A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #30089  by Ivan Ramazanov
Ivan stared between Robin and Caleb as he sat back against the edge of his desk, a look of disbelief on his face.

They had just told him a story... and what a story! they had been secretly dateing?! they were in love?!

"If this is some joke..." said Ivan, hoping it was, "then I don't find it very amuseing. I am in no mood for foolishness right now."

It didn't make sense at all!

"It's not a joke," said Caleb with a forced smile on his face. "It's all very real"

"And vhat about Magda?" said Ivan in an iritated tone. "Everyone has seen how you flirt with her. How you hang around her all the time. That I would believe. But the two of you..?"

He looked to Robin and said, "You tell me Glover. This is just a joke, yes?"
 #30090  by Robin Glover
Robin gave a small shrug.

"Believe me, Sir. I'm as shocked as you. I thought for sure Magda was more his type but...what can I say. I'm too stunning for my own good."

She gave a small smile, but maybe he wasn't into jokes right now. She cleared her throat and leaned forward a little.

"It's er...not a wind up, Sir. Magda flirts with me too, but Caleb just makes a better bacon sandwich so..."

Damn It, she couldn't help it! She just wanted to ease the tension!

"Anyway uhm...No, it's very real."
 #30092  by Caleb Pryer
"I will tell yo the secret ingredient if you just let us off easy.." said Caleb with a grin, but seeing Ivan give him a look, Caleb coughed, then said,

"It uhm… yes... not a joke. Magda was, erm… me being thoughtless I guess. I only realized maybe I needed to tone down my uhm… friendliness with her a bit after her comment at the bonfire. I am sort of just flirtatious by nature and.. he blushed a little, then said, "But that's the great thing about my relationship with Robin. It was easy for me to be a little to forward because she wouldn't question that maybe I was cheating on her, or anything else. There is this amazing level of trust."
 #30093  by Ivan Ramazanov
Ivan crossed his arms, then said, "And zhat is suppose to make you exception to rule Mr Pryer?"

He then added with sarcasm, "Maybe I just change rule so that as long as your relationship is full of trust... you can date who you want. Consequences be damned! Da?"
 #30094  by Caleb Pryer
"Ah, no... hehe, of course not..." said Caleb. "I just want you to understand this isn't just me breaking rules because I don't think they apply to me. It's special it's uhm…"

At least Ivan was yelling at them yet. In fact he definitely seemed calmer then Reef was. So that... was probably good... unless it was the calm before the storm... but he had even joked about the sandwich so... So far so good?

He glanced at Robin, trying to pull some inspiration then looking back at Ivan he said, "You remember how depressed I was getting over Viola when I was with her? How much she really fucked with my mind? Accusing me of all kinds of shit, saying she was pregnant, putting all sort of crazy expectations on me, insulting all my friends and... Robin basically saved me Ivan. I needed her so, so badly. She had been like no other woman has ever been in my life. She and I have this friendship that is so deep that..."
 #30095  by Ivan Ramazanov
Cutting Caleb off, Ivan said in a weary tone, "Ok, ok... I understand. She is very special. I appreciate zhat. Is hard to find someone you can click with so vell, appreciate, never fight with... I have never had that myself. Is rare."

Looking to Robin then he said, "Thank you for being there for this knuckle head. And don't either of you think I don't vant to say Congratulations! I am happy for you!. But what am I suppose to do with this? Eh? Say, Is ok. You two are special? Caleb is my friend? This is true love? Then what?" He said, raising his hands,

"Mr Reef is single now I understand. Vhat if he want to date Magda one day? I tell him no, you are different? Vhat if Kyle wants to date someone under him. You might not realize but there are more options for him now in security. So I say rules do not apply to Mr Pryer? Just you two? Or others I will promote in future?"

Ivan drummed his fingers on the desk beside him, then said, "This is not just like any other company out there. Or any other security company out there. We deal with life and death situations. I have my reasons for rules."

Ivan took a deep breath wile Caleb shuffled uncomfortably on his feet, then he said, "Miss Glover... I am disappointed in you. But I hope you know I consider you one of my most consistent and hardest working employees. But that talent show?... That was long time ago. This was hidden for long time. A serious rule was broken. But I also do not consider you the most serious transgressor here. So... there will be a note made in your files about this. And..." He seemed to pause to consider before saying, "One... No, two weeks suspension. And next time you break a rule...? You vill not vait so long to tell me about it, yes?"
 #30096  by Robin Glover
Robin tried to keep eye contact, though there was a certain tension within her from all of this. She listened carefully, trying to remain serious; but again, there would always be a part of her that wanted to crack jokes. Best not to.

"Yes...I mean no...Er..." She cleared her throat, clearly taken off guard. "I will tell you about anything immediately; better yet, I just won't break any rules. I'll be so good you'll see a halo form around-"

She sniffed and looked away.

"Sorry, Sir. I'm taking it seriously, I promise...I'm just...it's all just...not something I expected to be involved with. I know that I broke the rules, and I should have told you straight away. But I can't deny how happy I am with Cal- Mr Pryer, right now. I uhm...I did want to mention, even if it doesn't make a difference, that Pryer was given the task to mentor me, and he did so professionally even after the talent show. Nothing ever bled into work."

Finally, she looked at Ivan seriously.

"I know what I did was wrong...but I want to make it clear that I never wanted to do anything to put anyone in a weird position. This company means a lot to me; the people mean a lot to me. I never want to jeapordise that or harm it in any way. I slipped up in this way, but I feel like I need to say that I really..." She glanced away. "I really have never been happier in a place in my life."
 #30097  by Ivan Ramazanov
“I know you didn’t mean to.” Said Ivan seriously. “And I am happy to hear that in your opinion he kept things professional. I will take zhat into consideration. And if you found such a happy place?... I just hope it is all worth it.”

Giving her a little knod towards the door then he said, “You may go now Miss Glover...”
 #30098  by Caleb Pryer
“Ah, she can stay,” Caleb piped up, then quickly added, “I mean... I don’t mind if she stays...”

His heart had been quite full as Robin spoke of how she felt towards him. He would never tire of it! And he was glad Ivan was really letting her off relatively light, but when he told her she could leave well... Caleb began to feel a bit nervous under Ivanks stare. He had already been verbally dressed down by Reef, was’t that enough?! Not that... Ivan knew that.
 #30101  by Ivan Ramazanov
Ivan raised a brow, then said, “I think you over estimate what it means when they say my weakness in women. But...” he said with a glance at Robin, “You can stay if you like. I was thinking of both your comfort, but he will likely tell you all after anyway...”
 #30103  by Ivan Ramazanov
Ivan shook his head as he looked back at Caleb. He had a feeling the other man was going to wish she wasn’t there in a minute...

Ignoring the fact Robin was there then, Ivan crossed his arms, stared at Caleb a moment, then said in a frustrated tone, “Now can you see why I could not make you my second? Because of situations like this!”

He sighed, shook his head once more, then said, “ Vhen you are on task you do a good job. And your skills make you a good asset, not to mention your loyalty, ability to go above and beyond when needed, etc, etc... But, as long as I have know you you have always thought rules don’t quite apply to you as they do everyone else. Not in same way. And you know... you are right! You have always gotten away with more. Even blatant insubordination. Trouble is everyone knows this. Any of the veterans from Cleary security days know you and I are very close. They know you are favored by Nathan.”