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Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

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Location: Elyse's Cottage • Date: July
Time of Day: Morning • Weather: Sunny Day

Shreds of mists tickled the mirror-smooth surface of the lake as she rowed towards the horizon.
The blood-red sunrise made her look twice, but she did not moderate her pace, her strict training schedule left no place for contemplation. 'Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning, sailor’s warning,' they said, but Elyse Nordstrom had never been one to pay attention to omens.

The congresswoman pushed through her workout without a single wavering breath. She attached her boat to the dock behind her cottage and finally allowed herself to wipe her brow. It seemed no one else was awake in the neighboring cottages, except for M. Gloomsdale who waved at her from his porch. She gave him a slight nod and climbed the stairs towards her cottage. High windows, rich wooden exterior, many would have been happy to call this their primary home, but Elyse Norsdtrom was fortunate enough to use it as a sanctuary and she felt as though she could never give it up.

Rather protective of her privacy, she felt her muscles tense when she noticed an unfamiliar figure standing close to the door. A quick glance and Elyse identified the woman, her new employee and yet she did not relax. "You are early," hours early, many of them. The Congresswoman's icy glare perused the woman's figure. Of course, Parker would arrive early, she had requested to see Elyse in her natural environment claiming it would help her guide her campaign. Elyse had been so reluctant to grant her access, that the woman had likely seen through her strategies. Fearing she might only be presented with the carefully crafted appearances of Elyse's life she had chosen to show up early so that she would really get a glimpse of the real Elyse Nordstrom. The Congresswoman tilted her head and pushed her a sweaty curl from her forehead. "Let me offer you coffee and I will floo my assistant," she offered in a more dulcet tone. Emily had been told to come at 10, not 6.
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It had been quite some time since Campbell had taken on a specific candidate, nearly six years in fact, but when Elyse had come to her five months ago in hopes of hiring her, the English woman had been too intrigued to turn her down. Her last client had been a Mr. James Warren who had been Secretary of Magic before Lourdes Orozco and she had stuck to representing the Bureau as a whole ever since.

There was something about Elyse Nordstrom however, a desire for true change, an eagerness for good that had her agreeing to be hired. She hadn't even needed the two weeks Elyse had given her to consider it, she had simply said yes then and there. The look of surprise on the Congresswoman's face had almost been comical.

This mornings look of surprise however was not quite as humorous, though Campbell could still spy a small hint of it peeking through the look of annoyance.

"Coffee would be lovely," She replied, though she'd already had two cups before coming here. One more wouldn't hurt, surely.
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She opened the glass sliding door and followed her guest inside. The cottage's high ceiling had always been Elyse's favorite feature, but it was closely followed by the dining room. The view of the lake it offered due to the tall swept-head windows was particularly stunning.

"There is fresh orange juice if you prefer," she offered as she took a glass of water for herself.

"As I am not quite dressed for the event, as one might say," she looked down at the tight black training gear, "you will have to give me a few minutes to shower."
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"Coffee is fine," She replied, having already committed to the idea. Hopefully Elyse wasn't partial to instant coffee.

Taking a seat at the kitchen island, she crossed her legs and drummed her fingers on the counter top, "I don't suppose Ms. Klein is here as well. I'd love to catch the two of you together and give you a run down on how things are going to proceed."
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A quick flick of her wand and a fuming cup of coffee joined Campbell at the kitchen Island.

Elyse's eyes narrowed. Miss Klein was indeed present, but Elyse had not intended for her to attend their meeting. As anyone who knew her would have been able to surmise there would be no such thing as handling Miss Klein. As far as public relations were concerned, Viktoria would do as she saw fit and it'd be Campbell's job to pick up the piece when needed. "She is here, I don't mind introducing you to her, but she is not your client." Without a pause for it was not a topic that was up for negotiation, she gave Campbell a task. "There's a file next to you, it is the list of journalists who will be on the trail with us, you might want to start vetting them."

