Freddie waved his hands.

"Nah-nah, not generic at all. See, I want 'er wi' green eyes. That's pretty uncommon, yeah? Besides, it's more....an experiment to see if Jodie can make a woman that doesn't exist rather than just copying. See? All worth it. So!"

He leaned forward.

"Breasts, no gap teeth, green eyes..." He glanced over her a moment, and began to smirk. "I wanna see your small, tight little-"

Jodie snapped her eyes to him in horror.

"Waist..." He grinned.

Played By: Vyreia

Re: [England] Uncommon Ground

But instead of doing as requested, Jodie scrunched her nose and reverted back to her regular form. For a few seconds, as she tried to find the balance, her skin had touched upon a darker shade and eyes had been blacker.

"I don't feel comfortable using Magda's body like that...in fact uhm...this isn't so fun any more..."

She glanced to the door, wishing Simon was stood there waiting for her. But he wasn't. She sighed, and began to stand.

Played By: Vyreia

Re: [England] Uncommon Ground

Well... Jodie was officially not much fun...

“What, you’re going?” Said Jens in surprise and she started to stand. “Just like that? Well you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to... just stay and have another drink. We can talk about something else, play another get to know you game. You have any girlfriend you could call on over to join us?”

Played By: Aidan
Florian shook his head at Freddie, then looking to Jodie he said, “Sorry we aren’t much fun. But if you and Magda are still interested, I will be here tomorrow night...”

He had promised them stories and pictures after all...

Re: [England] Uncommon Ground

Jodie hesitated a moment. She didn't really like disappointing people too much, but then again, she had her limits. She was far more comfortable with other people that she knew better here.

"I think...maybe it's best to call it a night. It was Magda's idea to come, anyway, and without her...it doesn't really make sense. But we'll come back tomorrow..."

She glance at Jens and Freddie, and then took a breath.

"Look, you two are probably okay guys. Maybe too much to drink but...maybe we can think up some games or something that's fun for all of us tomorrow. I think some stress got to us today...Nice meeting you Jens, Florian...later, Freddie."

She gave a small wave and turned to leave.

Played By: Vyreia
“Clearly,” said Florian with a smirk to Freddie, bringing his drink to his lips. But secretly he was very disappointed Jodie had invited along the other two. Florian had pictured it just being him and the two young women. He could already see the evening was not going to go as hoped for..
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