A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #30119  by Ivan Ramazanov
"Yes, and you do the same for me, said Ivan with a smile. He glanced at Robin. Even knowing she couldn't speak Russian... the walls could have ears.

Looking back at Caleb he said a bit more sternly, "Now no more of that talk. Don't talk disrespectfuly of our employers."
 #30120  by Caleb Pryer
"I think a little is needed for my own sanity at times..." said Caleb. "But as you say."

Giving Ivan a slight smirk then he said in English, "At least I know you would take a bullet for me."

Ivan made a scoffing sound and said, "Oh you think so? Maybe in the hand... or arm. Nothing vital."

But Caleb's smirk only grew as he said in Russian, "No... you would take it in the heart. I know how you love me."
 #30121  by Ivan Ramazanov
Ivan shrugged and said, "Maybe... let's try not to find out."

Ivan paused, then said, "This is not end of the line for you. You want to be promoted once more? This time you will have to really prove you want it. I am not going to say it is impossible for you to earn it back. But you are starting from square one. And top thing I want to see change? Do not talk so familiar with me wile on the clock, or at meetings. Save your cocky, bullshit banter for the tavern, ok?"
 #30122  by Caleb Pryer
Caleb's face brightened at once to hear he hadn't just ruined his career chances at Watchdogs. Straitening up he said, "Yes sir, I understand. You will see. I will be very respectful of you, Mr Bowden, Reef... I will back you up in everything you say in meetings, no arguing or nothing! Not in public at least."
 #30123  by Ivan Ramazanov
"Good," said Iver. "Now both of you go. I have a lot of work to do. Some report to read from Shifty of all people..."He paused, pressed his lips together in a thin line before saying, "I mean... from Mr Cleary of all people..." he sighed, then said, "Something about some fight at the Blood Moon.... I didn't even read it yet.."
 #30124  by Caleb Pryer
Caleb stiffened at once when he realized what Ivan was about to read.

"Right, we willleave you to it," he said, quickly heading for the door.

Shiiit! Bad timing!

Well... technically Reef should be the one yelled at the loudest for that one, right? He started it? He was the highest ranking in the room? Still... Caleb did not want to be there at that moment,
 #30125  by Robin Glover
Robin quickly skirted out of the room with Caleb, shutting the door behind her after a small nod to Ivan. She almost felt like locking it! She stood there, heaving a loud sigh before looking over to him.

"I could do with a cigarette...and a shag...and a pint. Maybe in that order..." She muttered, running her hand through her hair and looking up at the ceiling. "Man...what are we gonna say? What are you gonna say about being demoted?"
 #30126  by Caleb Pryer
But Caleb was just looking at her, a bit of a crooked smile on his face, then reaching up he cupped her face and kissed her, then said,

"You know? I don't think you are ever getting rid of me. Not unless you really, really want to. Probably would have to use a crow bar to pry me off of your life. You are the most perfect, selfless woman I know."

He kissed her again. He never did that on Watchdogs property. But hell! What did he have to lose now? He was just a regular security- Ok, he did need to behave. But after this moment he wouldn't again.

Motioning for her to follow then he began to walk down the hall, saying as he did,

"I don't know what I'll say. But I would rather they heard it from me then from the higher ups. Will still be awkward as fuck, but at least I can word things how I want and make it out like it's all ok."

He looked down for a minute, but then looking back up with a forced smile he said, "And it is ok. It is. I'm just happy I have you. But can we switch around that order of yours? I want a drink... I need a drink, then a smoke, then a good shag... but later. Let's go to The Inn. It's Wednesday. there is usually a group that goes and plays cards or dice Wednesday night. We can tell them all then. I kind of just want to get it over with or it will be spinning around in my mind."
 #30127  by Robin Glover
"Ah, so that's why you're called Pry-er." Robin smirked at him.

She'd enjoyed the two brief kisses. It felt good after all that stress, and although she could tell he was somewhat saddened, it did lift her spirits a little to know that he was just happy to be with her. They had a long life ahead of them; together, alone, emotionally, professionally...everything moved forward, and she was excited for the journey. With that in mind, she swung her hand down and slapped him playfully on the backside before striding ahead, calling back over her shoulder.

"First round's on me, Mr. pry-bar!"