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 #30107  by Ivan Ramazanov
Ivan gave him a hard look, then said,

“Others do look to you to set a precedent. You have always been a leader among them. And this is very bad timing.”

Because Robin was there, he then said in Russian, “I am very worried about everyone under my command. The Ivers have the most volatile, passionate, bi-polar relationship I have ever seen. Not to mention the merge with the Kingdom is at a very dangerous point. I lay awake at nights some times wondering if I am doing my best to make sure you idiots don’t all get yourselves killed or in other serious trouble.

Switching back to English then he said, “I need everything right on track. I need everyone to see how serious my orders are. Maybe in future I can be more relaxed again. But right now I can not. What do I want to say? Go. Make love. Be happy my friend. Maybe get a few weeks suspension. But I can not keep order and let you be above the rules! So... you have choice.”

Ivan heaved a huge sigh and looked down a moment, before looking back up at Caleb and saying, “You can either break up with Glover, and keep your position or... you can keep dating her, but you will be demoted back to regular security, where you will be free to do as you please as you seem bound and determined to do.”
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Robin remained silent throughout the entire thing, but then he spoke. She stared at him a moment...this was exactly what she didn't want! But could she expect anything less. She couldn't even look at Caleb.

She swallowed thickly.

"Sir..." she started wearily, voice rough. "The problem is that he is dating an employee, right?"

She had said breaking up was the right option but now that she had recognised her feelings...

"What if...he wasn't dating an employee?" She looked at him seriously. "What if...I never came back from the suspension? Would the demotion be lifted?"
 #30109  by Caleb Pryer
As soon as Ivan offered the option to break up with Robin, Caleb’s face paled, he could already feel what was coming and he was right.

He felt trapped, devastated, he loved his job! He loved the respect it gave him, he loved the pay raise, but mostly he just loved doing it! He really did! Not to mention how humiliating it would be to be bumped back like that.

He stared at Ivan in disbelief! and then he heard Robin... he had almost forgotten she was there.

He turned to her, words were lost on him. She would quit just like that for him? He wanted Ivan to take it! It was the perfect solution. He had more to lose then she did!

Wait, no he did’t. In the bigger scheme of things he would just lose his small pay raise. She would lose her entire lively hood, have to search for who knew how long for a new job and what with taking care of her mother on top of that?!

“No! No...” he said, before Ivan could answer. He could see the other man looking at her consideringly, eyebrows raised in surprise. “That isn’t an option Rob. Offer is off the table,” he said, looking to Ivan. “This is on me. I’m her superior. I should be punished. I will take the demotion damn it!”
 #30110  by Robin Glover
Robin's eyes widened at his outburst.

"Now, hold on a minute!" She responded brashly, and then gave a sympathetic look to Ivan before signalling to have a moment. She turned to Caleb, grabbing him by the shoulders so he had to face her, and then she looked him in the eyes and spoke extremely seriously.

"Cal...listen to me. I'm not worth it. I'm a big girl; I can handle it. I have over a decade's worth of manual experience under my belt - I can walk into a job, easy. Factories, farms, construction sites, freelance, and now security. But who knows when the next promotion is?" She squeezed his shoulders slightly. "Don't throw it away for me. The company was here before me, the people were here before me, Ivan was here before me and he needs you right now. Not just as another employee. He needs you for morale and support and more - you are a cog in the working machine to keep Watchdogs safe. They need you in this position more than they need me to stand and watch boxes being loaded and unloaded in a warehouse."

She took a deep breath, dropping her hands and then glanced back to Ivan.

"I quit."
 #30111  by Caleb Pryer
Caleb could not believe what he was hearing. Just how much did this woman love him?! He couldn't believe that for a moment he had thought he did want her to quit. She was as much as part of them as he was! He knew she loved it here. She could have done something else, but she chose this and to stay here even given all the difficulties and danger. And he knew how much she was liked and appreciated by all the others.

All he could do for a moment was shake his head and say "Don't... please don't..."

But Ivan couldn't force her to stay, could he?
 #30112  by Ivan Ramazanov
Ivan looked between the two in surprise and odd mixture of irritation and amusement coming to his face, but finally he said,

"This... is exactly why I have that rule. You both see now? You think I want to lose good employees over these matters?"

