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 #28241  by Ivan Ramazanov
Up until now Ivan had been in no mood what so ever for anything sexual to happen between them. He was tired, spent, stressed, already gotten two women off, did the deed once himself and... well that about summed it up.

But watching Zara strip down, fall into bed and hold her hand out to him...

Blood rushed to places.

Ivan pulled his shirt off over his head, then went quickly to her, one knee on the bed as he hovered over her, pressing into her with a kiss, slowly, crawling onto the bed until she was on her back and either leg was straddling her. He kissed her passionately a moment one hand moving to her chest, pulling back only briefly to say, "You look.. so beautiful right now.."
 #28242  by Zara Sheppard
Zara was a little surprised at his actions. She'd expected him to fall in next to her, perhaps spoon a little, and go to sleep. But here he was, kissing her, touching her, complimenting her. And it felt great. She ran her hands over him, appreciating his form, pulling him closer to her. Their times together were not like this. They were often needy and desperate, sometimes harsh and ruthless. They often wasted little time with compliments and comforting; they practically used each other, sometimes goaded each other on. Their encounters could turn aggressive on occasion.

So this was a surprise, but it didn't stop her from immediately submitting to the feeling, kissing him back, holding him close, revelling in all the feelings possible.
 #28243  by Ivan Ramazanov
Ivan continued to kiss her, feel her, enjoy her... but suddenly a wave a dizziness seemed to sweep over him. Annnnd…. shit.... Wait...! no...

Unlimited alcohol and sex did not mix well...

Ivan fell down on the bed beside her, rolling onto his back and closing his eyes as he muttered, "Just... need to close my eyes for one moment..."

But everything was going fuzzy now...
 #28244  by Zara Sheppard
As Ivan fell to the side, Zara lifted her brows at him, about to comment, but soon found herself smiling. Sure, it had felt so good to have him but...there was always tomorrow. And he was still here.

She laughed a little, turning and pushing herself up against him. Zara wrapped her arm over him and rested her head on his shoulder, cuddling close, her leg looping over his. Her eyes closed as she began to drift into sleep, comfortable and happy.

"Merlin, I love you." She whispered, barely registering what she had just said as she pressed closer, ready for dreams to take over her mind.
 #28245  by Ivan Ramazanov
Ivan was silent as she drifted off to sleep... but it was only a delayed, drunken reaction before he muttered,

"I love you too..."

And that could have been it... until five minutes later when his eyes popped open, and registered what she had just said... and what he had just said!

His reply had been... well... it was just automatic?... Right?! Natural. He wasn't thinking about the words... or did his drunken mind speak the truth?

Well now he couldn't sleep!

Or could he?... his eyes were so heavy despite the shock and finally... he drifted off...

But oddly enough he woke up a few hours later, it was still dark, the place silent. He had an odd, nervous, sick sort of feeling inside.

Ivan carefully slid his arm out from under Zara and sat up, rubbing his temple a moment.

Love him? She didn't love him. She couldn't! It was all too... messy...

Hadn't he just told Astrid he loved Hera?

And Zara was the worst woman to love! She hated men! She was difficult to get along with! She... she....

… Had said some really sweet things to him that night. Had he misjudged her all along? Was he just being stubborn?

He tried to picture it all out, but he couldn't.

Finally he looked at her, head turned away, the shape of her neck and throat... beautiful in the street lights streaming in. But nothing had to change, right? It was just words. Nothing was different.

Ivan felt his head spin.

Zara stirred and he froze. Some how the thought of talking to her seemed... difficult now.

He lay back down for a bit, but suddenly... He sat up quietly, gathered his things in silence, and left...
 #28246  by Zara Sheppard
It was some hours later that Zara awoke, groggy and discombobulated. She sat up, nearly immediately regretting it when her body reminded her just how mortal she was. Ouch. She glanced around the room, squinting at her surroundings, hands spread out on the bed. Huh...where was Ivan? She sniffed, pressing her palm to her eye before trying to stand.

He'd been pretty drunk last night. They both had been. Maybe he was paying the bathroom a visit. She strode across the room to the bathroom, knocking gently before creaking it open when there was no answer. Huh. Not here. She pursed her lips, looking around the room for clues. She'd remembered taking off clothes at some point, and hers were still on the floor. But then where were Ivan's? Stepping out into the living room, she took it all in. Still no Ivan. And to the kitchen. Nothing there either. All that remained were the three empty bottles. Sp she hadn't imagined that bit...

So after all that he just...left?

A part of her felt deflated, and she sat down on the sofa, biting her nail. Had he gone back to Nathan? Maybe Astrid called for him?Maybe he just wanted to go to the gym and sweat out the lasting alcohol. That sounded about right. She tried to recall the night's happenings, nodding along as she pieced it together, and then it hit her.

"Fuck." She whispered, covering her face. How could she have told him that!? Shit, shit, shit, shit! Hopefully he wouldn't remember...otherwise there would likely be an awkward conversation at some point.