A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #30527  by Florian Dahl
"You work for Watchdogs and you don't think you don't work officially for Astrid Iver?" said Florian with an amused smile. "Then someone has not been very honestly with you. Am I right?" he added, looking curiously at Simon.

"You are right," said Simon bluntly. "In that it's as good as official. I think she means she isn't directly under her eye twenty four hours a day."

Florian nodded, then said to Magda, "Are you free now to go home with whomever you chose? Now that you work for Watchdogs?"
 #30528  by Magdalina Eklund
"What? No, it wasn't a hobby but..."

She at least wanted to go home with one at some point in this damn life!

"Er right...what Si- Mr Cleary said." She rolled her eyes a little as she corrected herself. "But I think I should be...why?"

She leaned forward.

"Do you know someone who'd be interested?" She bit her lip as she looked at Florian.
 #30529  by Freddie Crookes
"I'm Freddie Crookes. Work for The Kingdom, now the Ivers officially. I was a Slytherin in Hogwarts, born an' bred Yorkshire, an' I guess...fun fact about me? I'm a trained killer." He smirked, hoping to draw the eye away from Florian.

Jodie looked at him plainly, and then asked "What was your most painful piercing?" clearly not caring too much about knowing him.

But Freddie grinned sardonically. "Albert."
 #30530  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda glanced over. "Who's Albert?"

Jodie cringed, and then leaned in, whispering in Magda's ear.

Almost immediately, Magda slapped her hand over her mouth. "What!? You have that!? What- why - is it? I've never even..."

By this point, her face was bright red as she looked away, trying not to picture it...but it was hard not to.
 #30531  by Simon Cleary
Florian was happy to have Freddie's interruption, but when he revealed his most painful piercing he cringed, as did Jens. Simon looked back at the other with no discernible expression, then looking to Jodie he said,

"You don't have to call me Mr Cleary when we aren't in a work environment. Just Simon will do..."
 #30532  by Jens Eiffel
Jens was staring at Freddie a moment before saying, "Wow... that... just the idea hurts. But uhm… is it true that it can give women more pleasure? I mean seriously. No made up brags. From your experience does it really? Do they tell you t does?"

He hated to possibly give Freddie an upper hand here but... he was so curious!
 #30534  by Freddie Crookes
"Yeah, it was painful but..." He shrugged. "Ladies fucking love it. I've asked a couple of times whether it made a difference, and they all say yes. It feels better, apparently. But not only that..."

He smirked.

"It feels great for me too...it's like a totally different feelin'. An' girls like to look and touch; curious as always. Not even enchanted metal, and it's magic. Believe me."
 #30535  by Florian Dahl
"Really? All of them?" said Florian raising a brow.

That... could be true.... if he had sampled only a small number of women and happened to hit ones who loved it. In all Florian's experience over the years.. he had learned that women were very, very different in what they liked, where they got their pleasure or discomfort from, etc. He wasn't about to call Freddie out on it necessarily, but... he did give the other man a bit of a knowing smirk before adding,

"Well what lucky women they all were to have found you. I am sure no one else will ever compare."
 #30536  by Jens Eiffel
"I knew it..." mutter Jens, not questioning the truth of the other man's statement at all. Looking up then he said, "Ok, my turn. My name is Jens Eiffle, from Germany. I work as Security for the Black Forest Market, I am 23 years old... Almost 24," he added with a look at Magda. And... I didn't find out until I was thirteen years old that my biological father was a muggle and that he was in fact alive, after being told until then he had died when I was two. I still have never met him."
 #30538  by Jens Eiffel
"No," said Jens.

Aha... was the sympathy vote working?

"When my parents divorced he had no interest in staying in contact, clearly. It was a tough life, because I didn't get along well with my father, or step-siblings but... I like to think I am stronger for the experiences that I have risen above."
 #30539  by Simon Cleary
Simon was already bored with Jens story. They all had isses. Next...

Oh yes, that was him.

"Simon Cleary, twenty nine years old," he said, crossing his arms and sitting back in his chair. "Born in England, grew up in France with Summers spent with my father in England when my parents divorced. I work as Astrid Iver's second in command. Something of interest?"

His eyes shot to Magda as he said, "Magdolina here stole a piece of property from me. Black mailed it out of my hand actually. And I would like it back."
 #30540  by Jodie Watts
Jodie nodded to what Jens was saying. Huh, maybe he wasn't an asshole like he first made himself out to be; that was quite a sympathetic outlook to the story. And-

He thoughts were cut off by Simon, and she looked over to him. She stared for a moment and then rolled her eyes and pinched the bridge of her now.

"Really? We're doing this right now over a stupid knife?"
 #30541  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda looked over to Simon quite blankly, then took a long drink and placed her glass back down.

"Oh? You mean the knife I hand crafted for my sister? You want it that badly? Then you can have it...but guess what..."

She leaned in, seething.

"It won't work the way it did anymore because it was specifically enchanted for her, and somebody killed her. You want that dull chunk of metal, then you can have it. Go ahead and pry the only piece of sentimental value it has from me, Mr Cleary."
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