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 #29606  by Ciceron York
Ciceron watched as Aidan scuttled off, and the smirked before looking to Nathan.

"Yes...I must agree. It is a much needed distraction. But I also have to agree about her preferences...she certainly isn't living as a pure woman right now. Definitely has someone in the sidelines to fulfil her needs."

He gave Nathan a look.

"Definitely not me before you even mention it. But it must be someone of a higher class...I bet she is constantly comparing them to Aidan. Who knows, he could still be having her thing with Gavin, and if that is the case...it could lead some issues. But I doubt she is that stupid. Probably some rich blokes from the bar."
 #29607  by Nathan Iver
Nathan took a deep, irritated breath, then said, "I could easily see it being Gavin. Whatever she is doing... hopefully she is not foolish enough to tell Aidan about it. Perhaps she has learned from your sisters mistakes. Little is gained by admitting to an affair if no one is the wiser. Let us hope she is using protection at least. Aidan doesn't need to be raising two children for her... that are not his own."

For a moment a smile came to Nathan's face as he said, "Astrid would love all this sexual intrigue... manipulating an unwilling, stubborn woman into sleeping with Aidan.." frowning then he said, "It is a pity things are the way they are at the moment."

Sighing then he said, "You should return to the party. Check in with Danica. Let her know nothing is amiss. If anyone asks after us please tell them Astrid came down with a migraine and I left with her..."
 #29612  by Ciceron York
"Yes...from what you've told me she does seem to have a taste for that." Ciceron shrugged.

He looked out in the distance a moment more before nodding.

"Alright. Don't worry, I'll make sure nobody is suspicious of anything else. Hopefully the rest of your night will be less dramatic and painful." He smirked a bit as he glanced to Nathan's jaw, but then turned to head back to the party to Danica.
 #29613  by Nathan Iver
"Yes... quite..." said Nathan, rubbing his jaw lightly.

He watched Ciceron leave, his face darkening as he ignored the impulse to call him back, and sucker punch him the moment he turned.

No one hit Nathan Iver and simply walked away unscathed!

But apparently Ciceron did. Interesting.