Elyse headed towards the fireplace where she would give Emily a quick floo call.
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Campbell was good at her job, one of the best, but she hadn't got there without displeasing a few people and make many tough decisions. She had already known from the beginning that Elyse Nordstrom wasn't going to be an easy client, and she prepared for that, she had prepared a lot for when it came to the woman in front of her, including the push-back she was going to receive when it concerned her love life. Viktoria Klein was her weak spot, and if they didn't get a handle on it, on Viktoria then things could get messy,

"But you are my client and if I'm to do what you hired me to do, occasionally Ms. Klein will need to be present for these types of meetings." She explained. That wasn't quite true, but it would have to do for now. Managing the German designer was going to be more of a challenge than Elyse herself most probably.
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Campbell's counter argument did not go unheard, but the congresswoman did not acknowledge it. If she wanted an attempt at handling Viktoria Klein she could try, but her failure would be Elyse's vindication.

Elyse leaned towards the fireplace, threw floo powder and called for Emily's hotel suite. "Emily, wake up!" She spoke, unceremoniously.
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Having direct floo access to her bosses home and cottage meant that Emily was lucky enough to not have to deal with the side effects that came with apparation. It also meant that she got to sleep in a little longer when meetings took place at those locations and that she didn't turn up looking wind swept and slightly sick. Today she had to be at Elyse's cottage before eight o'clock which meant she wasn't going to get up until seven fifteen which gave her enough time to shower and magically dress herself for the day. What she didn't expect however was having her floo flare to life at six o'clock in the morning with her bosses voice thundering through the flickering flames. Thankfully the woman hadn't actually stuck her head into it because Emily probably would have done more than sit up in alarm. Seeing her bosses head floating in the fire place was not something she ever wanted to see while half awake.

"Huh? What?" She exclaimed, looking around wildly before settling her gaze on where the voice was coming from. "Elyse?"
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Elyse coughed disapprovingly. She hated when Emily called her Elyse, but as she did not want to bring attention to her aid's slip up she did not correct her.

"The meeting will be earlier. Be here in half an hour," she snapped before she pulled out from the fireplace.

Elyse continued her journey upstairs. After a quick shower, she stepped into the master bedroom. Towel wrapped tightly around her, hair standing haphazardly atop her head after being disrupted by a dry towel, she slid next to her slumbering lover. Atop the blankets, lounging on her side, head resting her hand, she took a second to appreciate Viktoria's exposed back. Even in sleep, the muscles of her arms were perfectly defined. She traced the length of her bicep and kissed her shoulder. "Viktoria," she murmured.
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A self confessed work-a-holic, rare was it that Viktoria Klein allowed herself a sleep in. Usually she was up at the crack of dawn and into the office not even a hour of waking. She would dress herself, skip breakfast and go straight in. Usually her assistant had a Starbucks coffee ready for her and then she would dive right in. Today was not supposed to be one of those days. Today Elyse had a very important meeting and Viktoria had taken the day to support her partner. She had planned to sleep in, rise not long before it was set to start and then potter around while remaining as close as possible with interfering. Elyse waking her with a hushed whisper and a kiss to her shoulder when it was barely light outside was not how the day was supposed to begin.

“Stop,” She grumbled, pulling the blanket tighter to her chest. “I’m sleeping.”
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Elyse's morning plans had been disrupted by Campbell, but part of her wanted to maintain her prior intentions. Elyse understood that the woman's tactics would likely be useful, but she couldn't quite relay the reins of power in their dynamic and she felt that simply going along with the new schedule would do just that.

In her initial schedule, Elyse had intended to take a shower and then wake her partner. The morning would have started on the same note as their night had ended. The lone cigarette stub resting in the ashtray on their bedside was enough to remind Elyse of the motivations behind that plan.

"There's someone downstairs who wants to meet you, but isn't it designer's duty to be fashionably late?" Despite her lover's protests, she kissed the length of her shoulderblade and then the back of her neck.
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More than slightly annoyed at her partners insistence on waking her up, Viktoria lifted her shoulder in protest as a groan escaped her.

“It’s barely light at. Who would want to see me at this time of the day other than your libido.” She grumbled into her pillow, attempting to pull the blanket up and over her shoulder.
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Eyes shooting open at the mention of Parker, Viktoria turned swiftly and all but climbed over Elyse to get a look at the clock sitting on the woman's nightstand, "It's barely past six! What is she doing here so early?" Crawling back to her side, she snatched up the pair of designer spectacles sitting on her own nightstand and put them on. "Why aren't you dressed?"
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"She's playing politics," Elyse answered while she plopped onto her back. "Had she arrived at the agreed upon time she would have seen the most polished version of me. She arrived early to see the cracks."

Elyse placed her hands behind her head. "And I'm not dressed because she deserves to wait."