Standing and looking at Robin he said,

"I might not work personally with you much, but Mr Reef is very good at keeping Mr Bowden and myself apprised of the situation and the conduct of all employees. Out of everyone one you have the most consistent, praiseworthy reports. You are on time, respectful, diligent. Never caught drinking, napping, trying to distract others wile on duty...But further then this, you are excellent team player. Your personality is healthy for this organization. You are only second female security I have hired before Magda. And before you it vas only Perrine... not a good influence. You are good for moral. You some how get along well with my rowdy, disrespectful crew. You make people laugh when they are ready to fight. You can be a calming influence... I could go on and on. But I will be short and blunt. You will make it much easier for me to hire other female staff in future. You are like a bridge. You don't get offended easily. You know mostly no harm is meant. You aren't here with a crusade for change... that frankly would have alienated you from them. But I saw how you were with Lily. You can guide, protect. You know what is blatantly right and wrong. You do not mind standing up for those that need it. And if you realize all this, and how valuable you are to Watchdogs, then I can only think you are trying to make subtitle threat. You must realize how much we do not want to lose you. But if you do not know then I am tell you now. I do not want to lose you. Staring next month you were going to get a pay raise. It is already on the books."

He was quiet a moment, then said, "I want you to pause and think a moment Miss Glover. Staying is not only in your own best interest, but it is in Watchdogs best interest. And Mr Pryer is a part of that. Neither he, nor I, vant to see you leave, and not just for your own good, but for ours as well. More so even for our own good. In my opinion, and I am big boss so I should know... Pryer keeping his position and you leaving would be far worse for company then him being demoted and us being able to keep you."

"I can not take back what I said his choices were. But I am going to ask you to please stay Miss Glover..."
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"Please, Robin, he's right," said Caleb, looking at her, his face clearly showing his stress over the thought of her leaving.

"Please don't leave. You are so valued here. You are needed. Look... I love this place. I really do. It's my family. Having Ivan as head of security, even before he owned the business, was something many of us wanted for so long and we were excited when it happened. Because of all of our bosses, leaders, managers he always tried to look out for our good, even above his own at times. He even at times found ways for those of us with drug or alcohol problems to stay on and work past that at times, when he could have just fired us on the spot. This security company is something all of us wanted for a long time. I just want to see it grow and become even better then it is now. And I hate that Ivan feels he has to demote me. Hate it. But I know he is just trying to look out for the good of the company and doing what he feels he has to. And I also know he would take a bullet for me. So please just trust him, trust me. You've got to stay... "
 #30114  by Robin Glover
Robin ran her hand through her hair, tears welling up. But she blinked them away, sniffling after after all of those kind words. It was overwhelming to say the least. She'd never had people speak so highly of her, especially to her face! She knew Lily and Caleb thought highly og her, but hearing it from Ivan? She felt her throat tighten a little, and she had to turn away, wiping her eyes.

"Yer can't b doin' that t' me. Makin' a big girl cry..." She pushed her palms into her eyes a moment, taking a long and drawn out breath before finally turning back round, avoiding looking at either of them. It was somewhat embarrassing to cry in front of them, but that the same time, it felt good to hear it all laid out on the table for her.

"Fuck sake, yer can quit yer beggin' now. C'mon, get off yer knees." She said to Ivan, who was very clearly not on his knees. She waved a hand. "Fine, fine - I'll uhm...I'll stay, then..."
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Ivan rolled his eyes slightly when she told him to get off his knees, then looking to Caleb he said,

"That was... rather touching vords about me and the organization. Thank you." he cleared his throat, then said, "Doesn't change my stance. So you will take the demotion rather then end your relationship? Very well then. So be it. It is effective as of now. I do wish you both all the happiness in the world."
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Caleb grinned from ear to ear as Robin said she would stay, but Ivan's words pulled him back to the other harsh reality.

Looking back at Ivan he said, "Sir... you know Mr Bowden gave me that position for a reason. It's not just because I know my way around every. last. aspect of training, because of how long I have been here... but the men have always looked to me as a leader among them..."
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"And probably still will," said Ivan dismissively. "But they are going to know I was serious when I made that speech in the meeting. About my rules and expectations. I could just dock your pay, give you extra hours, but what message vould that send? Most vould not even know it happened?"

Switching to Russian he said, "You have forced my hand and I need to make an example of you. For the good of everyone involved. I had already decided that first person to step out of line I would not be lenient with. I just did not know that person would be you. I am sorry Caleb. Is not up for debate."
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Caleb sighed, then said back in Russian, "I am going to assume you have seen some batshit crazy things from those Ivers then... What people do for love and power, right? Make themselves and everyone around them a living target and drive themselves insane because of it. And then let's throw an over use of Dark Arts into the mix. Remind me of this the next time I decide to throw in my lot with a genius mad man..."