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 #29662  by Hunter Nox
Hunter sat on a stool at the far end of his room, away from his bed and throne. In front of him sat an easel, a canvas placed on top of it, a set of brushes to his right. He held a palette in his left hand; different shades of red smudged across it. It was then when he heard a knock on his door.

"Enter." He spoke gruffly, barely flicking his eyes up. He had sent a raven for Dice. He knew his heir was coming.
 #29665  by Maximilian Rogan
Dice entered, looking about the place before his eyes fell on Wesley... Or Hunter as he was called now. It had been a little wile since he was here, and he wondered what this was about.

His eyes falling on the easel he said, “Ooh! Well look at that! I never thought I would see you back at your art again.”

It seemed a good sign. Maybe he was back to his old, awful self again? He hadn’t seemed to have any interest in art since the death of his son... or really since being turned into a vampire.
 #29666  by Hunter Nox
"Mm." He hummed in response. He licked the tip of his brush, and then dipped it back in the 'paint ' before applying it to the landscape he was doing.

"How is my little Pet doing? I see you have started wearing your hair back. Good. Suits you...for a runt, I suppose. After becoming a prisoner, I thought the best way to avoid any hair pulling was by cutting it all off. Of course...I do regret it at times during scuffles. Always put me in the mood." He sighed, leaning forward a little. "How is my kingdom? Or should I say The Mistress' ?"
 #29669  by Maximilian Rogan
"Good..." said Dice, walking around to look at Hunter's project. "We were almost the sole security for the Iver family for a minute. Ivan did something to piss the lady off, but they got reinstated. Still... it did give us a leg up. And now I hear rumors that the Mr and Mrs are fighting soo... that's fun. I think it makes the Kingdom all the more important to her. Nathan's been pulling power moves, swinging his dick around, that sort of thing. But Astrid is keeping us reeeeeal close now. I don't think she trusts Watchdogs or her husband... as she shouldn't."

Walking around behind Wesley to get a look from a different angle, Dice tilted his head and said, "Is that a bird in the sunset?... Anyway, the only trouble with the Kingdom, according to Zara, is they are all a bit too arrogant and need to learn that things are not going to be done as they have always been. But I think in time they will be whipped into shape and do us proud."
 #29673  by Hunter Nox
"They do need a kick up the arse. Mrs Iver may want to be subtle, but the lads aren't..." he shook his head, carefully placing his brush down before looking over to Dice. "The women in white always were; specialised in poison...Get in contact with the head of the European group. Have them send one of their insiders over and have her teach some subtlety to the rest of them. No matter who they send, she'll have an influence. That's my first tip."

He leaned back, pursing his lips.

"Start giving more power to the team leaders; give them a test to see if they're sensible and calm enough to do what Astrid wants doing. See if you can spot any loose canons and use them as examples; perhaps cut a digit or two off for good measure."
 #29674  by Maximilian Rogan
“I can do that,” said Dice with a shrug. “Just as long as Zara...” but shaking his head he said, “No, she’s not the boss of me. Doesn’t matter what she says.”

Looking up with a smile then he said, “I was thinking of making them the women in red. Wouldn’t that be a sight? All in red. Kind of more badass that way...
 #29676  by Hunter Nox
Hunter lifted his brow. He felt like saying something snarky, but glancing at his red painting, he began to smirk.

"Look at you...thinking up good ideas. Women in read it is. Do make sure to dress them appropriately. Long cloaks with hoods could be appealing..."

He smirked. "And how is my little darling, Zara? Still as hauntingly beautiful as ever? Does she ever worry about me?"
 #29677  by Maximilian Rogan
"Worry about you? Where your eternal soul ended up you mean?" said Dice with a smirk. "No. She doesn't mention you at all I'm afraid. But Merlin... I would love to see her face if you just popped up in front of her one day. I would like to see the face of anyone that thought you were dead. Ever think about that? Who you would like to scare shitless?"
 #29680  by Hunter Nox
"All the time. I would like to see Zaras face for sure...Dahl...Simon Cleary."

Of course, he didn't know that Simon knew of his existence.

"At times I think about Perrine, but it is likely better for her not to know. Perhaps this will be her eternal punishment for change me without permission. I had just grown accustomed to my death too." He shook he head, leaning back further.

"The Veela. Now that would be a sight. Little bitch." He lifted his head. "Actually...I heard a rumour she quit the ministry, right? Meaning she is no longer attached to the law...Perhaps she can be brought to me. Pet, I want her brought here; she'll make an outstanding meal." He began to smile wickedly, large fangs showing.
 #29684  by Maximilian Rogan
"I..." Dice knit his brows, then said, "I suppose that could be arranged but... it's more trouble then you are thinking about. She is and ex arror you know? So it would take a bit of work to arrange her capture. And then... uhm…"

How did he say this with out getting in trouble for it.

"... shouldn't you... ask Nathan's permission first? Since she is a high profile person?"
 #29686  by Hunter Nox
Hunter looked over to Dice, and then slowly began to stand. It felt like years since he loomed over the other like this; it was an abrupt reminder of the days of trials and torture. He heavily took steps to Dice, and then tilted his head at the other.

"She is not high profile anymore. I've had enough waiting. She belongs to me...I crave a blonde." He snatched his hand up, gripping into Dice's hair tightly, forcing the other to look up at him as he inched closer, now nose to nose.

"Would you like me to crave you instead? Perhaps after all this time you have been silently hoping I would take an opportunity to have you. So many close calls, so much teasing...is it actually jealousy that makes you voice these concerns? Is this what you want? Would you like to know what it's like to experience me at my peak?"
 #29687  by Maximilian Rogan
Dice hissed in pain at the other grabbed ahold of his hair, staring up into Wesley's eyes then he was flooded with memories of days he was sure the other was going to kill him for one transgression or the other!

"No-no, not at all," said Dice, swallowing hard. "I just don't want to get either of us into trouble. Jealous that you hate her so much? Trust me... no jealousy there. But if that's what you want ok. I'll see what I can arrange..."
 #29688  by Hunter Nox
Hunter didn't release the grip, instead starting to push Dice back until he hit the wall, still looming over him.

"What's wrong, Pet? You no longer want my attention and approval? Have you had too much time away from me? I believe so...it's been a while since I've seen that helpless little face. Why don't you do your king a favour, hm? Been a while since I had a willing participant on their knees." He leaned down, grinning sinisterly.

"All this time and I never took advantage of you...surely you can simply spare a little time now, hm?"
 #29691  by Maximilian Rogan
Dice's breath became staggered as he looked back into Wesley's eyes, his heart beating fast, but taking a deep breath he said,

"All this time and now you chose to act on all your pretenses? There is a reason you have held back for so long Cat. Likely a good reason. Why now? What's changed? Or are you just playing with me as always? Drinking the fear up like it's wine before tossing me aside and laughing at me."

This game had gone on long enough, but this time he was meeting Hunter head on.... as much as it terrified him!
 #29694  by Hunter Nox
Hunter leaned down, pressing his forehead to Dice's.

"Perhaps a man needs to be caged for so long to realise what he wants to devour. Or perhaps any cut of meat will satisfy me now. Maybe I just want something familiar and comfortable. Maybe I have been reliving memories and reminded myself I have never had you for certain. All of my most loyal servants have served me sexually in one way or another...Why fight it? Isn't it time for you to finally ascend to something greater?"