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Welcome Back! It's time for our 20th Start of Term!

 #29136  by Emily Price
Half an hour had passed since Elyse Nordstrom had flooed her hotel room and woken her up, and in that time Emily had managed to squeeze in her usual 90 minute morning routine and wolf down half a banana before she had to be in Vermont. Not having the time to worry about dirtying the bottom of her skirt, Emily grabbed a fistful of floo powder and threw it at her feet as she called out her bosses address.

Stepping out of the fireplace into the only holiday home of Elyse Nordstrom's that she hadn't yet been to, Emily wiped her hands on her robes but then paused as she caught sight of the scene before her.

"Am I interrupting something?" She asked as she eyed her boss and the underwear she currently held up for all to see.
 #29252  by Elyse Nordstrom
"You are not," the congresswoman affirmed with an authoritative stance. A quick movement of her wand made the underwear disappear. The grandstand was over, Elyse would put away her bombastic attitude and be a little more cooperative. It was not that she did not trust Emily, it was more that she did not intend to display that side of politics to her. Elyse prided herself in playing a humble and clean game, while she had enjoyed displaying a more corroded side to Campbell, she did not want to make a habit of it.

Elyse sat on one of the sofas and gestured for Emily to do the same. "Tell us what you have in mind for the campaign," she requested looking at Miss Parker.
 #29464  by Viktoria Klein
While Elyse might be able to pretend she wasn't mortified by the forgotten pair of underwear, Viktoria on the other hand had never been a great actor. Staring wide eyed at the maroon thong her lover held up, Viktoria felt her cheeks warm as Campbell turned her gaze from Elyse to her. The English woman didn't even attempt to hide the amused look on her face.

Viktoria moved forward to grab the underwear from Elyse's grip when the fire flared and Emily Price stepped out of the flame.

She swore, "Oh god," Viktoria looked at Elyse, thankful that the woman had the good sense to vanish the offending article of clothing rather than continue waving it around.

"Coffee, Emily?" The designer asked the redhead as she glared at Elyse for putting on such a display. Elyse and Campbell were going to be quite something it seems.