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 #30451  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda pulled Jodie along, grinning back at her.

"C'mon! You promised! You promised at least one drink with me after work. And once you make a promise like that, you have to honour it!" Magda whined, tugging on the other woman's sleeve and ushering her into the inn.
 #30452  by Jodie Watts
"I get that but...I'm tired and it's later and wow, I have a headache and..." She looked back to Magda's unimpressed expression.

Sighing, Jodie relented and followed alongside Magda toward a round table, sitting herself down.

"Fine. One drink, and that's it. Just a soft drink will-"
 #30453  by Magdalina Eklund
"Nope!" Magda interrupted. "Wait right there. It's cocktails on the cards tonight!"

And with that, she twisted and went to get drinks. Surely Jodie could handle one...and then get a taste for it and have a few more!
 #30455  by Jens Eiffel
From where he sat Jens had a good view of the rest of the room. Taking a sip of his beer, he continue to speaking to his companion in German, saying,

"I suppose you were right. He was definitely happier to see me then I thought he would be. I guess the shock of knowing I would care enough to come all the way out here did the trick. So yes... nice of you to brag me. And I'm glad I came now I suppose."

Ian's took another sip of his beer, then said, "But I couldn't help but notice a certain... stiffness? between you and Andi. After everything you went through with the trial and all, you two still didn't make up after that New Year's Eve incident?"
 #30456  by Florian Dahl
Florian frowned, shrugged, then said, "It's a lot of things... that I am not about to get into with you. If Andi wants to tell you about it some time so be it. Our relationship is always a work in progress.

Florian sighed, and then looking into his whiskey glass, he said, "The only important thing for you to know is that I really care about that young man. Besides my parents he is the closest family I have. Maybe even more so in away. And I would do just about anything for him.

Looking up at his companion, Florian said, "I just really think that... "But he noticed that Jens was no longer looking at him, and in fact did not seem to be paying attention to what he was saying at all, but was rather eyeing two young women that had come into the bar some moments before.
 #30457  by Jens Eiffel
Jens hadd indeed stop paying attention to Florian a little ways into his words, nodding along but not really hearing the older man. Those two women... We're beautiful! And they seemed to be without any male companions at the moment. Waving to the bartender, Jens leaned towards Florian and said,
"Let's buy them each a drink on us,"
And before Florian could say a work Jens was saying to the bartender in English, "Those two young women? Zheir next drinks are on us, ja? Don't take no for an answer."

Florian shook his head, then said, "You know I came here to relax and have a drink, not flirt with women."

But waving a dismissive hand at him, Jens said, "You need to get over her Dahl. She's married, done, that chapter in your life is finished. I am going to help you move on, even if I have to get you there kicking and screaming all the way."
 #30458  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda brought out her purse to pay, but soon the bartender was telling her it was...already covered? She furrowed her brows, and then glanced over to where the bar tender motioned. She noticed that Jodie seemed a little unsure, but Magda was all for it! Free booze! She quickly took a sip of her cocktail and then held it up.

"Ohhh, we have to go over and say thanks!"

"Magda!" Jodie hissed, but was once again dragged along.

As Magda got closer, she began to furrow her brows at Florian, and then suddenly, it clicked. Her face brightened immediately. "Mr Dahl! From the Iver wedding." She grinned her gapped smile.

She wrapped her arm over Jodie's shoulders, pulling her close.

"Mr Dahl, meet Jodie; she works for Mrs Iver. Jodie? Meet Mr Dahl, he got told off by Mrs Iver. So much in common already." She then nodded to Jens. "And who's your friend?"
 #30459  by Jodie Watts
Jodie slapped her hand to her forehead. She really didn't need this. Just one quiet drink? Pft. Magda was coming out of her shell far too quickly for her liking; every day was a case of her wanting to go and hang out at the Cleary Co gym or here at the Inn.

Jodie gave an awkward smile, a little wave following. "Nice to meet you."

Right now, she wasn't in her meek little disguise from the rings; she appeared how she had often done now around Iver Hall. Her hair was curly, skin slightly darker, eyes amber. This was the most comfortable.
 #30460  by Florian Dahl
Florian blinked a moment in confusion at Magda, then his brows shot up significantly. HE wanted to glare at Jens, but the other man could not possibly have known! Still...

"Oh! Yes, Miss... erm…. sorry, your name escaped me..." he said, feeling a little embarrassed. In his mind he had simply labeled her "Pretty girl from the wedding"

"I'm sorry, I didn't recognize you. Actually.. truth be told both drinks are from my friend here. Herr Jens Eifel" he said, patting Jens on the shoulder. "He is the one who deserves your thanks. So you can tell your mistress I was not flirting with you," he said, holding up his hands.

Looking to Jodie then he said her a half smile and said, "Nice to meet you Jodie. I'm Florian." Giving a nod towards Magda then he said, "Do you work with her? For Astrid Iver?"
 #30461  by Jens Eiffel
Jens grinned at the two young women, then gave Florian a curious look as he seemed to want to wash his hands of anything to do with Magda that leaned towards romance or flirting.
"So you two have met?" he said curiously, his German accent ever present. "What a small world. Well since half of us are friends already why don't you two sit down and join us. We are in town from Germany visiting a sick friend. We don't really know anyone here in London so the company would be great."

He clearly decided to ignore the fact that Florian seemed to want to back away from the encounter...
 #30462  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda grinned widely despite Florian forgetting her name. Well, this was nice! She didn't need to be told twice to sit down, going back to sip at her drink before speaking.

"My name's Magdalina, but Magda is fine." She shrugged. "We met briefly at the wedding, had a little dance, and then Mr Dahl had to go. I was hoping to see him again sooner but things got hectic."

She gave a dismissive wave and then looked back at Jens. "So you bought us the drinks? Thank you! There was really no need! And I hope your friend is okay - it's so nice of you to visit them."
 #30463  by Jodie Watts
"Yes...really no need." Jodie muttered as she sat down, pushing curls out of her face before looking back to Florian.

"I'm Mrs Iver's steward but..." She shrugged. "I'm also a jazz singer for her club which is pretty fun. I'm guessing you had a little run in with the Mistress? Happens with a few people...even me, so don't worry too much." She gave a small smile.

"But uhm...I know who you are already. I'm actually Mrs Iver's intelligence so...I guess...does that make it easier or more awkward?"
 #30464  by Florian Dahl
"More awkward. Definitely more awkward," said Florian, but he gave a little chuckle as he said it, then added,
"So you have me entirely at a disadvantage. You know everything about me, but I know nothing about you. I feel like it's only fair that you even that out a bit," he said as he lifted his drink to his lips.
 #30465  by Jens Eiffel
Jens looked at Florian and smirked. Was he flirting with Jodie? Sounded like it to him. He then motioned to Magda to come in closer, then whispering in her ear he said,

"Florian is having a hard time getting over an old girlfriend. She just married over the summer and the wound is still fresh. I'm trying to get him to enjoy himself and... well forget about her. Think you two would mind helping me out a bit with that?"
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