie took a long breath, and then looked up to Simon, her face showing very evident disbelief.

"What's wrong with you? Why do you have to be such a dick? Why did you have to embarrass her like this and demand it back?"She shook her head, running her hand through her head. "That's...so ridiculous, I'm in shock. Why wouldn't you just take her to one side and politely ask for it back, have a damn conversation...or even ask her to make you one specifically for you? She literally just said she gets to make things more often..."

She shook her head, trading a look with Magda.

"Unbelievable." She muttered. "I guess that's everyone then. No more introductions needed; way to end on a high note."
 #30545  by Simon Cleary
"She hates me and can barely look me in the eye. You think she would make something for me? You think it would be the same? I might as well tell her to make another knife to set on her sister's grave. Sounds worse some now when I flip it around. doesn't it?" said Simon, picking up the knife.

Looking at Jodie curiously then he said, "You are only taking her side because what she is saying sounds more sentimental and sad. You don't have the first idea about my relationship with Petra and apparently you don't know about the horrible relationship between the two sisters. Simon Cleary is always the bad guy in every situation because I don't wear my heart on my sleeve like this one. But did you notice she gave it to me? Why do you think that is? Because she knows I am right. Of course she wants me to keep letting her get away with whatever she pleases, which she would have if I hadn't called her out in front of others. It was either explain why she is above the rules of decency to you all, and really let you all examine her motives... or give me the knife and be done with it. Now she gets to be done with it wile you all glare at me like I am a monster."
Putting away the knife then he said, "I might like you Jodie, but I won't be bullied by you either. And you know, she could have taken me aside and asked for it nicely after her sister's death... rather than taking it from me before that for no good reason. But let's all forget that. Her face is to cute and adorable. Clearly she does no wrong... Or tells any lies like when she said no one in Watchdogs ever hit on her..." he said, crossing his arms before adding, "I for one would love to see you stop playing the victim here tonight Magda. You can have men. Just not the ones you want... especially when they are already in relationships, or are your boss. And did I wrong your sister? Does Jodie know you were beside me when we hunted her down? You blame me for her death, but continue to work for the woman who ordered it. And you had a horrible relationship with your sister even until she died. You know this isn't about me, or a knife she clearly didn't care enough for to give back to you when she didn't want it... Or could it be she really, really wanted me to have it. Laying it on her grave? You are hurting inside because of your own guilt you don't want to face. Because you blame yourself, and because you never made up with her before she died."
 #30549  by Florian Dahl
Meanwhile Florian let out a low whistle, then said,

"Well that was erm…. interesting.... dramatic... unnecessary at this moment..."

Did Simon really have to take issue with that now? They had been having such fun!

He glanced to wear Simon stood with Magda, then looking back to the others he said, "But I can't say I am entirely surprised. I have known Simon Cleary for a number of years. Blunt and inappropriate are definitely two words that describe him. I don't even think he realizes... rather like some alien dropped off here on earth. Doesn't get our customs. Apparently the only thing he does with any fineness is kill so... that tells you something right there."
 #30551  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda was silent for a few seconds when he got there. She looked away, glanced back, and then looked away again. It was hard to start...

"I'm sorry." That was one way to do it. "I've been purposely trying to avoid you because of this; after seeing you fight Zara, I kind of just...didn't want to be put in that position. Even before that, I've just been trying to stay out of your way. Partly because I loathe you for killing Petra, partly because you're fucking scary, and also partly because to an extent, I know you're right. But that doesn't mean you had to embarrass me like that..."

She shook her head and took a breath.

"This has all been...a lot. Do you know what it's like to love someone so much and yet seemingly be the bane of their existence? Everything I did...she despised me for it. I was always wrong or stupid or incompetent. Maybe I was...but I was trying my best to be a good sister. I wanted her to love me the way I loved her, and it was never enough. I knew she loved Astrid, more than me, more than our parents, more than anyone. Watching her sink deeper and deeper into that was painful but...it's what she wanted. She was happy doing it."

"And then you came along, and suddenly she was interested in sleeping with you, and you became this weird obsession right under Astrid's nose. I made her that blade for our birthdays; I spent days, weeks, on it...I moulded it to fit her hand on the hilt and everything. And just like that, she gave it to you...I don't know whether she did it just to spite me or what. I eventually did research on you, asked around...Viola told me that she had helped you drug your ex, and like an idiot I outright believed her, no questions asked."

