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Tucking Louis in, Evelyn brushed back his hair from her forehead and kissed his cheek, "Bonne nuit mon amour," Louis made a small contented noise and rolled onto his side, instinctively reaching for the hedgehog sat near the wall.

Pulling her shirt out from her pants as she made her way down the stairs, Evelyn unbuttoned the top button on her shirt and rolled up her sleeves. She was dying to shower as she hadn't had time this morning, but that could wait, she and Vera had things to discuss.

"He's sleeping," She told her wife as she entered the kitchen. Making her way around the table, she pecked her wife on the temple, "I'm sorry for being late," She whispered.
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"I was a tad worried," she admitted. She would not admonish her wife but given the circumstance, a warning would have been appreciated. "I'm just happy you are home," she added as she turned her head so Evelyn's lips would brush against her forehead.

After a brief embrace, she gestured for her wife to take a seat. "Emerson sent me an owl this morning. I think it was meant to be reassuring. It said 'don't worry she didn't spend the night with Elaine. She really was with me. All night.' Vera chuckled before she took a sip of wine.
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"Did she?" Evelyn asked as she took her seat. The idea that Emerson sent Vera a note to reassure her made her feel slightly queasy. They had talked a lot about Elaine and Emerson's friendship last night, and then joked about Emerson and Vera building something similar, but she hadn't thought her friend was being serious.

"I hope that's all she said and she didn't add in some sort of backhanded insult,"
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"She did not, but I am sure she will make up for it when she sees that I am a brunette." Resigned, the blonde gave a slight shrug and took another sip of wine. "How is she doing?" The blon-brunette asked politely. "I'm sure Elaine's return affects her as well." It was no secret that the two had been close. Likely closer than she would ever be to Vera.
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Evelyn cut into her chicken breast, "Emerson is...dealing with it but if I am being honest,,," She looked at Vera softly, but almost cautiously, as if speaking about Elaine and Emerson to Vera was a bombing waiting to go off. Elaine and Emerson had been hurdles her wife had had to jump through to get to Evelyn, and even now, both of them were unsure if she'd made it unscathed. Though Evelyn would forever hate herself for making Vera jump through them in the first place.

"If I being honest," She repeated, taking a bit of her dinner, "I had forgotten that Elaine's deat--disappearance had effected her also."
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"She wouldn't have wanted you to worry about her at the time," Vera astutely observed not quite believing that she was shinning a light on Emerson Torscano's selflessness. "You were grieving, you had to concentrate on healing." She let go of her fork and took Evelyn's hand. She gave it a gentle squeeze.

"How was it?" The question may seem vague, but surely Evelyn would understand that she was referring to her meeting with Elaine. Hand still on Evelyn's she patiently waited for an answer.
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Staring at her dinner plate, Evelyn pushed around a potato with her fork as she attempted to put to words how today’s meeting had gone. It had been like some dream that had turned it a awful nightmare. Elaine may have survived, but the Elaine Evelyn had known and loved had died the day she’d gotten the awful news, news she had come to learn was nothing more than lies.

“It was...terrible,” She answered honestly, looking up and eyeing Vera with a watery gaze. “Elaine has a daughter.”
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"I'm sorry," she sympathized when her wife mentioned that the meeting had been awful. "It must be hard to hear about her life," a life without Evelyn. A life they could have shared had tragedies not taunted them.

They had lost a child. Elaine had disappeared. They had both built a life without the other.
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Evelyn shrugged lightly, her shoulders lifting in a slight twitch, "It's...difficult. I never thought I would be having these conversations. That such discussions could even..." She shook her head and reached for her wine glass, taking a long sip.

"Elaine and I....we had multiple miscarriages, but the last one. We were so close but it just ended up..." She shuddered as memories of that day flooded her mind. That had been the last time they'd been pregnant, the last time they'd been able to try. Evelyn pressed a hand to her stomach in memory. "It's strange that we have both ended up with children that we won't be raising together."
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She could have said a million things all of them genuine, yet she felt as though Evelyn's grief deserved a moment of silence. Respecting her wife's bereavement, Vera gave Evelyn's hand a gentle squeeze.

"Do you feel like this is a continuity of the grief you felt before or is it something else entirely?" This would have been a complex question for anyone, but she knew it would be particularly challenging for her wife.
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Surprised by the complex question Vera asked her, Evelyn paused then set down her fork slowly. Was this a 'continuity of the grief' she felt? Evelyn wasn't sure but she did know that it almost felt closure. Hearing about the life Elaine now had, a life she wouldn't be sharing with Evelyn, and then coming home her own life, one she didn't share with Elaine, made things glaringly obvious for her. They had both moved on, even if it had been done under false pretenses, and while Elaine might not have moved on with someone else, Evelyn had and while she felt her heart stutter and start when she seen the woman, it no longer beat for her like it did for Vera. That realization was almost freeing.

"Perhaps it is grief for the life I had once wanted, but I don't believe it is grief for a life I can't have." Evelyn swallowed and stared at Vera intensely. "Because I don't want that life Vera, not anymore."
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As supportive as she had been through this journey, she could not deny that certain fears had been lurking in the background. Elaine had been the privileged holder of Evelyn's heart for many years. Even in death, she had detained certain strains of Evelyn's affection. With her resurgence, Vera knew that tumultuous times were to be expected. The relief she felt when she heard Evelyn utter those words was instantaneous.

She smiled widely, but not without a tint of sadness. "I'm very proud of you," she whispered. "In that last few months, you've had to face many things you never thought you would have to face. You did so gracefully and without ever neglecting your family and I'm just so proud and privileged to have you as my wife.."
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Looking across at Vera, Evelyn couldn't help but fall limp at her wife's words. Vera was proud of her. Vera loved her. Vera wasn't angry with her. Vera understood her. That was what she understood from her words.

Evelyn suddenly stood from her seat and made her way around the table. Placing a hand on the back of Vera's chair, she leaned in and brushed her lips against the sharp contour of Vera's cheekbone.

"I love you," She said quietly, resting her free hand where Vera's heart beat against flesh and bone.