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Simon and Jodie were once again on a roof top... but it was a new house, in a new location. Simon was not sure where they were and he found it hard the care.

He paced about the roof, then paused, looking off an edge. The roof was flat, which made it easy. Putting his foot on the ledge he looked at something moving in the shadows... but seeing it was an animal he looked about further, seeing nothing.

He had been silent for an hour, but finally he said, “Are you alright? He didn’t hurt you did he?”

It was... a very delayed response. But when the spell was first cast he seemed to have lost a sense of what was going on. But it was coming back to him now. Nathan was threatening to use the curse on Jodie. He was concerned... but the concern only really manifested in words now.

Being under the imperious was something else...
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Jodie had been somewhat avoiding being in close proximity to Simon. He was under the curse, and she didn't know if he was going to get orders to kill her or perhaps use her in some other terrible way. That really would be the worst; having the only person she'd connected with be the one to take her life. She shuddered.

It wasn't that she didn't want to help or protect Simon but...it was a situation she'd never really thought of. She'd been keeping an eye on him from afar, making sure he wasn't about to toss himself off the edge of the roof in a desperate attempt to fulfill Nathan's wishes. Another part of her wanted to go over there and maybe just...hold his hand as comfort. Even if it was actually just comfort for herself.

At his words, she looked up, blinking. She was convinced that he was going to be a silent, emotionless zombie. Maybe that wasn't the case...

"I'm okay." She said carefully. "He didn't do anything to me...but says if I go against him, then the consequences will be bad. So I'm just...hoping he won't need me to do anything to put me in that situation."

She stepped to him a little, fiddling with her fingers, her skin paling slightly.

"Are you okay? Do you...know you're under a curse?"
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Yes,” said Simon. But his voice sounded as if it came from very far away... as if it were at the far end of a tunnel.

He saw the way Jodie continued to look at him expectantly. Apparently one of the things he was not allowed to do was confirm he was under the curse. He had not spoken a word but just looked at her.

Finally he said, “Nathan’s magic is very strong. I know the Imperious Curse well. Performing it and countering it. But this is nothing to sniff at.”

It was the only way to answer her that he knew with out directly saying it.

You need to warn Astrid,” he tried to say, but again only looked at her with dead eyes.

Simon looked out again over the grounds. They were no longer near any other houses for quite a distance, and there was a wall around the place.

Maybe he needed to not push it. Would Astrid even thank them?

“Mrs, Iver wishes us to follow her husband in all thing,” he said finally. “Do you think she will forgive us?”
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"No, I don't." Jodie said bluntly, looking up at him.

It was only now, looking up at him, seeing the internal struggle and extended periods of dead eyes, that Jodie really began to realise the seriousness of all this.

She bit her lip, looking away.

"I'm worried, Simon. I shouldn't say this; I should stay silent because I know if I say something wrong, it will trigger you to warn Nathan. But I'm just...concerned. For both Astrid and him. They're a ruthless couple, and I know that I will be caught in the fray if it comes to it...in fact, so will you. Nathan now hates you, and will likely kill you at the first chance he gets, and Astrid? She will let it happen..."

"If she's not dead herself..."
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“I don’t think he will kill her,” said Simon. “Unless.... well she is very stubborn, isn’t she? If she were to leave him... I heard Ivan and Ciceron say something about a divorce. As you know many of the elite, pureblood families hold very traditions views on things. The Ivers for hundreds of years have viewed marriage as an almost unbreakable contract. It is a vow taken with out magic to back it up.... something they are very fond of. Magical bonds to force another to act. So with marriage you are to reply solely on the word of the other person. It makes the marriage vows almost sacred, and to break them a sacrilege. I think Nathan would rather be publicly flogged then go through the humiliation of having his wife divorce him. It would mean he did not chose wisely. It would mean he was incapable of holding a marriage together as his parents, aunts and uncles, and grandparents did. He would lose face, and lose the position as head of the family... which he he gaining more support in each day.”

Looking at Jodie he said, “If she does this then yes... I think he may kill her. But other than that he does love her. Love is what can defeat dark magic, is it not?”

Simon looked away again, then said, “I know our mistress is all that stands between me and death... or a life of endless physical torture. It is why my loyalty to her must always come first. But I am prepared for that outcome, should things go wrong.”

Looking back at Jodie he said, “Would you cry for me if I were killed?”
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Jodie blinked, and then looked away, quite embarrassed.


"I think so. It's nice having someone around who gets it, who really gets it. And I would miss you...even your tendencies to be socially inept." She commented, looking across the roof.

"All I can really say is...I hope that our Mistress continues to vouch for you. I know in the past, she has allowed herself to apologise to Mr Iver before. She softened herself in front of us, remember? We watched love trump darkness...she saved you that day, I'm sure. She allowed herself to let go of her anger, and took him into her arms to ease his anger...I hope she does the same again. I hope she understands how much this affects all of us."