"I felt certain that you had done the same to Petra. I told her time and time again not to go with you because of this, and she ostracised me further..." She shook her head. "I shouldn't have blackmailed you for the blade, but I was so angry...I felt like it was the one thing I could do to try and show her who really cared about her. But she didn't want to hear it. She forbid me from seeing her in the tower, and then next I heard, you'd killed her."

She stared off to the side, shaking her head.

"I don't want to be friends with you, not even acquaintances. I'm sorry for what I did, but I just don't like you. But at least now you get some sort of explanation."
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 #30552  by Simon Cleary
Simon stared back at her a moment in silence, but finally he said, "I do know what it's like. To seemingly be the bane of someone existence whom I love more than life. See them fall further and further way, despise you for breathing. Find every excuse to call you out, mock you in front of others, make sure you felt just how little they thought of you..."

He paused and looked away a moment, then looking back at her he said, "First I want to assure you... I used no potion on Petra. She saw something in me she liked the night of spin the bottle. She took me by surprise... and apparently her obsession grew. She was so drawn to me and hated me for making her feel it. I only went after her when she ran off because she had implicated me in her escape. Her last revenge on me for making her love me... or so I thought. I tried to disconnect my own feelings from her that night. Of course she claims it was someone else who implicated me but... I suppose we will never know. As for her death?"
Simon sighed and looked down at the floor for quite a wile, then looking back up at Petra he said, "You need to understand. I was ordered to do so. I could have refused, got in trouble for it, and then it would have been someone else. Someone who didn't care the least for her comfort. Maybe a Kingdom member who would have had a little fun first. Who would have known. Someone who wouldn't have asked what she wanted."

Simon took a deep breath. Despite how stoic he had always been about the ordeal, it was not easy to relive.

"I wanted you to know." he said finally. "I asked her more than once if she was sure. And I took a huge risk for her comfort, just because I cared about her. Her body was found hanging in the tower like a suiside. But that is not where she died. She died in a clearing in the woods... where the sun shone through. She begged me to take her outside and despite thinking it was a trick for her escape... I brought her. I talked to her for a bit. We made our peace. She felt too ruined in the mind to continue even if freed... Even if given freedom Magda she no longer wanted it. And she asked me for a kiss, which I gave her. And that's when I ended her life. Quick and painless... as far as I know. The killing curse takes it's victims in an instant."

He searched Magda's face a moment, then said, "I am sorry... I am sorry she is dead. I am sorry you hate me for it. But I am not sorry I gave her the ending I did. I would hate myself if someone like Freddie, or a Draven or any of the others had done it. I brought her back to that hell hole and the least I could do was make her passing the best I could, even if I hated doing it. Because it wasn't about me at that point."
 #30553  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda felt herself welling up, biting her lip and looking away.

"Thanks for doing that for her...she would have appreciated it, I know." She sniffed. "Did she say anything before she died? I just...is it selfish for me to ask if she said anything about me? You got some sort of peace...but what do I get? Why is it only now that I'm told this? I was left for so long thinking she died alone in a cold room without anyone who really cared with her..."
 #30554  by Simon Cleary
Simon nodded his head, then said, "She said you think she hated you, but she never did. You were just so good at everything. She was jealous. She also said she doesn't want you to do anything stupid. She doesn't want revenge. She felt she had been terrible to you and put you in a bad position because of her arrogance. It would pain her for you to put yourself through any trouble or danger because of her mistakes."

He closed his eyes for a moment as he thought back, but finally said, "She also told me to look out for you."
 #30555  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda took a long breath, glanced to the group, and then back to him.

"And are you? Are you looking out for me? Because right now...I feel so alone without her. Even if she was locked up, I still felt her somewhere in my heart...and now I'm just cold."
 #30556  by Simon Cleary
"Not really," said Simon. ". I have never been asked to look out for someone. There is a reason for that. She had too much faith in me... or was just desperate. I was the only one there to ask. But... the best way for me to look out for you was mostly just stay out of your way. I don't bring good things to people. I am cursed. Clearly. No one I have ever known or been with has been better off for it."

He brought his hand up and felt at his pocket where the knife was, then sticking his hand back in his trouser pocket he said, "I have a purpose for this knife. It's for Petra. For revenge. It's the one thing I wanted to do for her. But... I can't tell you. If you knew you could be held responsible. Also you might try to stop me. I can't tell you. I am sorry I took it from you as I did, but... I need it."
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