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 #30482  by Jens Eiffel
"Well I work security as well!" said Jens with a big smile. "At the Schwarzwald market in Germany. But we don't have any female security guards as beautiful as you."
He shook his head, then said,

"I'm just a little surprised it's with Watchdogs. they are pretty... erm… militant, right? I mean I've heard they do a hell of a lot more then walk perimeters and take reports. Don't they take high risk clients, and beat people up and shit that cause trouble for whoever they work for?"

Florian chuckled, then leaning over to Jodie he said, "Looks like they have more in common then they first thought. Both work security annnnd… actually that's where it ends. Market security can't hold a candle to Watchdogs... if the rumors are true."

"Hey!" said Jens, flashing a glare at Florian. "None of that now..."
 #30483  by Jodie Watts
Jodie laughed a little at Florian, then offered a shrug."Match made in heaven, I'd say." she commented.

But her eyes went to Magda. Something wasn't quite right anymore, especially as the other woman downed her drink and motioned to the bar for another.
 #30484  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda couldn't help the look of confusion of her face. What was with this guy? Flirting with her, then getting pissy and flirting with Jodie, and then deciding to switch back. What was he trying to do? Keep them both sweet so he could pick one he wanted at a later date and leave the scraps to Florian? And then it wasn't in the usual for Magda to be in direct competition with someone! Not only that, but Jodie wasn't even trying.

Magda had no idea what to say. Apparently she couldn't flirt to save her life!

"Oh, er, yeah. Sometimes. I guess I'm still newly official so I'm not exactly breaking bones...on purpose, yet. But I've been on a lot of dangerous jobs." She spoke.

She went for another drink, but it was still empty. She lifted her head, trying to see if the bartender was working on it...she needed it if she was to be as relaxed and cool as Jodie, right? This...didn't feel as fun anymore, now. She was over analysing everything and couldn't shake the idea that this was the exact reason why she was still single, or not even getting any action.

It was then in the corner of her eye that she saw none other than Freddie walking in, and she immediately rolled her eyes.
 #30485  by Jodie Watts
Jodie followed Magda's vision, turning to look, and then followed suit.

"Oh, here we go." She commented, glancing to Florian. "I know you know of the Kingdom...well, here's a reminder of what it produced." And then she nodded in the direction of Freddie.
 #30486  by Simon Cleary
A little before Freddie had entered Simon had as well... but he had done so from the back door. Jodie's back was to him.

He had stood there quietly a moment, watching. She was sitting at a table with Magda and two other men. He knew on of them. Huh... two men... two woman..

He watched Florian lean towards Jodie and talk to her. She laughed.

Why... did that irritated him so much? She could talk, and talk and drink with whomever she pleased. They weren't a couple. Never would be. She could go out on a double date with stupid Florian Dahl

Seeing Freddie enter he gave him a knod, then headed for the bar. He had come in for a quick drink so... no reason to change that plan because Jodie was there... drinking... and laughing... with someone else. He didn't care! He could be cool.
 #30487  by Florian Dahl
"The Kingdom?" said Jens, looking quickly to Florian. "Wait... wasn't that... something Marlow mentioned?"


"Yes...." said Florian, trying not to look to hard at Freddie but keeping him in his vision.

Merlin! What if the man knew... But no. No he couldn't know. No one knew he was responsible for Wesley's demise...

"I know of the Kingdom," he added to Jodie. Quite well. He eyed her a moment, then said, "Do you know how I know them?" He wondered if she knew. For all he knew he had spoken to her that day at the Rings. HE wasn't exactly with it...
 #30488  by Jodie Watts
Jodie was quiet a moment, and then sighed, nodding.

"I know exactly how you know them..." She gave a thin-lipped smile, and then leaned in to speak lowly. "Don't worry. I know a lot of secrets, but I tell very little."

With that, she tapped her nose to him to signal that she wouldn't be telling anyone.
 #30489  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda watched Freddie for a moment, only glancing back when she heard the conversation switch. Of course...of course Jodie knew all the secrets and was so special and coy and endearing! This happened the last time they hung out too!

Ever since they started working together, actually...Jodie was allowed to date, but chose not to, and yet had men falling at her feet. Magda had been restricted, but wanted it, and barely knew where she stood with any men at all! And now that she was free to date who she wanted, they were all taken or interested in Jodie instead.

Was it really so wrong to be this envious of a good friend? Magda felt terrible for it but...she couldn't help it! It was so frustrating!

Glancing up again, she saw Freddie make eye contact, lifting a brow before turning back to the bar. But only moments later, Freddie was at their table, placing another cocktail down in front of Magda.
 #30490  by Freddie Crookes
"Look like yer 'avin' a rough night. Glass wa' empty...an' like yer said....nobody likes a prick." He spoke. Despite his words attempting to sound soft, his face was still rather stoic.

He glanced around the table, giving a nod.

"Freddie, before you ask."
 #30491  by Jens Eiffel
"Oohhh… well this is interesting!" said Jens at once. "Freddie huh? Well wouldn't you know it..." He jestured between himself and Florian, then said,
"We use to hang out with your old boss. We were a part of a small, select group of friends. We worked in the same place and would meet up at a tavern after work to talk, play drinking games, fun times right Dahl?" HE said to Florian. Turning to Freddie again he said,

"Small world isn't it? Since you were so kind as to buy the lady a drink you should join us."

Looking to Magda then he said, "Seems everyone is buying you drinks today. You are one, sought after girl..."
 #30492  by Freddie Crookes
Freddie smirked, and then sat himself down next to Jens. He seemed about his age, which was good.

"Ahh! My old boss? Well, nah that is a small world, isn't it? Shame what happened to him, but I think the kingdom is making a comeback, especially with the new funding from the Ivers and all that." He grinned, leaning back in his chair and swigging his beer.

"Magda? Oh, yeah...Shes sought after alright. Every guy in the kingdom has noticed her, and I'm sure some watchdogs wanna get a bit closer but aren't quite up to it. Girls this beautiful are hard to come by in this world."
 #30494  by Florian Dahl
She might have muttered, but it was heard...

Florian gave her a wry smile, then said, “Might have something to do with your mistress threatening men that so much as look at you. You don’t think there has been others?”

“I’ll tell you what it is,” added Jens. “You are too beautiful. That’s what. It’s intimidating. Lots of men will assume you are already taken. Others will assume your standards reach higher then what they are. Heck... I wouldn’t have been able to send over drinks for you two girls if I wasn’t already on my second beer...”
 #30496  by Freddie Crookes
"Fit. As. Fuck." Freddie interrupted. "Scars show you got some stories to tell. Your smile is cute. Long hair. Nice body. Sweet face. I dunno what you're seeing but I'm seeing a beauty." He smirked at her.

"I'd do you. He'd do you. And he'd do you too." He spoke, gesturing to the other men accordingly.
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