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 #28992  by Ivan Ramazanov
Ivan frowned. He did not want to distress her but... He held out the ten seconds. Just incase it was a trap. When Kyle called time he quickly got up, holding out a hand to her as he said with no condescension,

"You know... if you have any interest in learning some real offensive and defensive moves... you could come to trainings with rest of Watchdogs."

That was... quite uncomfortable. Yes it was just a wrestling match but... he never had a woman pull away from him with quite so much revulsion when he was pressed to her. Even when practicing take downs with Zara, when they couldn't stand one another! Zara would just roll her eyes and say something like, "Ok, let's try that again. Ever hear of brushing your teeth?"

Annoyed he got the upper hand? Yes. But that his hands were on her? No. It came with the territory.
 #28993  by Marcus Reef
Meanwhile Marcus was squinting back to shore. Should he go after her? No... she shouldn't have taken it that way... and she probably just needed time to cool off. Looking back across the raft then he pursed his lips in thought as he saw Caleb once again leaning into Magda and whispering in her ear.

He was... really kind of chummy with her... wasn't he? But then he was like that with everyone, right? He had that natural lack of personal boundaries... sort of what Dice would look like if he were toned down by maybe fifty percent. Surely it ended there... He wouldn't be so foolish as to...

No... no of course not.
 #28995  by Jodie Watts
Jodie was visibly hesitant to take Ivan's hand to be helped up. She didn't want to be rude but...it felt incredibly uncomfortable. She glanced away for a moment, and then forced herself to take his hand and pull herself up. Though she let go almost immediately after finding her feet.

"Huh? Oh...right, yeah, I'll uhm..." She cleared her throat. She couldn't look at him. "I'll think about it. Thanks." She said rather bluntly before quickly moving away, eyes down.

She wasn't trying to be stand offish or rude but...it was a very direct reminder of what was wrong with her. She sat next to Simon again, though remained silent, her mind reeling as she tried to take steadying breaths.

That was a mistake. She shouldn't have done that...
 #28997  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda smiled widely at Caleb, nodding. "Wish me luck." She whispered, ignoring the rolling of Zara's eyes.

She soon stood up, stepping forward, fidgeting with her fingers, smiling a little nervously at him.

"Captain? Erm...I think it's me next, but could you maybe not break all my bones at once?" She laughed a little, showing her gap-toothed smile, a little blush on her cheeks. "I mean...I can fight a bit but...well, it doesn't really work for street fighting or anything and...well I..."

She shrugged, then moved more to the edge.

"Do you maybe just wanna see how far you can throw me off the edge?" She laughed, pushing some hair out of her face and shaking her head, muttering loud enough for other to hear. "I really shouldn't have drank so much..."
 #28998  by Jodie Watts
There seemed to be a delayed response from Jodie, but she finally swallowed and offered a tight smile to him.

"Yeah, never better. Just started to feel a bit dizzy there. Must have been from being flipped so quickly." She spoke before looking away again, smile fading, finally moving her focus to the next match.
 #28999  by Ivan Ramazanov
Ivan looked back at her a moment, then quirking brow he said, "I know you all think I am just brawn and no brain but... I am more observant then this. You think I didn't see Pryer whispering in your ear?"

He looked back at Caleb who started whistling and looking away, then back to Magda as he said, "You vant me near edge so I throw myself into sea. Vell…"He shrugged, then said, "Ok... let's see how this goes. I vill give you this advantage."

And with that he began to walk in Magda's direction.
 #29002  by Zara Sheppard
Zara watched the fight carefully, whispering lowly to Caleb.

"I've been sparring with him...if we have any chance of winning, he needs to be as worn out as possible. Even as experienced as I am, I'm not stupid enough to think that either one of us can beat him under these circumstances. He hates me, and will put all his effort into fighting me...but he can't do that if he's exhausted.If I can help it...we won't fight. It'll get ugly quickly." She lifted a brow at Caleb.
 #29003  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda hesitated a moment, glancing quickly to Zara and Caleb. It was going to go to Zara...she could feel it. Caleb was good, she knew, but Zara was the best fighter she'd sparred with here...or the one with the most first hand experience. So...Magda had to make sure that she did her part.

She looked up to Ivan, smiling widely, waving a hand dismissively.

"Alright-alright. You got me."

She may not be strong...but she was fast.

Magda placed her hands on her hips, standing up straight on the edge. "Y'know Captain...I never told you just how cute you were in those swimming trunks." She winked at him.

As he approached, she made a motion as though to push her palm into his shoulder, but faked out and weaved the other way, her hands gripping onto his shorts briefly to give them a tiny tug. Nothing was exposed, but they did slip a little. As he turned, she slid to the side again, hooking her fingers on his waistband and snapping it to the small of his back before jumping back toward the centre of the raft.

She made a sly 'come hither'motion with her finger to him.
 #29005  by Ivan Ramazanov
As she weaved in Ivan made a move to grab her, but she was dodging away after grabbing hold of his suit, causeing it to slip a bit, grabbing it and pulling it up, he turned again as she snapped the back, slipping away again like a little squirl!

"What the! How !! Stay still!" he said, spinning and trying to get a hold of her.

Damn but she was fast!

Ivan growled at her as he saw the motion, then said, "Oh, you vhant to play games do you?" he then rushed in towards her, but she dodged away again, moving to the left, then the right, Ivan slipped finally, landing on his side, but he was up again in a flash and breathing hard. He was going to get her if it was the last thing he did!
 #29006  by Zara Sheppard
Zara was watching intensely. She had been sure that it was getting down to the wire, but soon she witnessed Magda kick it up a gear, ducking and weaving. And then she saw it...Ivan was getting out of breath.

"Yes! Go Magda! At a girl!" She found herself yelling out, cheering loudly. Things were getting exciting, and she knew immediately that these last three fights would be the most intense.
 #29007  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda...was actually having fun! It was the first real time since Petra died that she had let go. The rush of adrenaline, the cheers, the excitement! Even as she was sprinting side to side, slipping under grasps, diving to the left and right, she couldn't stop herself from grinning! Her wet suit managed to give her some traction where it gripped the flat surface; because of that, she used her knees when skidding to abruptly stop and pivot to another direction.

"C'mon Captain! Let's get those legs working!" She called out.

And of course, part of the plan was to lure him into exerting more energy than he needed to.So she was starting to get into the rhythm of mocking him. At a particularly sharp turn, he slid right onto his hip, giving Magda time to scuttle away. Facing him, she did a few star jumps, then high knees.

"This is just a warm up! We should definitely join an aerobics club after this!"

As he approached once again, rather quickly, Magda finally decided it was time to change her tactics. She winked at him, zipped past him, and instead of scurrying the other way, she charged right at him. In mere seconds, she was clung to his back abruptly, legs around his waist and hooked at the ankle, one arm looped around his neck with the other hand locking and pulling at her wrist. It gave her tight leverage to press her forearm right into his throat, a direct choke hold learnt from her MMA and cage fighting.

And on her face, the exhilaration was present, a determined look in her eyes as she tightened herself around the far larger man. And even as he started to struggle, she clung onto him like a rash. It would take some serious effort to get her off him!
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