With that, she reached her hand to him, lacing her fingers with his. She didn't say anything, simply looking across the looming horizon. It felt like they were being watched. But maybe, even in this state of mind, he would feel a little comfort from her.
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Simon looked at his hand, then looked back out again. His emotions felt oddly stunned. He felt nothing for a moment, but then a slight warmth came through the veil of his mind.

He gave her hand a slight squeeze, then said,

“I think she will. Most loyalty in this world is bought and paid for. But mine is not. I don’t know why she would throw away such a faithful servant. My use is too significant. The pay off of my death would need to be great. So terribly great.”

Looking to Jodie he said, “After our time on the ship. She was so angry and yet... she did little to me and in the end gave me what I wanted. Maybe it was simply to show us nothing gets past her. But even in that... She was more disappointed in you. Her reaction might have been worse... a manipulative man toying with her her close female servant. The same man that talked you into a scheme against her husband. Apparently I can sway you so easily. But she was more disappointed in you for going along with me, rather than at me for trying. Maybe it is because I owned up so honestly. But my point still stands.”

Letting go of Jodies hand and walking to survey the other side, he said, “I am of value to her. She wants me around and she wants me in a position to serve her best. This is what keeps be going despite the fact that she can be terrifying to work for. I hope to one day reach a respected position under her at the rings. I want to be Zara’s second, if not have Zara’s actual position. I think the fact she did little more then give verbal warnings at that meeting... shows I am on my way.”
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Jodie nodded a little, looking out again.

"She is disappointed in me because she knows how guarded I am, and yet somehow, you have managed to start peeling back the layers. Not only that but...well...she wants you to be hers. Maybe never sexual, but she did only want you to have me if I portrayed her. In fact, she was happy with that. But anything else, she's hesitant. Perhaps she wants complete devotion from you, like Viola did for Nathan."
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Simon took a staggered breath, then said, “You shouldn’t tell me things like that...”

He paused, then said, “But thank you.”

He was quiet a moment, looking down at the grounds, watching a breeze blow through the trees. But finally he said, “I really like you Jodie. But you shouldn’t go out on that date with me. I don’t want to hurt you.
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Jodie turned her attention to him, staring for a few seconds, a frown coming to her face.

"You won't; I haven't given you permission to." She turned away again. "Pain is complicated."
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Simon's brows lifted slightly as he turned to look at her and then... a slight smile came to his face.

"Very well then," he said. "Don't ever give me permission."

She seemed to shine through the fog even more.

He though of his conversation on the beach with Zara. Could he find what he needed in Jodie? Or was it just... wishful thinking because he was lonely, and craving woman he could not have.

Suddenly switching subjects he said, "Astrid did not care what her husband did to you in the tower. It could have been bad. Very bad. And the fact he seemed to do little more then have you scrub out cauldrons likely makes her believe you did not learn your lesson. And listening to me further proves it."

Looking at Jodie, his face void of expression, he said, "When the dust settles... I am just concerned for you. You won't have the excuse of being under the Imperious. It might have been better had he put you under it. I think... there might be a darker plan from this. To get at Astrid, whatever the outcome. For her to feel one of her own servants willingly went along with his orders of her own free will... Nathan rarely acts with out purpose. Multiple layers of plans are usually behind every word and action."
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Jodie took a breath. A breeze passed, and she took a moment to enjoy it. Whatever was happening in the house, she didn't care right now; for this moment, she was going to let go of her fears and simply enjoy being alive. Even if it wasn't for much longer.

"The reason Nathan didn't punish me is because he sees my value, just as Astrid sees yours." She looked to him then, offering a small smile and stepping to him, but not quite into touching distance.

"Your entire life, you have worked hard to be the best sniper there is, to become a necessity on any team, to be irreplaceable. I have done the same, Simon. I am the master of webs and weaves, I know secrets, I can manipulate situations...but better than that, I know how to talk. I know what to pick out of conversations. Sure, at times I stutter a bit in unprofessional circumstances...but I know my value in this. Mistress Iver did take her anger out on me instead of you, but it could have been far worse; she's known me for a long time."

She shrugged.

"She may be angry at me for a while but I know already what to say. I refused to put myself under the imperious; I serve the Ivers, and I cannot do so fairly and unbiased without a choice. I may do things she finds irritating or that go against her order, but in reality, I am only doing what I feel is lesser of the two evils. If I at least have my own automatism, I can at least make an attempt to refuse. Willingly helping Mr Iver secure the house is a fair price to pay if it means I don't risk being made an empty vessel to commit murder with."
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"An empty vessel..." said Simon quietly, "Yes... that is an accurate description."

"Would you kill me if you were ordered to?" he said suddenly. Did being under the imperious matter? Weren't they just empty vessels for the Ivers to do with as they pleased?
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Jodie inhaled deeply, looking at him carefully.

"If it was vital to the survival of the Ivers...yes." She spoke.