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 #29388  by Simon Cleary
“No,” said Simon, his expression looking pained. He then added, “You don’t trust me for anything, do you Jodie?”

He had no chance with her now. He could see that. She was just trying to make sure he hadn’t been creeping on her, and never would, so she could sleep at night. And could he blame her? Not really. He had done untrustworthy things in the past. She didn’t know the half of it. She didn’t even know all the concerning things from his past! Only what she asked so far about women and relationships.
 #29390  by Jodie Watts
Jodie took a long breath, holding her head in her hands.

"No...how can I?" She shook her head, turning away a bit. "I've been so stupid, haven't I? You even told me you do weird things, shown me in some cases...and I chose to ignore it out of my own loneliness. I was right with my first idea to just remain single. It's easier that way...no wonder Astrid got mad at me. She's afraid this exact thing will happen where I put my trust in someone I shouldn't."

She stood then, stepping away as she looked over the roof's edge to the distance. This was going to be a long week's holiday...
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Simon sat back on the ground, putting his forehead against his knees he sighed, wrapping his arms around his legs he just closed his eyes a moment.

It was ok... all she was shutting down was the possibility they could ever date. It’s not like they were breaking up. Did he need her? No. Did he want her?.... maybe. But that was nothing.

He rested his chin on his knees again, looking out across the roof. His mind was trying to focus on how to fix this still, but everything felt far away. It was easier to answer questions, but it seemed harder to just come up with his own ideas... it was the .imperious of course.

Finally he gave up. He couldn’t right now.

Standing he walked over towards her. He kicked at the ground, then said, “But... you will still be my friend... right? As you said you would? People can have odd friends you know?”
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Jodie pressed her lips together, taking a long breath.

"Let's just stay as work partners, alright? Professional relationships work better under the Mistress, I've noticed. We'll see if a friendship happens but...now isn't the time." She felt her body changing further. And before she even realised, she was now in the form of the girl at the rings; mousy hair, plain, frail, pale, and dull eyed.

"You should keep watch on the other side of the roof."
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Simon pressed his lips together, then said muttered, “I guess you aren’t so trust worthy either...”

But he turned from her and walked across the roof, putting his foot on the ledge and looking out.

Well this sucked.

He began to feel a dull anger at himself deep down. Why did he have to be so weird?! Why did he do all those creepy things?!

Why did she have to ask?

Well... fuck her...

He could hardly even think the words towards her with proper anger. It wasn’t her fault. Would he want to be with a woman like himself. In those ways?

He looked up a moment in thought but had to conclude... hell no.

He glanced back at her. What would she think if she knew how addictive his personality really was? He said he had a problem with gambling in the past, but she had no idea what that had lead him to. She didn’t know how dangerous in debt he had gotten. How he was destitute, but couldn’t seem to stop, borrowing money from loan sharks, borrowing more to pay the others off... and then playing cards with it instead. And then turning to desperate acts to keep from getting killed from his inability to pay...

He looked back over the grounds, pacing now at the edge.

But... what if someone like Jodie could give him a reason to... not be so self destructive? She wasn’t like Zara, or Yuliana, or even Viola, all encouraging him in one way or another to embrace his dark side and run with it. What if she could be a steady force?

But.. he wasn’t her problem? What did he have to offer her?

He couldn’t think of a thing...
 #29398  by Jodie Watts
Alternatively, Jodie stood at the other side of the roof, also looking out. She frowned, thinking over the entire conversation, again and again. She tried to reason with herself, tried to find out which things weren't as bad as others. But did it matter? they all added up, even if she didn't mind little things; they were always coupled with something worse.

She glanced back at him over her shoulder, but then turned away again.

Being Lucy from the rings sucked! She was only just starting to get comfortable; as time went on during their time together, Jodie had been somewhat caught off guard with how dark her skin was, or how coiled her hair was, or how shapely her legs were. It had been a pleasant surprise to know that his company had instilled confidence, and perhaps distracted her enough to be herself.

But his words rung out to her, and she grit her teeth.

"We can be friends." She said suddenly, folding her arms, but still facing away. "I don't break promises."

But that didn't mean she was going to fall into his open arms of friendship! She was still highly on edge.
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Simon turned and looked at her, then giving her a thumbs up and a slight smile he turned back and looked up at the night sky.

That was all he needed. He wasn't happy. In fact he felt a bit miserable, but... He just needed her friendship. He would try for nothing else. Clearly she could never really mesh well with his life.

Then again... He was under the imperius curse. Not really in his right mind. Perhaps it would be a different story when he was released from it...

If he ever was released from it...